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Home Who is involved in MAG ; The Microchip Advisory Group?

Who is involved in MAG ; The Microchip Advisory Group?

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The Microchip Advisory Group is made up of Manfacturers, Database Operators and Distributors. Manufacturers include: Allflex, Fearing International Stock Aids Ltd, Animalcare Ltd, Jecta Limited, Bayer PLC, CoreRFID Ltd, Datamars S.A, and Pet-ID limited. Avid PLC who sell chips and operate PETtrac may be a member of MAG, but it is not clear from the information if that is the case, so I have left them off the list. Databases include: Petlog, owned by the kennel Club, Anibase, and the National Dog Tattoo Register. Distributors include: The Pet Chip Co. Ltd, Allflex, PetCode, Jecta Ltd and Animalcare Ltd.


The Microchip Advisory Group is an RFID industry group made up of Manufacturers; Distributors; Databases; Major purchasers; Major implanters. The chairman is Chris Laurence. This is the same Chris Laurence who was at an Auto-ID meeting in 2001 in Paris as a representative. Auto-ID are the patent holders for most RFID tech.

Chris Laurence OBE is Veterinary Director of Dogs Trust. Dogs Trust is the Charity that has campaigned for Compulsory Microchipping. The same Dogs Trust that will insist Microchipping is not profitable, but when you look at MAG member Pet Detect’s website they seem to differ quoting 200% to 400% profit, that is a very high margin. This can be found in copy of this cached website held in Google. They removed this kind of copy from their pages, but Google kept the cache. You have to love Google.

The same Chris Laurence who is in the Pets Advisory Committee advising Parliament. He gets to be in an industry group that will make money out of microchipping, a charity that advocates chipping and has spent a lot of money on a campaign promoting it, but claims there is no money in it for them and he gets to advise Parliament about whether they should take this advice or not. What a competitive advantage for members of MAG.

He also has another pet project on the go he registered to promote links between animal charities and childrens charities like the NSPCC. I do hope they are not planning to chip children because links have been demonstrated between adverse reactions caused by microchips and soft tissue sarcomas.

A stifled debate Microchip Safety

MAG has become involved in public consultations by supplying self report figures to civil servant that they know are underreporting figures. They have known that this voluntary self report system has systemic underreporting figures since 2003, but they the industry group who will gain most if microchipping is made law have done nothing to fix the figures, that is 7 years of report data that has been allowed to be underreported. I wonder why Chris Laurence, Chairman of MAG, and the RFID trade body partners who comprise the membership of MAG have not bothered to fix this problem?

Please note links are clickable, please click on them to visit the information I have mentioned here.

This is my own version of a powerpoint presentation made by a major PR company for Auto-ID, the patent holder for most RFID tech. I would argue that it is in the public interest and also substantially different from their version which can still be viewed online here. They were so bad at controlling their own confidential data that several embarrassing confidential documents leaked onto the Internet. Now they want to hold all our personal data. Do read their version and then read my comparison of their initial strategy to what is happening in Northern Ireland. It is a tale of bare faced lobbying by big business pretending to care about animals in my opinion, see what you think.

MAG Microchip Advisory Group, Auto-Id, RFID Lobbying and PR Strategy

Number 6 Interest Group Alliances rfid message material structure Click here to search for the original presentation it will be called public_affairs.pdf Auto-ID fleishman-hillard inc public relations My Dog’s Microchip May Have Given Him Cancer microchip-induced tumors 12 Guage Needle General Public -  Peer review scientific studies that demonstrate a real cause for concern with regard to Pet Microchip Implants and Cancer. All the studies are clickable and where possible the links take you to the publishers own web sites. These studies are real science, So 247 out of 317 said no but what did the company do? It simply aimed it considerable PR offensive at legislators instead. Not too difficult to sell the benefits to them, but shouldn't they be doing what we want, not pandering to big business and PR comp Consumers already aware and receptive of safety issues, i.e. wireless technology. Interested in more testing/research to prove that health is not an issue So, no point in asking the public they will just say no. In slide 11 it recounts how 78% of the 317 consumers who participated reacted negatively to the technology, more than half claimed to be extremely or very concerned You will notice the general public didn't got an Element in this diagram. That is because they didn't get one in the Fleishman-Hilliard diagram in 2001. It would seem that the taxpayer and the voter wasn't really the target of all of this PR or more corre Are they simply asking the general public to pay for the R & D on these untested devices? Foreign-Body tumorigenesis: Sarcomas Induced in mice by subcutaneously implanted transponders.Keith A.Johnson, The Toxicology Research Laboratory, The Dow chemical company, Midland, MI. 48674, Vet Pathol 1996; 33: 619 and Keith Johnson, telephone intervie Chris Laurence is Chairman The list goes on and on, it looks like there is a huge range of broad based support, but really it is top down leadership from a few individuals, at least one of whom has been involved with microchips since before the rolling out of the PR strategy in 200 never disclose details of that number to anyone other than the database concerned the reason why we must never disclose details of that number to anyone other than the database concerned this assures us then that our personal information is secure and can only be changed on production of that unique number stored on the microchip inside our pets and the reason why we must never disclose details of that Marc Abraham - Mark the vet The RSPCA Intervet UK Veterinary Nurse Andrea Godfrey The London Dog Forum Kate and Gin the Dancing Dog Labrador Lifeline Trust The National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers Up (NOBS) The Stafford Magazine Oscar Pet Foods Pet-ID Pet Food Manufacturers Association Battersea Dogs & Cats Bella Moss Foundation RSPCA Dogs Trust The Kennel Club Petlog K9 Magazine Our Dogs Newpaper MR ALLEN PARTON MR NICHOLAS NAWROCKYI MRS NICOLA JAYNE POWDITCH MR JAMES NEIL EWART MRS MARGARET NAWROCKYI MR NICHOLAS CHARLES MAYS MR NICHOLAS NAWROCKYI DOG THEFT ACTION Dog Theft Action (DTA)  - They got the proceedure wrong for changing details on the database on their web site Dr John Wedderburn. Asian Animal Protection Network, (Hong Kong) Coalition for Improved Dog Ownership Standards (C-fidos) John Robinson. Head of homeless dogs steering group Rain Rescue Trudio Musgrave MRCVS Shona MacFarquhar MRCVS David Stockton MRCVS James Tuck, MD Giant Pet Store Jonathan Wills. Anglia TV Presenter Clare Weller Gill Williams, Former Lady Sheriff of Norwich Nick Williams, Former Sheriff of Norwich Andrew Rosindell MP Martin Horwood MP Richard Bacon MP Dr Ian Gibson MP Jean Ure Cathy Cassidy, Author Meg Rosoff linda newbery Rose Bugler, Director. Well Balanced Pup & Scout the News Hound Sheila Atter Dog World Cheltenham Animal Shelter Evelyn Ramay Tony Hall Lost Pet Investigator/Searcher Margaret Nawrockyi Helen Stevens, Greyhound Crusaders and South West Animal Protection Tom Watkins, Founder Carolyn Menteith Chris Shorrock Michelle Shanson BVSc MRCVS Director of Pets' Kitchen Ltd. Steve Leonard BVSc MRCVS Joe Inglis Emma Milne Mark Duffy. MD. ISL Dardan Security Limited George and Christine Rockingham. PACT Hallswood Wildlife Sanctuary Benjamin Zephaniah Liza Goddard ANTHONY HEAD Sherdian Smith. Actress Joanna Lumley. Actress Jilly Cooper Author Phil Daniels, thinwtiite - Cheltenham, Graphic Design Sarah Wakefield Chief Executive of the Dogs Trust .Chair of the Isle of Sheppey RSPCA Branch  The Institute of Animal Technology Angela Walder RSPCA Trustee Marc Abraham S.O.F.A - Speaking Out For Animals Wood Green Animal Shelter Scottish SPCA The RSPCA Schering-Plough does animal testing. Refuge PDSA Paws for Kids The NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is one of the largest animal health compares in the UK Intervet UK Dogs Trust The Buster Foundation The BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association should we be worried about them wanted to chip vulnerable children next? MR IAN PHILLIP ROSE LLB MRS VERONICA CARBONE LIZ GILL MR STEPHEN PAGET LANGTON FCA MISS RACHELLE MAHAPATRA MR MIKE RADFORD LLB MRS CLARISSA MARY BALDWIN OBE MR PAUL DEVILE MR PHILIP JAMES MURRAY PRAIN MA R PHILIP GILES DAUBENY MR JOHN GAYE MR JOHN BEVERIDGE QC MRS ANN WOODALL MR KEITH BUTT MA VETMB MRCVS MISS ROSE MCILRATH BA MVB MRCVS MR EDWARD ALAN CHANDLER BVET MED FRCVS MRS CLARISSA BALDWIN OBE Charity Number-227523 Dog Trust Chris Laurence is their Veterinary Director. Charity Number-227523, The current list of members is Allflex Europe (UK) Ltd, Peddymark Ltd. Petcode, The Kennel Club, Pet-ID UK Ltd, Animalcare Ltd, Jecta Ltd, Virbac Ltd, The Pet Chip Co. Ltd, Bayer pic, CoreRFID Ltd and Datamars SA. It is made up of Manufacturers, Distributors, Databases, Major purchasers, and Major implanters. Chris Laurence is Chairman MAG Microchip Advisory Group sub-group of the BSAVA Of their recorded Income £4,723,027, 3.42 million of that comes from trading to raise funds, MR MARK ROBERT JOHNSTON BVETMED MRCVS DR ALISON JANE SPEAKMAN BVMS(HONS) PHD MRCVS MR GRANT PETRIE MA VETMB CERTSAC CERTSAM MRCVS PROF EDWARD JAMES HALL MA VETMB PHD DIPECVIM-CA MRCVS DR FRANCES JENNIFER BARR MA VETMB DVR PH DR RICHARD MICHAEL DIXON BVMS PHD CEREVR MR MARK RICHARD WALMSLEY Chris Laurence is a member BSAVA BRITISH SMALL ANIMAL VETERINARY ASSOCIATION Charity Number -1024811 Element 6: Widen the sphere of influence through Interest Group Alliances l am not suggesting any wrongdoing but how do I know who I am even giving my data to? What a mess for a company asking us to trust them with personal information. The National Dog Tattoo Register is run from a PO Box in 22 Kingsway Harwich, which is fair enough, but il doesn't list a company number, or a trading name for accounts on its websile I isn't a charity according to the chari Because its all about Animal Welfare, not profit honestly. Exclusive: Dog bleeds to death after microchip implant procedure ...13 posts - 3 authors - Last post: 8 Jul 2009 being subjected to a mandatory microchip implant. ... was accidentally injected into its brain stem. In another, a cat was ...aspcacommunity.n Pet Detect - WOLVERHAMPTON (Bilbrook) Our three hour courses begin at 1pm and finish at 4pm. ... take payment until you have successfully completed the course (dont worry 98% pass first time). Pet Detect - Microchip Training courses - MAIDSTONE (Coxheath) - 6...You will receive a certificate signed by the vet and tutor upon your successful completion of the three hour course. Most people pass even though they are pet-detect microchips - pet microchiooing training courses - for...and otherwise would have to throw those chips away (and forego the profit) can now RETURN those chips to us and well replace them for - Similar pet-detect microchips - pet microchippina training courses - for... IN ADDITION, those Implanters who Pet Detect - Training Courses Great for Rescues who wish to raise additional funds. Begin by ordering your Starter Pack on the day of the course and you will receive a handy Eco Bag as a - Cached - Similar pet-detect microchips - pet microchipping training courses - for...We do not set a recommended retail, however you can normally achieve between 200 % and 400% profit margin depending on how much profit you want to make Similar Anibase database is owned and operated by Animalcare Ltd. They run Pet Detect. Below are actual screen shots from their own Google cache of things they said on their site about Microchips. Because it's all about the welfare: They didn't address this until they were caught on camera by the BBC. Liam Byrne Labour MP once said on Question Time that,” Sunlight was the best disinfectant Of course all those years they where allowing mating of Grandfather to Grand Daughter for A recent BBC documentary Petlog the UK's National Lost Pet Microchip database is owned and operated by the Kennel Club. Again this is one of the manufacturers allowed to offer self report data in the Microchip Advisory Group as fact, despite historical evidence of false advertising, Datamars and Crystal WERE FOUND liable for false advertising under the Lanham Act IN THE US Datamars and Crystal made several false claims in promotional materials including, Additionally, Avid claimed that statements made by Datamars and Crystal in advertising their products were false and harmful to consumers, and Avid sought damages under the Lanham Act. The jury also found Datamars and Crystal liable for false advertising under the Lanham Act for making false claims about the effectiveness of their ISO products in locating and reuniting lost pets with their owners. The jury awarded Avid more than $6 million in the lawsuit against European-based Datamars SA and its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, Crystal Import Corporation. Avid Identification Systems v. The Crystal Import Corporation and Datamars Zurmont Finanz AG HSBC Guyerzeller Bank AG Ernesto Maurer, Chief Executive Officer of SSM Textile Machinery of Schweiter Technologies AG since January 4, 2010. Schweiter Technologies AG makes high grade machinary. The company operates in two segments: SSM Textile Machinery and Ismeca Semiconductor Ken Boyle President, Americas & Chief Marketing Officer, Datamars Group at Datamars, Inc. Former Executive Vice President of Global Sales at GretagMacbeth. Former Vice President & General Manager of the Strategic Business Unit at GretagMacbeth. They make Klaus Ackerstaff Chief Executive Officer, served as Chief Technology Officer of World Television Group PLC until 2005. They are a video communications company, provides corporate communications, news production, and Webcasting services. Paul Sfez: Observer for Universal Capital Partners (UCP). A retail consulting and liquidation firm. He was Director of Marketing at Universal Content (Toronto), a licensing agency for international multimedia content. capela Group - a text to speech company, and Neocase Software - provider of customer service solutions for shared service centers and customer support operations. Also on the boards of directors Omniperception - technology that detects the presence of brand images or logos in sports broadcasts Alexander Wiedmer: Partner at Iris Capital They invested in Micrus Endovascular which specailize in both implantable and disposable medical devices used in the treatment of cerebral vascular diseases in 2003. Invision is a Swiss private equity firm focusing on investments in growth companies in Europe. INVISION III invested in Datamars in 2005. Martin Staub: a Partner at Invision. Was a Senior Partner at Venture Partners AG (A Swiss privaite equity fund manager) and Chief Executive Officer at Datacolor International AG. An international company specializing in measuring technologies. He also has a position at Renaissance KMU Schweizerische Anlagestiftung, another privaite banking company. a Managing Partner and Chairman at Vinci Capital SA. Vinci Capital is a leading Swiss private equity firm. Olivier Tavel Vinci Capital SA He co-founded Arche Communications SA, a leading French network value-added reseller. He founded Institut ERIS in 1994, a training company specialized on Cisco and telecommunications products that was acquired by Global Knowledge Network Inc in 1997.  Customers use the company's software to monitor, analyze, and report on computer networks, systems, and applications. a co-founder, President & CEO of InfoVista SA, a French company that sells service level agreement and performance measurement software for telecom operators. Iris Capital are a pan-European growth equity and late stage investor specialized in the Media, Telecom and IT/Internet sectors Alain Ries: advises Iris Capital Dow Jones owns or owned part of it. He is also a member of the board at Integrata AG. Integrata AG is a German-based service provider of solutions in the fields of information technology, personnel and organization development, as well as systems, applica vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste AG is a German-based company that offers information, communications and technology solutions for the securities market. vwd is employed at fifteen sites in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland, 450 e b.i.s. boersen-infomations-systeme AG Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board at vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste AG Pieter van Halem: Managing Director CEO and co-founder of the Corner Stone Capital AG. Datamars SA Members of the Board of Directors: Datamars and Bayer Animal Health UK work closely together to provide products and marketing for Microchipping. Datamars was founded in 1988 and is based in Bedano, Switzerland with additional offices in the United States. They are a huge company. Datamars employs more than 160 employees globally with offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Datamars S.A. has about 55% market share of all the European Microchip Implants. I woiid like to see investments that use the talents of given areas or that develop talent for the future generations. Not opportunist investing by venture capital because of inherent problems that short sighted, psychopathic corporate outlook brings. In I wish everyone in these areas well I feel they face similar challenges to Northern Ireland. Again lam using it as an example of how the financial processes work, this does not mean there has been any wrongdoing. If that is the case then no wonder we are looking at legislation that would be unthinkable in the rest of the UK like compulsory microchipping. Exploited again! Circumstances like low wages, low tax. low standard of living, low self esteem. They haven't worked and won't work, they are exploitative in content and perpetuate a lack of business confidence in previously working class areas. Are we really trying to say there is no hope other than fabricating circumstances that favour venture capi Although I have raised this as an issue I am using it as an example I felt that UK people will understand. I live in a country where these kinds of investments are almost the only kind (Northern Ireland). Governments should adopt the trust but verify principle towards Investors bearing gifts where lawmaking is concerned. I understand the Government is currently looking into Coalfield Initiatives in general. It is one of many. This is one example where public / private partnerships exist. It is one of many. Stephen Ross Executive Chairman. His early career was spent with NatWest Bank in the North West region. John Roger Horrocks Hoyle. Roger is Managing Director of recruitment and headhunting firm. Ashley Hoyte Limited and was an hvestment Banker for 15 years with NM Rothschild & Son before that Jonathan Brett Diggines a solicitor joined Enterprise Ventures in 2005 and had previously spent 10 years as Managing Director of Murray Johnstone Private Equity where he managed substantial private equity and venture funds. Richard Bamford. ACIB Executive Chairman, his career started with NatWest Bank in the North West region. John Simpson, Finance Director and Compliance Officer Who are Enterprise Ventures Limited Company Number: 03249066. They used to be called Enterprise Regional Ventures Limited in 1997 and Inhoco 550 Limited in 1996 I should state thai I am simply using this as an example as to what could happen, I am not implying any wrong doing in this case. If something is in the public sector run it that way and keep the service good, make it efficient and fit for purpose. But don't allow private business motive to steer policy. If politicians are put in the position where they rely on business people then they are compromised because one partnership bleeds into another Eventually all suggestions are treated uncritically despite the fact that corporations have the legal imperativ I think these public sector /private sector partnerships are everything that is wrong with the business politics has become. If something is done for profit, run it that way but keep the competition fair don't allow business people to infiltrate Governmen Lancashire County Council established Enterprise Ventures in 1982. After a management buyout Enterprise Ventures Ltd is now a commercial enterprise. They administrate Tho Coalfields Enterprise Fund and a few other funds which is run like a commercial vent They are legally bound to make a profit, not care for animals or people harmed by their pursuit of profit. The Government has a duty of care, but it also has competing interests. Josef Mengele. the Nazi experimented on children, it doesn't mean he felt any duty of care towards them. They were simply collateral. Company's and corporations by definition take the same view. Welcome lo the new class system. If you let us experiment on you and your animals we will give you some money. Not in this case of cotrse, they save that kind of thing for the colonies (Northern Ireland). They can pass laws unthinkable in more affluent areas. This is simply feudatory control updated where politicians thank the incoming dominators for investing, regardless of the long term aims or consequences. If an area is decimated by economic blight (Northern Ireland) it will be targeted by vultures (not all investors are vultures, but some are) looking to invest somewhere they can get an advantage. They can leverage the positive aspiration of people to get Those with the money control the budget and can use small to medium business investment as a tool to circumnavigate democracy. They will help but only if they turn a profit. These funds make our Governments vulnerable to corporate middlemen who leverage the economic pressure felt by ordinary citizens into a lobbying seems to control the Venture Capital side of things for his company Enterprise Ventures Limited Enterprise Ventures Limited Paul Taberner of Enterprise Ventures Limited Company Number: 03249066 Richard Harrision is the Technical Sales Dirocter Munzi Ali is the Technical Director and General Manager Jim Ryder is the Operations Director Terry Allen is CoreRFID's Chariman CoreRFID are now backed by Enterprise Ventures and NatWest Bank. What is wrong with this kind of help? I can't stress this enough The small companies involved are just taking an opportunity. I wish small knowledge based companies all the best Why isn't Government helping them directly? So. thirty million public sector money. 22 million private sector money. It would be hard not to make a profit if the Government matched your capital at a rate of more than 50%. This favours big business that wiP invest when times are good and cut their l The fuud is made up of, £20 million of public sector investment. £10 million of that is matched in the second element of the fund, so that takes you to £30 million. The first element has already geared in £22 million of additional private sector investmen About this fund. Faust faced a similar dilemma. Even if they would do otherwise, the officers of the corporation must try to make money; the profitable corporation is by legal nature and social nurture a psychopath. This is how companies end up with more say than voters. They align Government aims with To make a profit this law or that law will need to pass. They offer solutions but at a price. The cost will always outstrip the benefit, if it didn't they would make a loss. Welcome to corpocracy. Your politician working really hard to service the needs o Worse than that It is a public private partnership that was designed to offer an incentive for business to invest in former coal mining towns. I applaud the idea, but not the execution. For a start it took ages to get started. What is the Coalfields Enterprise Fund? CoreRFID Ltd was funded by the Coalfields Enterprise Fund to the tune of £150,000 according to Coalfields Enterprise Fund Newsletter Autumn 2007. James Dennis Ryder. Munzi Ali. Terry John Allen. Richard James Harrisionand Paul Cameron Taberner of Enterprise Ventures sucessfully completed a management buyout from Mannings UK. Core RFID Ltd was part of Mannings Southport Limited Company Number 00707069 now Stork Thermal Equipment Ltd until Mannings RFID management team, So this is Bayer, poison gas inventor and member of the Microchip Advisory Group providing self report data to the Northern Ireland Assembly regarding Microchip Implants. Sorry to say / don't realty trust them, do you? Bayer: Influence / Lobbying Manning, Selvage & Lee Edelman and the tobacco industry PR firm Fleischman-Hillard's confidential Bayer's PR companies include: Fleishman-Hillard. Edelman PR Worldwide. Golin/Harris, Manning. Selvage & Lee (MS&L), Kekst & Co. Shandwick. Burson-Marsteller (B-M). Animal Cell Technology Industrial Platform (ACTIP), European Life Sciences Forum (ELSF), The European Chemical Industry Council (CEFC). European Chemical Industry Council (CEFC). European Chemical Employers Group. ECEG, Making Science Make Sense (MSMS). B Bayer's lobby activities in Europe include; European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT), UNICE (The Voice of Business in Europe') and the Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD). EuropaBio - The European Association for Bioindustriest The European Federati In 2003 Bayer pled guilty to violating the federal Prescription Drug Marketing Act. They ended up paying $257 million. Bayer's conduct was billed as Ten years ago they sold HIV-tainted blood clotting products which infected thousands of haemophiliacs. Bayer sold Baycol. Lipobay a synthetic member of the class of statins used to lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. The product was link During the first World War the company was part of a German collaboration that invented Chemical Warfare ( Bayer are among the elite few companies in the world to have a hostile 5th column of shareholders who turn up at company meetings with speaking rights and point out their many and varied faults. Willy Beumann Member of the Supervisory Board. Peter Hausmann Member of the Supervisory Board. Reiner Hoffmann Member of the Supervisory Board. Clemens Boersig Member of the Supervisory Board. Andre Aich Member of the Supervisory Board, Helmut Panke Membe Bayer is a member of MAG.  Are they using animal welfare groups to pedal this dangerous change in the law? Werner Baumann Member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer. Wolfgang Plischke Member of the Management Board. Head of Innovation, Technology. Environment, Asia/Pacific Region. Richard Pott Member of the Management Board. Labor Director. Karl-J Key players in Bayer AG Manfred Schneider Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Marijn Dekkers Chairman of the Management Board. Chief Executive Officer. Hermann Stronger Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Thomas De Win Vice Chairman of the Supervis Bayor AG is split up into throe sub groups with a holding company that manages the groups: Healthcare, CropScience and Material Science, supported by the service companies Bayer Business Services. Bayer Technology Services and Currenta He joined Bayer in 1986 throixjh the acquisition by Bayer Diagnostics of Technicon Instruments. Ian Paterson is a member of the Board of Management of Bayer Material Science AG. head of Marketing and innovation Since 2004. Company Secretary: Mark Alistair Wilkinson a lawyer previously of Oxford University Press (OUP)and Lovells. Directors: Martin Scott Dawkins Chief Executive Officer of Bayer's UK/Ireland operations, Bayer Schering Pharma Country Division Head in the UK. Bayer plc Company Number: 00935048 Bayer House Strawberry Hill, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 UA. It is an interesting read and demonstrates how convoluted some of the links between companies and Governments really are. It would be interesting to find out if CECUK Ltd has links to the various Government lobbying organizations called CEC elsewhere. For a more detailed look at this picture please visit the Who is involved in MAG Microchi Nicholas David Francis Kolarz and Beatrice Fion are both directors in the Pet Microchip Company Ltd and also mentioned on the Candol website as their partners in Great Britain. Their company is called The Central Europa Consultancy or CECUK Ltd No. 067454 The company secretary is Simon Gordon Wilcox. With Rosemary Elizabeth Barry Beatrice Flon and Nicholas David Francis Kolarz Simon Gordon Wilcox is a Director o( the company. The Pet Chip Co. Ltd Company No. 03963211 are Pet Detect Ltd. The Pet Microchip Company Ltd Company Number 03963211 are trading as Pet Dotect and own the Pet Detect web site. These are the companies we are allowing to supply self report figures on safety of microchip implants through MAG Microchip Advisory Group.  The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa made four ruling against Virbac for adverts regarding microchip implant devices in 2003 and 2004. Rulings against large corporations like Virbac are fairly common. These are the companies we are allowin According to Virbac Corporation became mired in scandal in 2003 Price-waterhouseCoopers, raised serious questions about the company's accounting practices and refused to sign off on its third quarter numbers Virbac admitted th Jean-Pierre Dick Member of the Management Board. Head of Special Projects. Pierre Madelpuech Member of the Supervisory Board - Representative of ASERGISARL. Francois Guinot Member of the Supervisory Board. Xavier Yon Member of the Supervisory Board - Repr It is listed as a director in accounts for Virbac Ltd. Key people are: Marie-Helene Dick-Maldepuech Chairman of the Management Board, Eric Maree Chairman of the Management Board. Pierre Pages Member of the Management Board. Managing Director. Jeanino Dick Virbac SA is based at Premiere Avenue. 2065 M LD Garros. 06516 - a French-based veterinarian pharmaceutical company has a commercial presence in over 100 countries worldwide 8 operates 38 subsidiaries, including Interlab SAS Virbac Mexico SA de CV Animedi Virbac Societe Anonyme (Societe Anonyme means anonymous partnership, or share company like a public limited company in the UK) (a Swiss global health-core company that operates worldwide under two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics.), Pierre Pages member of the Management Board and Managing Director (CEO) of Virbac SA since 1992. a trained veterinarian he manages Internat Christian Karst Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and also Member of the Management Board of Virbac SA. Eric Maree Chief Executive Officer of Virbac SA, in the past was Chief Executive Officer of Laboratories Roche Nicholas and Vice Presid  at VIRBAC. was also a Director, Companion Animal Business Team at INTERVET INC and Director, Market Development Group North America at INTERVET INC (Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health). The directors are: David Ellerton Managing Director, past General Manager at EVS LTD (European Veterinary Supplies Ltd was EVS Direct now The Pet Medicine Company past director at Animalcare . Sebast Virbac Ltd Company Number: 01069800. Virbac Ltd was called Arkovet Limited until 1978. It is based at Wollpit Business Park in Suffolk. The company secretary is Deborah Elizabeth Wicks. They have one dormant company (Eezytrac) and one with a total exemption small on webcheck (Jecta Ltd). All very strange because on their website they give the impression of being one of the major players in the business and states that. There is another company run out of the same address called Eezytrac Ltd Company No. 04617170 which has the same director and is dormant. Although the website The company was called Shareformat Limited until 1998 when the name changed to Jecta Ltd. Jecta Ltd Company Number: 03648327. Secretary: Susan Turley Director: Mark Roger Turley. Lord Arthur Francis Nicholas Will Hill 9th Marquess of Downshire a marquess is a nobleman of hereditary rank, the Marquess of Downshire is a title in the Peerage of Ireland. They marketed it as a product called Posilac, a genetically engineered hormone designed to make cows produce more milk. Because of scientific evidence that BST milk may cause breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer in humans, it is banned in Europ Geoffrey Clifford Rhodes, Stephen Michael Wildridge, a former General Manager of Operations for Northern Europe of Monsanto UK Limited Company Number 04042051, according to the website Corporate Watch Monsanto produced BST or rBGH . Directors are James Scott Lambert Chairman & ice cream entrepreneur , Geoffrey Clifford Rhodes, Stephen Michael Wildridge, a former General Manager of Operations for Northern Europe of Monsanto UK Limited Company Number 04042051 Animalcare Group plc Company Number: 01058015, distributors of Digital Angel's Destron Fearing Unit's Thermo® microchip Secratary is John Tobin Group finance director Product offerings include idENTICHIP and idENTICHIP with Bio-Thermo. This company is part of Animalcare Group plc Company Number: 01058015, which is the new name for Ritchey plc also included in the groups are Travik Chemicals Limited and Fearing International (Stock Aids) Limited. Animal Care Ltd  Company Number: 01500876. Secretary: John Tobin Directors: Simon Francis Riddell, Stephen Michael Wildridge PET-ID UK Limited THE BARN DANWORTH FARM Company Number: 04238663. Secretary: Sarah Elizabeth Fry Directors Sarah Elizabeth Fry and Stuart Ingram. Which is a trading name of The Chipworks Ltd Company number 06457490. Also listed on webcheck as total exemp Contacts: DOUG HOLFORD Trustees: Mr Michael Townsond MA FCA. Mr Michael Edward Hcrrtago, Mr Bill King. Mr John Spurting OBE Mrs Jenny Ziman The Kennel Club Charity Number 327802 - The Kennel Club is a registered charity 31 Dec 2008 income was £1,388,388. il spent £863,119 that year It is one of the most powerful organizations in the pedigree dog world and it rms and owns Petlog, it is a livestock company thai has diversified into pets. Petcode - Petcode Ltd wasn't registered on webcheck yet but a domain name search tells us that PETCODE.COM is registered to Fearing International Ltd or Fearing International (Stock Adis) Limited Company Number 01222422. Like many of companies it is a Peddymark Ltd - Company Number: 05039956, incorporated on 10/02/2004. The secetary is Vincent Nigel Taylor Jackie Carol Taylor is a director N looks like a small company. Sir Brian Williamson is the Chairman of Electra; he has worked closely with both Gordon Brown and David Cameron. One interesting co-incidence is that he is also on the board of the NYSE. Sir Brian has served as a director of NYSE Euronext since April 2002 Aliflex Europe (UK) Ltd part of the portfolio of Electra Partners LLP. In fact Allflex was their largest private equity investments as at 30th September 2009, it tipped the scales at 50 J million pounds Despite being allowed to supply their own self report safety figures the Microchip Advisory Group is full of companies that will profit from compulsory microchipping Element 5: Using Business Alliances to influence Government As evidenced by the low turnout of members of the public. It was not representative of the citizens of Northern Ireland; in fact it was like an animal welfare convention. The narrow interest groups should not be allowed to dictate policy in Northern Irela This was many things, a public meeting to gain the views of the general public it wasn't For one thing it was not widely advertised. Where is the precautionary principle in all of this? Bayer is a member of MAG.  Are they using animal welfare groups to pedal this dangerous change in the law? Could this be because MAG Microchip Advisory Group is made up of the very people who stand to gain the most from compulsory microchipping? Reporting Léon's Adverse Reaction - Lingering Questions As they outlined in the report for that year, so for seven years they had a chance to fix this system but decided instead to continue to use the underreported figures.  This law should be subject to the precautionary principle and the regulations that go I was amazed to be told that I was only allowed to ask two questions and was shut down completely when I questioned the validity and sources of the figures used to justify safety of Microchips. The figures come from self report forms sent in by vets, even made her mind up way before about the issue as evidenced by BBC reports earlier in the year So much for democracy . The meeting was marketing, not fact finding. But all the main parties are the same; they all want this legislation passed. So basically the One lady who didn't manage to make it to the meeting was Michelle Gildernew. I wonder what she would have made of it, it was very far from a representative sample of pubic opinion in Northern Ireland. I don't really think she cared anyway she appeared to There are many people like myself who take great care of their animals, but then I don't suit their agenda or their stereotype of people in Northern Ireland. In my opinion it was a cynical PR stunt for animal welfare groups and an exercise in political me At one point in the meeting it had to be explained that we have a dog license. So some didn't even know about the existing legislation, yet they felt qualified to change it. We heard many heart Wrenching stories of abuse and neglected of dogs in Northern I make this point (to illustrate that the meeting was attended by quite a few non indigenous interest groups. They were perfectly welcome there as observers and tourists for that matter but they shouldn't have a say in legislation proposed in Northern Ire I attended a mooting in Belfast in January 2009 to discuss proposed dog control legislation. I was surprised to find several attendees to be members of animal welfare groups and several had pronounced English Accents. Element 4: Become more engaged by monitoring and participating in public policy discussions. Element 3: Educate TOP-TIER opinion leaders. This would be where you use the Element 4: Not a real public debate in Northern Ireland. Element 2: Advisory Group Creating a turn key lobbying apparatus, even if the people don't want your product you can make them have it Element 3: Top Tier Opinion Leaders Surpressing democracy using the important people to  do it! Element 5 - Business Alliances. Establish turn-key lobbying apparatus, leveraging network of sponsors and trade body partners special interest groups Number 6 Interest Group Alliances Element 1: Message, material and structure.  All about designing the persuasive messages tailored to convert skeptics and sell the technology. Designed to use the trade body partnerships with groups like MAG - Microchip Advisory Group. All the time buildi Element 2: Create a Privacy Advisory Group. Provide the illusion of third party data using credible spokespersons who can frame the debate in such a way as to make sure that top-tier opinion leaders only get the facts that match the business case for RFID Click here to search for the original presentation it will be called public_affairs.pdf


The individual organsiations involved in MAG Microchip Advisory Group are listed here as follows:

The Pet Microchip Company Ltd Company Number 03963211 are trading as Pet Detect and own the Pet Detect web site. The company address is Unit C, 3 Barings Road, Beaconsfield, BUCKS HP9 2PL, GB .


The Pet Microchip Company Ltd Company Number 03963211

The company secretary is Simon Gordon Wilcox. With Rosemary Elizabeth Barry, Beatrice Fion, and Nicholas David Francis Kolarz, Simon is a Director of the company.

This looks like a small company because it has a total exemption small in webcheck, but there are some interesting connections here. Nicholas David Francis Kolarz and Beatrice Fion are both directors in the Pet Microchip Company Ltd and also mentioned on the Candol website as their partners in Great Britain. Candol list their company as The Central Europa Consultancy.

CECUK Ltd Company No. 06745488 or  The Central Europa Consultancy.

Nicholas Kolarz is a Director of CECUK Ltd Company No. 06745488 and Tamara Dragadze was a secretary of CECUK Ltd Company No. 06745488 until 11/12/2009. Which is registered at 4-5 COLERIDGE HOUSE, COLERIDGE GARDENS, LONDON, NW6 3QH.

Tamara is currently listed as a senior researcher for Central European Consultancy in the consumer goods industry since 1997 according to her linkdin profile . So she is a long term player in CECUK.

Nicholas David Francis Kolarz is a director of both CECUK Ltd Company No. 06745488 and The Pet Microchip Company Ltd Company Number 03963211


What do CECUK Ltd do?


Are CECUK LTD and CEC Ukrane Connected?


According to their website,” CEC offers a fully integrated service of distribution for selected areas of consumer goods, particularly tableware and pet supplies. CEC has a network of distributors throughout the area both in the main cities of Eastern Europe (Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia, etc) as well as in the regions where there is very rapid growth.”

They distribute Pet Detect products throughout Eastern Europe according to their web site.

To restate the fact that Nicholas Kolarz is a Director of CECUK Ltd Company No. 06745488. He is also a director of The Pet Chip Company Ltd.

On the CEC-Ukraine website it states that CEC was set up in London in 1991. CEC-Ukraine is a Government Relations Agency. This is a bit like a PR Agency only they only “relate” to Governments.

To quote:” CEC-Ukraine stands apart from many other GR agencies operating in Ukraine. Our many years experience of working in Ukraine and proximity to representatives of various political elites allows us to effectively implement our customers policies whilst safeguarding their economic interests.


What should we make of the various CEC Government Relations?


Candole Partners took over CEC Government Relations in May 2007


The issue of CEC or Central European Consultancy is one I would like to see clarified. James Candole, Chief Executive of Candole Partners, spent two years in the private office of Michael Heseltine. He is also a professional lobbyist. He also represents FIPRA which provides professional public affairs in more than 50 countries. I would not like to think there was any connection whatever between CEC-UK who distribute Pet Detect products and James De Candole, no matter how slight it might be.

"In May 2007, CEC Government Relations began trading as Candole Partners in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria." I am quoting their website directly here.

We are about to make Dog Microchips Compulsory in Northern Ireland and possibly in the rest of the UK. The Pet Chip Company Ltd Company Number 03963211 retail chips in the UK through the Pet Detect web site. CEC-UK are in the market place as a distributor Europe wide by means of Pet-Detect and Nicholas Kolarz is a director of The Pet Microchip Company Ltd Company Number 03963211 and is a Director of CEC UK LTD Company No. 06745488. I think if there was any connection between this staggering decision (staggering because of the possibility that microchips cause cancer displayed in a string of peer reviewed scientific studies click here to see the science) and James Candole or political contacts or influence he may be able to bring to bear then this would be disgraceful given his Governmental contacts and professional lobbying background.


In the European Union, the application of the precautionary principle is a statutory requirement. Here is a limited explanation of what it entails.


There are several studies linking pet microchips to cancer. I have provided my local Government with those studies. The idea that they would put profit before the welfare of animals would be very worrying indeed. In fact, it would actually breach the new animal welfare legislation because it may cause, “unnecessary cruelty”. I cannot see any reason whatever why microchips should be made compulsory and the excuses used just aren’t credible when measured against the risks.


Peer reviewed scientific journals linking microchip implants ot cancer


The Two St Gregory Foundations. St Gregorys Foundation charity number 1002469 and the foundation set up by Leonid Sevastianov sometimes referred to as the St Gregory Foundation and sometimes as the St. Gregory Nazianzus Foundation

The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) started both of these charities, and Mr Nicholas Kolarz, director of CECUK Ltd Company No. 06745488 and director of The Pet Chip Company Ltd is also a trustee of The St Gregory's Foundation Charity Number 1002469. This is how I noticed the coincidence in the first place.

St Gregorys Foundation which is a registered Charity, charity number 1002469 and describes itself as helping local Russians. According to its website, "St Gregory’s Foundation provides resources and support to local people who help each other in Russia and the former Soviet Union." This is a great idea because there is a lot of poverty in the Soviet Union and this is indeed a worthy aim. It was founded by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (Anthony Bloom).

I found this article about the church in England: The battle over Britain's Orthodox Church, Wednesday, 11 February 2009, Publish by the independent

There is another St Gregory Foundation mentioned on the Catholic Exchange website . According to the article,"The Russian Orthodox Church has set up a vehicle to work with Catholics, Protestants and others to promote traditional Christian values in Europe. This foundation is first mentioned as: The St. Gregory Foundation. It is later mentioned as, St. Gregory Nazianzus Foundation. It is aimed more at creating a united front for Christians against the liberal secularization of Europe. “We want to try to attract the attention of religious believers, in Russia and abroad, who believe in traditional Christian values, and who want to contribute to making society more just and more moral,” Leonid Sevastianov stated.

I am not religious in any way at all, but I respect everyone’s right to worship whatever God they see fit. I consider religious attacks to be small minded and preach tolerance of all who believe in everything, anything and nothing. That said, Patriarch Kirill , is the current leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Kirill is the Russian Orthodox Church equivalent of the Pope for Catholics; he holds the most important position in the Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Kirill’s personal wealth was estimated to be $1.5 billion by sociologist Nikolai Mitrokhin in 2004, and at $4 billion by The Moscow News in 2006. There has been some speculation that the Patriarch was a KGB agent codenamed, "Mikhailov".

Patriarch Kirill was nicknamed the "Tobacco Metropolitan" in the 1990s because of alleged involvement the duty–free tobacco trade, licensed by the Russian government through the Russian Orthodox Church. Without wider knowledge of Russian affairs (which I don’t have I wouldn’t feel qualified to comment). It does concern me that two foundations of similar names and differing purposes exist, one registered in the UK and another in Moscow. The connection between CECUK Ltd Company No. 06745488 and St Gregorys Foundation through Nicholas Kolarz peaked my interest because of the possible CEC Government relations connection, particularly after hearing what Konstantin Preobrazhensky, former KGB officer had to say about current Russian foreign policy with regard to the UK and the West. I was especially worried after I read the article in The Independent.

Another worrying thing is that Leonid Sevastianov, General Director of Stratinvestru International, which specializes in Media relations, lobbying, and strategic thinking is also the Executive Director of the Russian Orthodox St. Gregory of Nazianzus Charitable Foundation. The foundation was founded by Archbishop Hilarion and Vadim Yakunin. Vadim Yakunin, is a majority shareholder in the Protek Group a major pharmaceutical company in Russia. He is also one of the richest men in Russia. Vitaly Smerdov of Protek was charged with bribing health insurance officials to receive sales licenses. So if there was any kind of connection it would be a cause for concern.

Under the circumstances I would think possible connection between St Gregory Foundation in the UK and St. Gregory Nazianzus Foundation in Russia should be clarified for the sake of both organizations because there seems to be an overlap of names and potential interests and both groups appear to have been started by the The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and MR N KOLARZ, director of CECUK Ltd Company No. 06745488. He is also a director of The Pet Chip Company Ltd and a trustee of THE ST GREGORY'S FOUNDATION Charity Number 1002469

All this may just be coincidence; I have no way of checking records in Moscow. All the details provided here can easily be found through the links provided. I have no axe to grind here with anyone outside of those trying to make micro chipping compulsory because I feel if we don’t make a stand here then the logical move is to microchip children next. For their own safety, of course. Not because it will create a lot of profit.


Allflex Europe (UK) Ltd

Allflex Europe (UK) Ltd, owned by Electra Partners LLP, whose chairman is Brian Williamson C.B.E. 1994-Present Chairman and Member of Remuneration & Nomination Committee Electra Private Equity Plc. Allflex is currently worth around 50.7 million to Electra Partners LLP.

Sir Brian Williamson is also 2007-Present Independent Director Climate Exchange Plc. 2005-Present Former Non Executive Director, Chairman of Nomination Committee and Member of Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee Pearl Group Holdings (No 1) Limited. 2002-Present Director and Chairman of Human Resources & Compensation Committee NYSE Euronext, Inc. 2002-Present Independent Non Executive Director and Member of Nomination Committee HSBC Holdings plc. 2002-2003 Member of the Supervisory Board Euronext N.V. Group Chairman Resolution Life Group Limited. Chairman LIFFE (Holdings) plc Former Member of External Advisory Board Chicago Climate Exchange, Inc. He is also a Senior Adviser of Fleming Family & Partners.

It seems strange to me that Government has gathered around it unelected Business people who can push through legislation like hailing a cab. When I started looking into the issue of Pet Micro chipping and why the Government wanted to make it compulsory it didn’t make sense. The chips often fail or migrate, many studies connect microchip implants to soft tissue sarcomas (cancer) and the procedure itself sometimes involves injecting a six-week-old puppy with a 12 gauge needle. Ouch, at least as painful as tail docking, banned because it was cruel.

Please note in MAG (Microchip Advisory Group) Implant manual page four the following text appears,"Microchips that have been incorrectly implanted in the scruff are likely to migrate around the neck and onto the front of the shoulders or chest. Chips wrongly implanted over the side of either shoulder (instead of in-between) are likely to migrate down either respective leg, so it is important that these areas are thoroughly checked." Good to know the training course only lasts a day then, isn't it.

"Please note it is very important to continue scanning the animal all over the body if the chip is not detected in the normal site. (Different parts of the world use different implant sites)"

I couldn’t figure it out until I started looking into the big business interests behind it. Here is one of the easier to follow connections between the business people who stand to make massive profits and the Governments who hang on their every word. Taxi.

Sir Brian Williamson is a massively successful business leader by any standard. As the Chairman of Electra Private Equity, he controls Allflex the livestock identification company currently valued at 50.7 million pounds. They made equipment for abattoirs for years, now they are involved in the pet market. Allflex are members of the Microchip Advisory Group which provides self regulation for the animal implant companies. The Microchip Advisory Group is comprised of manufacturers; Distributors; Databases; Major purchasers and Major implanters.

Sir Brian Williamson is in a great position to further his interests because David Cameron proposed him to Chair the Competence in Government group in 2006 for Conservatives. As a member of the right-wing think-tank Politeia he is an advocate of right-wing policy. Gordon Brown worked with Sir Brian Williamson when he was Chancellor. Sir Brian who is credited as inventing the futures market has advised Government and Shadow Government consistently can get face time with either leader, something ordinary citizens can't get.

He had this to say about the health service: 'Someone has to challenge Chancellor Brown's assumption that the NHS "must" be made to work - that's a Soviet idea.'

Net Comrade that is a human idea. We are not all rich.

The strange coincidence of the NYSE and the Compulsory Microchipping

The NYSE New York Stock Exchange offering 400 jobs in Northern Ireland about a month before our assembly declared its intent to pass a law making pet microchip implants compulsory, ignoring peer reviewed studies linking the RFID microchips to cancer.

Strange because Sir Brian Williamson is has served as a director of NYSE Euronext and its predecessors since April, 2002. He is also Chairman of Electra Partners LLP which have Allflex in their portfolio.

So Electra Partners Chairman is Sir Brian Williamson. Allflex is an asset in Electra Partners Portfolio, Allflex is worth 50.7 million pounds to Electra Partners. At the exact same time as a law that will help Allflex the NYSE offers Northern Ireland 400 jobs. And Sir Brian Williamson works with them as well. The problem is that no one has proved that Microchip Implants are safe. In fact some evidence suggests that they are not.

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