Amanda Ware wins Next Top Model

BE-WARE fashion world, Amanda is coming to a catwalk near you.

In a dramatic final, the Mermaid Beach maven won over the viewing public last night to become Australia's Next Top Model during a spectacular 90-minute live finale from the Big Top at Sydney's Luna Park.

A horror mix-up saw model host Sarah Murdoch mistakenly announce underdog Kelsey Martinovich the winner.

But just as quickly as the curtain of fireworks fell, a shocked Ms Murdoch said there had been a mistake and Amanda had won.


Amanda did not let the mix-up ruin her moment.

"It's OK," she said.

"You know I was happy for Kelsey but when they said it was a mistake and I'd won, I felt even better," she said.

The once unstylish sports-loving Ware, 18, was sent to the back of the wardrobe last night to unveil a striking new and confident, professional model. "This is a whole new beginning. "We've done the competition now, we're moving on and into modelling and into the fashion world," she said.

The Big Top was a fitting venue, with screaming fans waving 'Team Amanda' posters and a media circus cementing the reality-TV star's fame at each burst of the paparazzi flashbulb.

With her international editorial appeal, Amanda was the hot favourite coming in as number one at the judging panel last week, with industry insiders also tipping the brunette beauty.

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With her feline features and fierce physique, she soon became known as 'the complete package'.

ANTM judge Charlotte Dawson told the Bulletin: "She's got it all."

Photographer Jez Smith agreed with 'the face, body, the height and the most international potential', while the show's celebrity hairdresser, Joh Bailey, said Amanda looked like a top model 'from the start'.

"I felt I had the means to do it -- the drive and the passion to see it through -- so I was really happy the result came across," said Amanda.

With the ANTM crown firmly in place, the fashion allure is undeniable, with the former Miami State High School captain already eyeing off the catwalks of Europe, with acclaimed New York-based Elite model management clamouring for the star.

While she is a veteran within the ANTM house, is the leggy looker in for a real-life reality shock?

One thing is for certain -- her days as a Mermaid Surf Club waitress are over.

"From a boring uni life and now I'm out there living the dream, literally," she said.

Amanda says she is loving her new life in fashion.


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