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A choice for a change

For nearly 40 years, I have been working so that Arkansas voters could have a choice - independent candidates, new parties, and real issues.  Voters feel that the two dominant political parties have left them behind.  One party exploits fear and greed and the other party has lost its courage.

The Democrats are sounding more like Republicans. Here in Arkansas, the legislature has been controlled by Democrats for a century, but the keystones of the Democratic Party, like labor, caring for the poor, the rights of women and minorities, fair taxation, and environmental issues haven't made much progress.  People are starting to realize that voters need a new choice - a party that means something.   I chose the Green Party.

I served in the Arkansas Legislature for eight years, introducing innovative legislation and speaking out for those with no other voice.  I fought against corporate welfare and the corporate assault on working people and the environment.  I will bring that same commitment to the office of Governor of Arkansas...

--Jim Lendall

1969-71 - US Army
1970-84 - Director, telephone hotline/crisis intervention services
1974 - UALR - BA, History and Political Science
1972-84 - Restoration Carpenter
1985 - UAMS - BS, Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner
1985 - now - Arkansas Children's Hospital - Registered Nurse
1988-90 - Arkansas State Legislator - Independent
1998-2004 - Arkansas State Legislator - Democrat
Jim Lendall, 10625 Legion Hut Road, Mabelvale, Arkansas  72103    501-562-0011