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Avro Keyboard 5.0.6


Public Beta 2


(Released on 2 October, 2010)


We are happy to announce the most requested major release of Avro Keyboard 5. The project was started in early 2003 with a view that everybody should have access to a free and feature-rich Bangla typing tool (by this time you already know our  tag-line - "ভাষা হোক উন্মুক্ত"). We have worked all these years to protect this right of consumers. With passage of time, protecting rights of developers is felt as well, hence the whole project goes Open Source. Obviously this event is a milestone for us!


Please note: This release is marked as "beta", that denotes it may or may not be stable. If you are looking for stable release, Avro Keyboard standard edition is available here and portable edition is available here.


This release doesn't include help files. If you are new to Avro Keyboard, we recommend that you should use stable releases from the above links.


What's new in Avro Keyboard 5.0.6 (Beta 2)? 

  • Fixed a ACL/permission related installer bug that was preventing a non-privileged users to modify Autocorrect dictionary (and some other) files. #Reported here 
  • Fixed old keyboard layout conversion bug which was losing Unicode data during conversion. All keyboard layout files from older versions of Avro Keyboard should now work with this version. #Reported here
  • Added option for browsing candidates/suggestions using Tab along with Up/Down arrow key in Avro Phonetic. #Suggested here
  • Added option for typing dot/period (.) with Vertical Bar/Pipe key (|). Targeted for users with Laptop/Netbook/Smaller keyboards without Numpad.
  • Made Jo-Nukta (জ়) in Shift+J optional. We've seen lots of misuse/confusion with this character, mostly because the writers couldn't distinguish it from Jo (জ). So, this option is now disabled by default.
  • Changed Skins (*.avroskin) and Keyboard Layout (*.avrolayout) file associations default command from Open to Install. (Quick Tip: In Avro Keyboard standard edition, you can install any keyboard layout and skin by simply double clicking it. Also if you drag these files and drop them on the Topbar, both standard and portable edition can install them for you. There is no need to manually copy files to specific folders. Applies to version 5x or later.)


What's new in Avro Keyboard 5x?

That topic is too vast to cover in this page. You can either download and discover yourself or wait until we announce them in our blog.


Worth mentioning here, Skins (*.avroskin) and Keyboard Layout (*.avrolayout) files from previous versions of Avro Keyboard can be used with the new Avro Keyboard 5x. The structure of these files have changed, Avro Keyboard 5x will convert them on the fly automatically. Once converted, previous versions of Avro Keyboard will not be able to open them.


The keyboard layout, skin, autocorrect dictionary etc. are no longer placed in Program Files folder, we've moved them to "Common Application Data"/Avro Keyboard/ folder from Avro Keyboard 5x. Type %ALLUSERSPROFILE% in Start Menu>Run and press enter to find out where your "Common Application Data" folder is located. Typically it is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\" in Windows 2000, Xp, 2003 and "C:\ProgramData\" as a hidden folder in Windows Vista, Windows 7.


Can I install both previous stable versions and this beta on my computer?

For portable edition: Yes.

For standard edition: Some registry keys for saving Avro Keyboard settings have been changed. You can see some error messages if both previous version and 5x are installed on the same computer. However, they can be safely ignored. Both earlier and current versions of Avro Keyboard can repair their respective registry settings.


How much stability can I expect in beta version?

Before releasing public beta, Avro Keyboard has gone through private beta phase with extensive testing. However, unknown bugs can remain in any software. You are most welcome to find them out and help us to improve Avro Keyboard.


Where should I report if I find any bug? How should I write them?

Thank you for your interest. Please report possible bugs in our forum and include the following information with it:

  • Avro Keyboard version (e.g. Avro Keyboard 5.0.6 standard edition)
  • Windows version (e.g. Windows 7)
  • A detail info on how to reproduce the problem (e.g. I clicked on the Layout Viewer button on the topbar and Avro crashed)

We may ask for more information if we need. Please don't post common topics like "I cannot type Bangla in Photoshop". They have been discussed thousand times before. :)


Avro Keyboard 5x Splash







Standard Edition: Click here (md5sum: d39f24440fa04c95c4ffd7fe7f955655 )


Portable Edition: Click here (md5sum: 53297c6e7f6812216557aadfd7be126d )





Source code:


To help and encourage developers to contribute on Avro Keyboard, we've setup a Git repository at Github. Now you can-

  • Browse source codes online,
  • Download code at any specific version point (tag),
  • Get access to the very latest snapshot we are working on, even before they are officially released.


Source code of this version: Click here to download



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