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Since the Hancock exposure, we have received a whopping 278 emails…please keep them coming in and thank you all for your wonderful support. Dennis wrote…’Time to clean up Portsmouth City Council and get rid of the likes of Hancock.’ We couldn’t agree more Dennis…  

26th September 2010


PO12BG vindicated at last…


The Sunday Times has reported today, that the police are investigating Mike Hancock for his sexual advances he made upon a vulnerable young lady.


PO12BG can confirm that we gave this information regarding the sexual activities of Mike Hancock to Daniel Foggo of The Sunday Times and Daniel has been investigating Hancock for this incident and others for some weeks now.


What we find astounding is that this lady reported Hancock to Hampshire Constabulary some three months ago and the police failed to investigate.


From our enquiries we have discovered, The Lib Dems in Portsmouth City Council have been told not to answer any questions regarding The Sunday Times report on Hancock and they have gone into damage-control mode.


It this is found to be true, then shame on them because it’s their duty to expose the truth to protect us all from sexual predators like Hancock.  



Sensational developments in the arrest of Les Cummings


Information has been passed to PO12BG, that DS Nicola Turton, the investigating officer who arrested Cummings is a friend of a known and close associate of Michael Hancock MP.

Cummings has been arrested at an early morning raid on his sheltered housing accommodation, even though a senior judge at Southampton Crown Court clearly indicated that Hancock and others had committed criminal offences.

Hampshire Constabulary, have a well trodden record for failing in their duties to protect members of the public against the criminal actions of  Portsmouth City Council are now at it again. Where Cummings, a victim of Portsmouth City Councils failure to protect him and many other others against child abuse are now allowing two members of the political elite, Gerald Vernon Jackson and Hancock, to break the law at will by flagrantly breaching the protection that is suppose to be given to Cummings.

It is our conclusion that not only are Hampshire and Portsmouth police failing in their duties, it now appears there is a conspiracy at the highest levels to ensure that the continuous wrong doing of Portsmouth City Council and messrs Hancock with his gang are not held to account

thanks for all your emails...please keep them coming in...

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