Annie Belle
NAME: Annie Brilland
AKA: Annie Belle
Annie Briand


1. Laure (1976) dir. Emmanuelle Arsan

2. Blue Belle (1976) dir. Massimo Dallamano 3. Velluto nero (1976) dir. Brunello Rondi 4. La notte dell'alta marea (1977) dir. Luigi Scattini 5. Mogliamente (1977) dir. Marco Vicario 6. La casa sperduta nel parco (1980) dir. Ruggero Deodato 7. La compagna di viaggio (1980) dir. Ferdinando Baldi

8. Tiger Joe (1981) dir. Antonio Margheriti

9. Rosso Sangue (1981) dir. Aristide Massaccesi 10. La nuit de Varennes (1982) dir. Ettore Scola 11. Nana, La Vera Chiave del Piacere (1982) dir. Dan Wolman 12. L'alcova (1985) dir. Aristide Massaccesi 13. La venexiana (1986) dir. Mauro Bolognini 14. Lussuria (1986) dir. Aristide Massaccesi 15. La croce dalle 7 pietre (1987) dir. Marco Antonio Andolfi

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   Annie Belle in Rosso Sangue  Annie Belle in Tiger Joe  Annie Belle in La casa sperduta nel parco

Laure ***

Velluto nero **½

La casa sperduta nel parco (I choose not to rate this film)
This Last House on the Left rip-off finds David Hess and John Morghen wrecking havoc on a party of rich kids. I found this film to be more unsettling than Cannibal Holocaust!

Rosso Sangue **½
Joe D'Amato's superior sequel to Antrophagus finds Niko Thanopolous (Luigi Montefiori) reeking havoc in a small American town. A priest attempts to kill the madman but only manages to send him to the hospital. The doctors soon discover that Niko has the gift of regenerating cells which makes him immortal. Before the priest can convince the police, Niko starts his manslaughter on nurses and the family of a bed-ridden little girl (played by a young Katya Berger). Some impressive gore effects and an overall improvement on the original.

Tiger Joe *

Nana, La Vera Chiave del Piacere **
Katya Berger stars as Nana in a film that is loosely based on Emile Zola's novel. Nana is the new star attraction in the Minotaur bordello. Soon every rich man wants her including Steiner the banker, Count Muffat and his son Hector. Nana makes the rounds while using the men to spend their entire fortune on her. Everyone becomes jealous and turns on the each other. But somehow the death of a Mandingo warrior brings them all together. In the end it is not clear what Nana's intentions actually are. Does she really want Hector to marry her? Is she really in love with her lesbian lover? Does anyone really care? A passable soft-core effort that should have launched Katya Berger's career. Ennio Morricone provides the sleazy sound-track.

L'alcova ***
This is one of D'Amato's most successful films at the box-office. While on safari in Zerbal, Al Cliver brings home a female slave played by the beautiful Laura Gemser. At first his wife is extremely furious, then falls in love with the slave, ending her previous relationship with the maid. The maid becomes jealous and stops at nothing to break the two apart. One of D'Amato's best!

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