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    Operational Headquarters

    Alpiq Holding AG

    Bahnhofquai 12

    4601 Olten


    Phone: +41 62 286 71 11

    Fax: +41 62 286 73 73



    Energy Central Europe

    Reinhold Frank

    Alpiq Holding Ltd.

    Head of Energy Central Europe

    Phone: +41 62 286 74 66

    Fax: +41 62 286 71 30

    Energy Western Europe

    Antonio M. Taormina

    Alpiq Holding Ltd.

    Head of Energy Western Europe

    Phone: +41 62 286 75 59

    Fax: +41 62 286 76 68

    Energy Switzerland

    Michael Wider

    Alpiq Suisse SA

    Head of Energy Switzerland

    Ch. de Mornex 10 / CP 570

    1001 Lausanne


    Phone: +41 21 341 21 11


    Trading & Services

    Peter Heydecker

    Alpiq Suisse SA

    Head of Trading & Services

    Ch. de Mornex 10 / CP 570

    1001 Lausanne


    Phone: +41 21 341 28 11

    Energy Services and AAT Group

    Herbert Niklaus

    Alpiq Holding Ltd.

    Head of Energy Services and AAT Group

    Phone: +41 62 286 70 08

    Fax: +41 62 286 75 55

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Alpiq in: Europe

We generate and distribute energy for Europe

Alpiq generates electricity from hydro power, fossil fuels, nuclear energy and new renewable energies. Our power stations deliver an attractive mix of peak load and base load energy. As Switzerland's largest grid owner, we help to ensure the reliable supply of electricity to our customers.

Power generation MW

Through its own power stations, Alpiq contributes to Swiss and European electricity supplies. We produce base load energy and offer a large proportion of attractive peak load energy which we use flexibly to cover our customers' fluctuating requirements. When it comes to power generation, we take a responsible approach to resource management and invest in renewable energies throughout Europe.


Power generationMWMW
Hydroelectric power stations2 963
Switzerland2 807
Thermal power plants3 250
Italy1 489
Czech Republic484
Small hydroelectric power stations and wind farms109
Total installed capacity6 322

Power transmission

Switzerland's distribution grids are at the heart of the European electricity transport system. As the owner of one third of these distribution grids, we ensure a reliable supply of power and prevent shortages. Our partners' projects benefit from our know-how in building and operating electricity grids.