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Hawaii Grown - Meredith Loves New Surroundings
9/22/10 - By Billy Hull, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Michael Smith is about to visit a place where his deceased brother's memory is very much alive
9/9/10 - By Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle

Bailiff reunites with mentor, Texas' coach Brown
9/1/10 - By Richard Justice, Houston Chronicle

Rice's McGuffie is ready to run again
9/1/10 - By Kevin Robbins, Austin American Statesman

Rendon taking it slow with injury
8/26/10 - By Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle

Whitehead can't avoid pressure at the U.S. Amateur
8/23/10 - By Todd Hveem, Houston Chronicle

Owls' stocked backfield creates new challenge
8/21/10 - By Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle

McGuffie center of attention at Rice media day
8/7/10 - By Jeffrey Martin, Houston Chronicle

Texans jack-of-all-trades Casey growing more confident
8/7/10 - By Jordan Goodwin, Houston Chronicle

Andy Erickson Impresses in THSCA All Star Game
7/20/10 - By Rick Cantu, Austin American Statesman

Anthnony Rendon, 2010 Player of the Year
7/16/10 - By Aaron Fitt, Basaeball America

Tara Watts shone on and off the court at academic powerhouse Rice
6/14/10 - By Howard Tsumura, The Province

Rice, UH committed to C-USA
6/12/10 - By Jeffrey Martin, Houston Chronicle

Rice's Rendon can mash with the best of 'em
6/4/10 - By Kirk Bohls, Austin American Statesman

Ojala's return gives Rice a lift
6/4/10 - By Jeffrey Martin, Houston Chronicle

Rice Blog: What's in a name?
6/3/10 - By Jeffrey Martin, Houston Chronicle

Guerry in college tennis Hall of Fame
5/27/10 - By John Frierson, Chatanooga Times Free Press

Comerota's time at Rice big success
5/15/10 - By Richard Justice, Houston Chronicle

Ten shots with Rice basketball coach Ben Braun
5/13/10 - By Matt Samuels, Jewish Herald-Voice

Owls' Rendon one of a kind
5/5/10 - By Jeffrey Martin, Houston Chronicle

Owls' Rosa looks to end career with a bang
5/5/10 - By Jeffrey Martin, Houston Chronicle

Rice's Rosa has moment to savor
4/29/10 - By Dale Robertson, Houston Chronicle

New AD Greenspan ready for opportunity
4/14/10 - By Jeffrey Martin, Houston Chronicle

Michigan transfer Sam McGuffie happy to be back home at Rice
3/29/10 - By Andy Staples, SportsIllustrated.com

Former Owl Standout Guerry Elected to Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame
2/25/10 - By B.B. Branton, The Chattanoogan

Rice a chip off the old block
2/20/10 - By Jeffrey Martin, Houston Chronicle

Rice starting to gain momentum
2/18/10 - By Eric Soderstrom, GolfWeek

Rice golf team living up to goals, ruling the city
2/17/10 - By Todd Hveen for the Houston Chronicle

Casey puts his mind to it, finds success
2/17/10 - By Richard Justice, Houston Chronicle

Wayne Graham Is Living Out His Dream
2/2/10 - By Michael Murphy, Baseball America

New class of Texas sports heroes
2/8/10 - By John Werner, Waco Tribune-Herald

Numbers tell Lance Berkman's success story
2/8/10 - By Brice Cherry , Waco Tribune-Herald

'Two Minute Tommy' had NFL future in his crosshairs
2/6/10 - By Jason Ortts, Waco Tribune

Schwarze Goes from Bench to Starting Lineup for Rice
1/21/10 - By Terry Jacoby, Chelsea Standard

Top 10 Stories from the Fall Season
1/4/10 - By Lance Ringler & Sean Martin, GolfWeek

Arsalan Kazemi breaks through, from Iran to Division I
11/27/09 - By Luke Winn, Sports Illustrated.com

Mid-Season Awards: Top Freshmen
11/24/09 - By GolfWorld

Rice Athletic Hall of Fame

In 1970, the R Association honored 14 former athletes and one former coach as first members of the Rice Athletic Hall of Fame.

The criteria for consideration for the honor, as set forth by the R Association, states that to be eligible, a candidate "must possess or shall have possessed, in addition to outstanding ability in sports, other qualifications such as sportsmanship, character and integrity, and be one who has brought great distinction to Rice University; and shall have completed his or her athletic eligibility or service with the Athletic Department or Rice University at least five years prior to his or her selection."

New members were inducted at an annual banquet until 2000, when the decision was made to induct new members every other year. The newest members of the Rice Athletic Hall of Fame will be inducted the fall of 2011.

Tony Bell '19, football, basketball, baseball, track
Eddie Dyer '22, football, baseball
Wash "Little Heavy" Underwood '27, football, baseball
Emmett Brunson '29, track, coach, administration
Claude Bracey '30, track
Jake Hess '32, tennis
Bill Wallace '36, football
John McCauley '36, football
Fred Wolcott '40, track
Bob Kinney '42, basketball
Bill Henry '45, basketball
Weldon Humble '47, football, track
James (Froggie) Williams '50, football
Dicky Maegle '55, football
Fred Hansen '63, track

Marion (Preacher) Lindsey '22, football, track
John "Big Heavy" Underwood, '22, football
Lou Hassell '33, football
Wilbur Hess '35, tennis
David Weichert '37, track
Frank Gurnsey Jr., '41, tennis
Fred (Moose) Hartman '41, football
Bill Tom Closs '43, basketball
Bill Howton '52, football
Gene Schwinger '54, basketball
Buddy Dial '59, football
Bobby May '65, track

Tiny Kalb '16, football, basketball
Leslie Coleman '23, tennis, track, basketball, baseball
Harry Witt '36, football, basketball
Jack Patterson '39, track
Frank Carswell '41, basketball, baseball
David (Kosse) Johnson '54, football
Richard Chapman '54, football
Jess Neely (Vanderbilt '22), football coach, administrator

Mick Brown '17, football
Lawrence Kingsland '19, track
Griff Vance '20, football
Joe Davis (Southwestern, '22), football and basketball coach
Peg Melton '24, baseball
Fred Stancliff '26, track
Bobby Curtis '48, tennis
George Walmsley '48, football
Joe Watson '50, football
Buddy Weaver '52, golf
Frank Ryan '58, football
Robert Johnston '62, football
Eddie Wojecki, trainer

Chester Klaerner '33, football, baseball, track
Tally Eaton '36, basketball, baseball
Bill Cummins '48, track, basketball
Huey Keeney '49, football
Gerald Weatherly '50, football
King Hill '58, football, basketball, golf

Philip Arbuckle (Illinois '05), basketball coach, administrator
Tommie Tomforde '17, basketball, football
Smokey Brothers '36, track
Hamilton Nichols '47, football
J.W. Magee '48, football
Don Lance '58, basketball

Gaylord Johnson '21, administrator
Tom Cox '50, track
Vern McGrew '50, track
John Hudson '54, football
Kendall Rhine '64, basketball
Malcolm Walker '65, football

Cecil Grigg (Austin Coll. '17), football, baseball and track coach
Jess Petty '37, track
Art Goforth '42, football
Carl Russ '47, football
Don Rhoden '53, football
Chuck Latourette '67, football

Percy Arthur '35, football
Kenny Paul '54, football
Tom Robataille '59, basketball
Ed Red '65, track
Dr. Edward T. Smith (Baylor Col. of Medicine '29), team physician

Joe Greenwood '30, golf
Leche Sylvester '36, football
Ronnie Fisher '61, tennis
Dave Roberts '74, track

Ed DePrato '22, football, track
Mike Hale '33, track, football, basketball
Hank Coffman '48, track
John Garrett '57, golf
Rufus King '61, football

Tim Timmons '21, basketball
Grandpa Wood '27, football, baseball
Jesse Willis '30, track
Jerry Sims '58, baseball
Johnny Burrell '62, football
Gary Reist '71, basketball, golf

Quinn Connelley '34, tennis, football, tennis coach
Richard Kristinik '61, baseball
Warren Brattlof '65, track
Roger Roitsch '71, football
Tommy Kramer '77, football

Kay Pearson Keating '36, tennis
Augie Erfurth '49, track, coach, administrator
Jim Fox '62, baseball, basketball
Roland Jackson '63, football
Sammy Giammalva (Texas '56), tennis coach

Bruce Henley '74, football
Jim Gerhardt '51, basketball, track
Jeff Wells '76, track
Dr. Jack Brannon (Texas '36), associate team physician

A.M. "Red" Bale '36, football, coach, administrator
Calvin Bell '39, track
Don Suman '45, basketball coach
James Sykes '77, football

Ricky Pierce '82, basketball
Johnny Nichols '64, football
Gary Butler '72, football
1969 Mile Relay Team (Bill Askey, Conley Brown, Dale Bernauer, Steve Straub)

Matt Gorges '59, football
Allan Ramirez '79, baseball
Harold Solomon '74, tennis
Ken Stadel '74, track

Bucky Allshouse '71, football
Norm Charlton '86, baseball
Lou Hertenberger (St. Edward's '29), football coach
Catherine Baker Nicholson '81, track
Bill Whitmore (Texas '42), administrator, sports information director

Barton Goodwin '78, golf
Charles Malmberg '47, football
Sam Match '49, tennis
Mike Novelli '79, track

Mike Estep '71, tennis
Regina Cavanaugh-Murphy '87, track
Zan Guerry '71, tennis
Darryl "Doc" King '79, track
Ralph Murphy '49, football

Marty Froelick '81, track
Steve Kidd '87, football
Butch Seewagen '68, tennis
Wendy Wood-Yang '86, tennis

Olie Cordill '40, football
Joe Durrenberger '56, basketball
Ed Letscher '39, golf
Paul Sanders '39, track
Kay Snell Gerken '83, swimming

Courtney Hall '90, football
Pam Klassen '88, track
Butler Perryman '39, diving
John Pickens '68, tennis

Bill Christopher '43, track
Rosey Edeh '90, track
Leo Rucka '54, football
Larry Whitmire '58, football

Bill Burkhalter '52, football
Dick Dwelle '43, football
Tanya McIntosh '89, track
Jim Parker '65, tennis

Robyn Bryant '89, track & field
Trevor Cobb '92, football
Gawain Guy '87, track
Ken Whitlow '41, football

Jay Knoblauh '88, baseball
Charlie Moore '37, football, coach
Temple Tucker '58, basketball
1982 AIAW Women's Tennis Doubles Champions (Tracie Blumentritt, '83 and Susan Rudd, '84)

Kareem Streete-Thompson '96, track & field
Valarie Tulloch '96, track & field

Jose Cruz Jr. '96, baseball
O.J. Brigance '91, football
Gabriel Luke '91, track & field
Claudia Haywood Minor '93, track & field
Martha Hawthorne (LSU '60), administrator

Lance Berkman '98, baseball
Andrea Blackett '97, track & field
Marla Brumfeld '00, basketball
Wayne Graham (Texas '70), baseball coach

Victor Lopez, coach
Mark Quinn '98, baseball
J.D. (Jesse Daley) Smith, '59 football
Samantha (Sammy) Waldron-Shannon, '97 volleyball
1997 NCAA women's indoor 4x400 meter relay (Andrea Blackett, Melissa Straker, Tanisha Mills, and Margaret Fox-Melton)

Don Knodel, coach, administrator
Allison Beckford '04, track and field
Damon Thames, baseball