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Why is Marijuana Illegal?
Because Anslinger Lied Under Oath

Why is Marijuana Illegal

Why is marijuana illegal? Itís a 73 years long story that the U.S. Government would Classify, if they could - problem is, too many people already know the story too well - and they are not likely to forget it.

The basis of the story actually started over 100 years ago, back when Poncho Villa and his war caused newspaperman, W. R. Hearst to loose 800,000 acres of prime timberland. This loss was the beginning of his hatred of all Mexicans.

It was about that same time that some of the Mormons went to Mexico for a short time and when they returned to Salt Lake, they brought the dried loco weed back with them. A few of these Mormons had picked up the smoking of weed from their association with the Mexicans.

These Mormons that smoked loco weed were loud and laughed even louder, seaming crazy to everyone else around them. Eventually the gossipy word spread far and wide about how this dried stuff that came from Mexico turned ordinary people into loud, crazy people.

W.R. Hearst, being in the newspaper business, was fast to associate the story with his hatred of Mexicans. He wasted no time putting a story together and publishing it in his chain of newspapers.

These publications about the Mexicans loco weed set of an epidemic of the first prohibition of marihuana, the slang name used by the Mexicans, for the dried cannabis flowers. Between 1915 and 1927, nine western states made laws against marihuana. Notice the spelling - the h has been changed to a j.

So, why is marijuana illegal? It was called loco weed then and the laws were made intentionally against the people - sometimes called Wet-Backs. They were the seasonal migrant workers from Mexico.

The people of the states didnít have any loco weed or know anything about it other than what the W. R. Hearst newspapers published. People would ask, "why is marijuana illegal?"
But of course they called it loco weed, like the newspaper did.

Andrew Mellon was U.S. Secretary of Treasury in 1930. Mellon Bank was one of his enterprises. He was friends with the DuPontís, and a prime backer of DuPont Petrochemical Corporation.

Andrew Mellon appointed Harry Anslinger to the office of commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, a new office created by Mellon. Anslinger was Mellonís nephew-in-law. When the prohibition on alcohol ended in 1933, Anslingerís disappointment was obvious. His new ambition became an obsession to outlaw loco weed - that awful dope he read about so many times in the newspaper. (Hearst's lies and propaganda were in every paper he published).

To fully get the answer to the question, "why is marijuana illegal?", you must understand this: the DuPontís were very rich. They had developed products they wanted to market, but with the production of hemp products that was so superior, it was next to impossible to interest anyone in theirs. If only they could get rid of hemp, once and for all time. Perhaps their friend Mellon was in a position to help them out. Would anyone bother to ask, "why is marijuana illegal?"

So Hearstís yellow journalism pulled all the important people together into a group that would rename the loco weed, eventually destroy the industrial cannabis crop, and bring about Anslingerís obsession to outlaw the awful loco weed. And Hearst had his own reasons to outlaw this stuff - he still owned 100,000 acres of timberland he wanted to turn into newspapers. DuPont had the technology, hemp was the only thing in the way for him too.

Before long Hearstís yellow journalism was the dominate thing in newspapers all over America. No one had ever heard of marijuana - the new name for loco weed. He changed the spelling from marihuana to marijuana, hoping the people wouldnít recall the first prohibition in 1915 where the state laws called it marihuana. He was careful to stay completely away from the name cannabis because marijuana SHARES the same botanical name as HEMP, that most beloved plant in all America, and almost everyone knew that hemp was also called cannabis.

The public sucked up the yellow journalism like a dry sponge, not a clue in their heads that related it to their valuable hemp. By the time Hearst got through with his criminal propaganda campaign almost everyone in America hated it as bad as Hearst did, and they were convinced that whatever marijuana was, it had to go.

The Federal Government had no authority to outlaw hemp directly. The only way they could legally do anything about the crops was to tax them so heavy they would not be able to stay in business. In 1937 the Federal Government passed the Marijuana Tax Act, and by the mid 1950ís all the crops were gone. "Why is marijuana illegal"?

Only one fly got in the proverbial ointment. Dr. William C. Woodward, Legislative Council of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Woodward made it clear that the AMA did not agree with any of the things printed in the newspaper. He slammed Anslinger and the Bureau of Narcotics for false reporting about the AMAís stand on this issue.

Dr. Woodward stood up for cannabis and praised it for itís medical qualities and he reprimanded Hearst for deceiving the public with such outright propaganda and lies. The way the newspapers made this drug so urgent to outlaw, and never once mentioning the fact that this so-called drug is related to their wonderful cannabis plant. "Its not a drug - cannabis is a miracle plant and you have condemned it."

But Dr. Woodwardís voice was not considered, instead it was ignored. The criminal team continued on - they lied under oath, not once but several times - even swore under oath that the AMA endorsed their views.

Such is the political ways of the U.S. Government in Washington D.C. - and this is the answer to your question, why is marijuana illegal?

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