The 10 Best PSP Games

  • by McKinley Noble
  • September 23, 2010 17:33 PM PT

We take a look at the Sony PSP's entire library of video games and handpick the 10 best titles it has to offer.

The 10 Best PSP Games

Sony's PSP may be a bit behind the Nintendo DS in terms of sales numbers, but there are still plenty of reasons to own a PSP, which features a constantly growing library of quality titles from nearly every genre. The PSP also showcases some of the best graphics you'll find on a handheld device. Its visuals continue to improve, too, as demonstrated with games like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Gran Turismo PSP, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy, all of which are small examples of how developers can push the level of graphical detail possible with the PSP hardware.

Even years after its initial release, the PSP continues to roll out plenty of addictive and original titles, with expected additions to huge franchises like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, smaller hits like Space Invaders Extreme, and underrated titles like the Disgaea series. Not only that, but future releases like Patapon 3, Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy, and God of War: Ghost of Sparta are still on horizon. While there are plenty of games worth checking out beyond this list, the following round-up narrows down the vast library of titles to the 10 best PSP games that you can buy today.

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Ehh... Not a very impressive list. First of all, how is God of War better than Peace Walker? Second, FFT: War of the Lions shouldn't even be on the list. It runs terribly on the PSP. There's so many good RPGs on the PSP that should've been on the list. Disgaea, Jeanne D'Arc, P3P. They didn't even get an Honorable mention? Come on.


I agree FF Tactics ran horribly on the system, but they did put more effort in that port than Disgaea and ultimately the story in Tactics was better especially with the new dialogue. I'm a bit shocked not to see Crisis Core or Birth by Sleep though that may be too new. I do agree with the God of War pick, personally I spent a LOT of time with that game and did everything in it and beat it tons of times. Loved every minute. Still Crisis Core was a big reason a lot of people even bought a PSP in the first place. It wasn't super great I guess, but it was better than LBP at least.


yeah, god of war: chains of olympics was awesome dude. easily the best psp game. can't wait for ghost of spartains


No Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles? It should at least ranked an honorable mention for containing the original Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night, plus, you can pick it up for $15...


Obviously the person that wrote this article hasn't played Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. How does that get a 5? It's easily better than GoW CoO. Patapon is in it's proper place in this list at 10. II've seen it on the number 2 spot on IGN's list. GTA: CTW is in it's proper place. God of War should be 3rd. I put almost 60 hours into Peace Walker and it's the best game on the system, and I would say it's oneof the best games I have ever played.


Yea this list needs some work. Not a single mention of either Syphon Filter or Resistance Retribution?


Don't really care for handhelds. I love to sit with plasma/lcd tv and game in surround sound. Might check out the 3ds though.


No Monster Hunter? It's easily one of the bests games on the PSP and is one of the Top Selling games too.


Well at least you mentioned Monster Hunter in your Honorable Mentions. It is truly a shame not many Americans can appreciate it like I can. I wonder, though, their reaction to the incoming port of God Eater? (:


A horrible list! Where's the good RPG? RIght now I'm roleplaying Star Ocean: First Departure, and have loved playing Phantasy Star Portable. Where are the good downloadables? Thexder is wholly awesome. This is a bad list.

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