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New Facility: Elings Center for Engineering Education

In order to support the growth and educational objectives of the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy (DPEA), the staff and administration of Dos Pueblos High School, along with the District Administration and School Board, have agreed upon a plan to build a new facility. The 12,000 square-foot teaching facility will be fully equipped with a machine shop, an electronics lab, a welding shop, a wood shop, a computer lab and a mechanical lab. The facility will be outfitted with the industry-grade machinery necessary to furnish our students with a state-of-the-art educational opportunity. One of the major projects that DPEA students complete in their senior year is a robot for an international competition. The objective of this project is to prepare students for the real world of engineering, with deadlines and the need to bring together a diverse set of skills: from electronics to mechanical design and machining.

The machine shop will allow students to fabricate complex parts using industry-standard processes, while the wood shop allows for prototyping and fabrication of parts. Students will design, build, and test circuits and electronic devices, as well as create printed circuit boards and electro-mechanical projects in the electronics lab. The computer lab will expand our course offerings in both CAD and computer technology, and allow for programming courses that will be accessible to a larger portion of our student population. The mechanical engineering lab will provide the space and tools required for many of the laboratory experiments carried out in the early years of the DPEA student's experience.

We want all students to have access to engineering-related careers and educational opportunities that combine their academic coursework with practical applications. It is through this combination that students gain true mastery of the skills necessary to enter the workforce or pursue post-secondary education with a competitive edge. The new Elings Center for Engineering Education will provide students with a real-world learning experience by enabling them to use and become familiar with the tools and tasks that they will encounter in their engineering futures.

Construction of the Elings Center began in July 2010. Click here to see an update on the construction progress.


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