• More details emerge on V8-powered Ariel Atom 500

    • More details emerge on V8-powered Ariel Atom 500
    By Drew Johnson
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    Not giving an inch to the Caterham Seven RS, Ariel has announced more details on its forthcoming Atom 500. Delivering an amazing 1000 horsepower per ton, the two-seater will use a 2.4-liter V8 from RS Performance, making it one of the most radical rides on the planet.

    The peak output of 500 horsepower is achieved at an amazing 10,000 rpm. Peak torque is 300 pound-feet at 8,500 rpm. The engine, which is worth over $200,000 alone, is mated to a six-speed Sadev transmission with paddle shifters.

    The Atom 500 features a unique color scheme for chassis, wheels and bodywork combined with carbon fibre panels and carbon fibre aerofoils. Other features include chromoly aerofoil wishbones, integrated function steering wheel, Alcon four-piston brake calipers, and Dymag magnesium wheels.

    "This is an interesting project for us and an experimental departure from what we normally produce," said Simon Saunders, Director of Ariel. "For a few customers the Atom 500 will be the ultimate expression of lightweight performance and represents the outer limits of what is achievable in a road registered car. We also use this sort of project to explore the possibilities of how we can improve our standard cars."

    The Atom 500 will begin production in Somerset at the new Ariel factory located there. Ariel plans to produce just 25 examples of the Atom 500. No prices for the Ariel Atom 500 have been announced, but a price tag of over $300,000 is expected.



    1. photo
      beatusmongous490 days ago

      This is one of my favorite cars of all time. Although I feel a V8 will be a bit over the top...

    2. photo
      Fx NauGhtY490 days ago

      its like a formula 1 car with no turbocharger and a bigger engine to make up for it, with high reving rpm to deaf you interesting.

    3. photo
      cocksterS490 days ago

      Holy. Guacamole. You'd better have a really good insurance policy before you squeeze behind the wheel of this thing.

    4. photo
      05Z88Path490 days ago

      Wow...well the Ariel Atom is truly an awesome car, since it's got to be one of the closest experiences to driving a F1 car on the street that you can buy. But $200k for a motor? That's ridiculous. A turbo-charged four-cylinder engine of similar displacement can reach the same power levels, and for far less $$$. The base Ariel Atom 3 starts at $65k, and increasing the price buy 4 times to get 500hp and some goodies seems a little steep...

    5. photo
      shaver490 days ago

      200K for the 500HP motor? Who makes it NASA or the military.

    6. photo
      Borat490 days ago

      300K for a car with no roof! What if it rains? 2.4L V8 is cool; reminiscent of early Ferraris.

    7. photo
      Madcapp490 days ago

      That's a completely irrelevant car, its the answer to a question nobody asked.

    8. photo
      A4490 days ago

      This was my new dream car until I saw the price tag... I'd save a few more (millions) of pennies and get a Caparo T1 for that kind of money, the lesser Atom models would be plenty fun for me otherwise.

    9. photo
      atoms490 days ago

      wow, Ariel has managed to make stray flying bugs dangerous, and I still love it!

    10. photo
      atoms490 days ago

      if a fly hits you it could really really hurt, despite this I love it!!

    11. photo
      atoms490 days ago

      god dammit, it said the first post didn't go up, way to go LLN

    12. photo
      F3INT))AP3X490 days ago

      05Z88Path - You can get similar levels out of a turbo 4 but there are a few things missing there: one is that you would still have a 4 instead of a 2.4L V8. Secondly that four is turbo and not an N/A like this engine which means it has lag. And finally the engine is a super small and light V8 that revs to 10K RPM so that means torque to go with your power as you rocket past your buddies who changed gear like 3K RPM ago.

    13. photo
      NRG490 days ago

      Where do you put your groceries? That aside, it's a hot rocket. Wow.

    14. photo
      NRG490 days ago

      I still love the KTM X-Bow however.

    15. photo
      Blakkarr490 days ago

      I know you DO NOT buy something like this for the mileage but I am curious how thirsty that little motor is? Could be a killer app for a compact sports car.

    16. photo
      slimjim490 days ago

      i want to see Top Gear test that on there track lol

    17. photo
      Trent490 days ago

      This car would kick the **** out of any bike even...straight line or otherwise. The 300 dominates any production bike in the twisties. The engine is way too expensive though.

    18. photo
      MechMatt490 days ago

      I had a ride in an original one last summer. It just about tore my face off. I think this car might require a pressurized suit. I really hope they go through with it.... How about an Ariel Atom circuit?

    19. photo
      shane train490 days ago

      What delicious absurdity.

    20. photo
      idrinorbarsaku490 days ago

      2.4L V8..............DROOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!! I wish some american cars could have that engine!!

    21. photo
      Speeeed3Z490 days ago

      Slimjim (and anyone else)

      Heres the Top Gear review of the TURBO Ariel Atom circa 2 years ago.

    22. photo
      Trent490 days ago

      Actually it's supercharged.

    23. photo
      londor490 days ago

      @ Fx NauGhtY

      Formula 1 engines are normally aspirated 2.4L V8s limited to 18,000 rpm.

    24. photo
      AutoCritical490 days ago

      WOW - Driving in your own 'remote control' looking car! WOW, WOW, WOW!!

    25. photo
      peter g490 days ago

      Utterly insane and will probably kill you in the most delightfull way :-)

    26. photo
      idrinorbarsaku489 days ago

      yes! most delightful way indeed!!

    27. photo
      Rafa LL489 days ago

      If I'm going to die In a car accident I've got my coffin right there.

    28. photo
      Dante_JoseCuervo489 days ago

      - beautiful engines, aren't they? wish I could put one in a road car *sigh*

      All other wishing aside, that kind of a pricetag for that engine or for an atom... seems really crazy. Sorry but an atom is supposed to be a barebones street racer, not an overpriced skeleton.

    29. photo
      bigp489 days ago

      wow whats the weight for the new v8?

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