Buckcherry, 'All Night Long' (Eleven Seven)

Hollywood hooligans break into rock’s liquor cabinet.

Restraint was never Buckcherry’s strongest virtue—their most memorable lines remain “I love the cocaine” and “You’re a crazy bitch but you fuck so good.” The band’s fifth album throws caution to the wind along with whatever self-consciousness was left lurking under frontman Josh Todd’s chaos tattoo. From its sunrise-as-rebellion title down to its bombastic, comically cocky choruses (“It’s a party! There’s a party on the way!”), All Night Long posits Buckcherry as your ultimate all-night rager soundtrack; the fist-pumping anthem-makers who are best heard on 5 a.m. IHOP runs.

Very little is off-limits: “Hair of the Dog”–style cowbell clonk, “We Will Rock You” rips with stadium-stomping reverb, a lighter-waving power ballad called “I Want You” that sounds like Cinderella if they’d survived the grunge era. Rock songs about rocking, partying songs about partying; it’s essentially Andrew W.K. for the Ed Hardy T-shirt set.

Buckcherry’s purist obsession with AC/DC riffs and Steven Tyler lip-licks continues unabated (“Your kitty in the middle is callin’,” etc.), but Todd does inject a more world-weary croon. He also has an honest-to-god “Man in the Mirror” moment on antipollution rant “Our World.” Too bad such aspirations move them out of their nü-Crüe comfort zone and into the less timeless, post-Aquanet boogie of Great White and Extreme.



I used to love this band, but now they're just a shallow parody of themselves. The more they try to replicate the unabashed, rock n roll crass of "Crazy Bitch," the more tired, toothless and boring they sound.

They should've stopped after 15.

Rick R. Rock fan and critic.. so f*ck u

This band is a gimic of ****. aint lyin.. Its proof on how f*ckin stupid American Rock has become.


give me a REAL band that has SOUL. something that has ballads that are true, tones that are real, songs that have thought and meaning.

make it fun but not to serious. But please NOT SO DUMB.

Hell... MAKE FUN OF DUMB **** at LEAST!

Dont just Be dumb..

Christ... just do a good Cover song if you can.. Hell. since you love cocaine so much..Cover "Cocaine" from Clapton! that hasnt been done before!

Buckcherry needs to be taken out back behind the shed and shot out of its misery..
nuff said.


Buckcherry is the most underrated band in the last 10 years. These guys are great, just straight up rock and roll. As far as I am concerned, they are the best band out there right now.


This is an amazing Album! Reckless Son's Acoustics blew my hair back.
Buckcherry has evolved beautifully and I can only imagine with such personal and musical growth what they will come up with next. One of the Top 3 Best live bands I've seen in 30 years.

Absorb it, there's something for everyone.


Buckcherry sucks.


i gave the album 6 out of 10 because there were a lot of songs i wanted to skip just because of the beginning. if you listen they're good, however a song should be good from beginning to end, not middle to end.

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