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Dish Challenge

My roommate just reclaimed the #2 spot on Dish Challenge with 573,247,350.  Looks like Spear of Lament is currently #1, with an insane score of 735,225,250.  Meanwhile, I’m at #274 with an uber-pathetic score of 97,542,900, partly because the only time I tried it after launch was Dishwasher Day and I’d already had a few cups of wine, as my mom was keen to point out.  Yes, my mom drove out for Dishwasher Day.

Anyway, maybe we should talk about how the scoring works!   (more…)

7 Comments April 6, 2009

Some Dishwasher History

I’ve been hard at work on The Dishwasher for over a year now, and I was just looking at my changelog, which I started in August, after it became apparent that The Dishwasher was not to remain some silly Prototype. To tell you the truth, after The Dishwasher was in the hands of the Dream Build Play judges and before it won the contract, I started working on a new game/reskinning of Dishwasher called Fruit: The Game. The idea of Fruit involved a bunch of fruit battling junk food, the joke was that no matter how gory the evisceration of cupcakes and chips, you couldn’t really complain about the violence, right?

Back to The Dishwasher–a lot of people ask if it’s just me working on it, how I make games, etc., and I figured posting the changelog would provide some insight into the mayhem that goes on here. I hop between sound, art, netcode, core code, level design, and more art sporadically, fixing things as regularly as I break things. There are a lot of features in the changelog that I’ve since gotten rid of, especially with magic use (and fyi, I took out the green skull collect button–all pickups now use the classic DMC/NG/GoW absorb style), and there are a lot of features that won’t make much sense.

Anyway, here’s several months of Dishwasher history. Make sure you start at the bottom for proper chronology!


2 Comments April 21, 2008

Still trapped…

My flight got canceled a second time, so it looks like I’ll be spending another night in O’Hare in Chicago.

In the meantime, I have another guest column up up bit-tech; I wanted to name it “The One Where I Wax Philosophical” or something but those wacky British editors change the title.

Read: Halo 3 and the Art of Repetition

Update: Looks like I’m in the news again, for all the wrong reasons!

3 Comments February 7, 2008

Z0MB1ES on Rock Band!

Jamezila on Xbox Live


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