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Below is a timeline of D'ni history.

Years are suffixed with BE, for Before Earth, which goes back in years from the founding of D'ni, or DE, for D'ni Era, which goes forward from the founding of D'ni. Also see D'ni timekeeping.


[edit] Exodus

207 BE7863 BCRi'neref is born on Garternay.
202 BE7858 BC Ri'neref is accepted into the Guild of Writers.
c. 73 BE7729 BC Ri'neref leaves the Guild of Writers, possibly involuntarily.
c. 59 BE7715 BC Garternay's impending destruction is made public.
50 BE7706 BC Ailesh is born.

[edit] Era of Kings

0 DE7656 BC A group of Surveyors from Garternay travel to a Cavern of Earth and establish the Great Zero. A monument is built on the location. The cavern will be later known as D'ni.
c. 1 DE7655 BC Ri'neref leads a group of Ronay to D'ni to create a new society where he is king.
8 DE7648 BC Guild of Writers is founded in D'ni.
48 DE7608 BC Construction of Regeltovokum begins.
63 DE7593 BC Regeltovokum is completed.
84 DE7572 BC Construction of massive shafts and fans to supply D'ni with fresh air begins.
100 DE7556 BC Completion of the eighteen Guilds.
114 DE7542 BC Construction of the massive shafts and fans to supply D'ni with fresh air is completed. A small group of D'ni flee to the surface at this time.
120 DE7536 BC Ri'neref dies and is succeeded on the D'ni throne by Ailesh.
223 DE7433 BC Construction of the first Common Library is completed.
256 DE7400 BC Shomat is born.
300 DE7356 BC Ailesh dies and is succeeded by Shomat.
347 DE7309 BC Construction of the D'ni palace ends and Shomat moves in without his brothers.
387 DE7269 BC King Shomat's brothers disappear, supposedly murdered by the king himself.
400 DE7256 BC A prophetess is given to Shomat to guide him.
475 DE7181 BC Ja'kreen is born.
555 DE7101 BC Shomat dies and is succeeded by Ja'kreen.
598 DE7058 BC Planning for the construction of the King's Arch begins.
600 DE7056 BC Construction of the King's Arch begins.
625 DE7031 BC Construction of the King's Arch ends.
643 DE7013 BC Construction of the Temple of the Great King ends.
654 DE7002 BC J'Taeri is born.
c. 664 DE6992 BC J'Taeri dies.
c. 674 DE6982 BC Ja'kreen's first wife dies.
700 DE6956 BC Ja'kreen remarries.
717 DE6939 BC Veesha is born.
775 DE6881 BC The J'Taeri District is built.
812 DE6844 BC Ja'kreen dies and is succeeded by Veesha.
924 DE6732 BC Mararon is born.
974 DE6682 BC Mararon enters a coma.
977 DE6679 BC Mararon awakens from his coma.
997 DE6659 BC Veesha dies and is succeeded by Mararon.
1072 DE6584 BC Teshan writes The Miracle.
c. 1109 DE6547 BC Koreen is born.
1124 DE6532 BC Mararon begins major revisions to the education system. Common Schools are placed under the Guild of Legislators. Years of education are increased from 6 to 15 years, after which students could enter one of the newly-established Minor Guilds (Architects, Miners, Educators, Bankers, etc.)
1159 DE6497 BC Mararon dies and is succeeded by Koreen.
1303 DE6353 BC A writer mysteriously vanishes from the Guild of Writers a few days before book and ink disappear from the Guild of Book Makers and the Guild of Ink Makers. The Judges of Yahvo also become quite well known.
1320 DE6336 BC Pento is written by the Judges of Yahvo.
1323 DE6333 BC The Pento War begins and Ahlsendar is born.
1352 DE6304 BC Koreen is assassinated by Pento warriors led by the Judges of Yahvo.
1376 DE6280 BC The Pento War ends and Ahlsendar is crowned King of D'ni.
1399 DE6257 BC Leshena writes The Great King.
1423 DE6233 BC Solath is born to the Grand Master of the Guild of Writers.
1466 DE6190 BC Mekarr kills Ahlsendar's wife and sons before Ahlsendar kills him. Ahlsendar orders the release of a biological weapon that kills the Pento people and also accidentally kills many other indigenous cultures on various ages. The Pento people are blamed.
1500 DE6156 BC Ahlsendar reveals the truth about the biological weapon from 1466.
1501 DE6155 BC Ahlsendar entombs himself in the Temple of the Great King with books from ages that the 1466 plague had spread to along with books linking to D'ni's past. Solath assumes Ahlsendar's duties temporarily.
1502 DE6154 BC Solath becomes permanent King of D'ni and renames the Temple of the Great King to Tomb of the Great King.
1520 DE6136 BC Nemiya writes the The Book of Nemiya.
1527 DE6129 BC Nemiya vanishes.
1604 DE6052 BC Solath announces plans to build a new district called Karim.
1609 DE6047 BC Teman writes Nemiya's Legacy.
1610 DE6046 BC Construction of Karim begins.
1650 DE6006 BC Construction of Karim ends.
1735 DE5921 BC Solath's wife dies.
1748 DE5908 BC Me'erta is born to Solath and his second wife Jolatha.
1779 DE5877 BC Solath dies and is succeeded by Me'erta.
1817 DE5839 BC Me'erta proposes the construction of the Temple of the Tree and suggests that the line of the Great Zero is inaccurate.
1843 DE5813 BC The Temple of the Tree is built.
1876 DE5780 BC Construction of the Temple of Water finishes.
1902 DE5754 BC Construction of the Temple of the Sacred Stone finishes.
1975 DE5681 BC Jolatha brings Ramel to Me'erta. He attempts to change the Guild of Writers' rules unsuccessfully.
1999 DE5657 BC Jolatha has the seal to the Tomb of the Great King is broken and takes two books to be placed in the Temple of the Tree. It is resealed two days later, after Jolatha's death.
2015 DE5641 BC Me'erta dies and is succeeded by Gan before an outbreak of an evolved version of Ahlsendar's plague occurs.
2050 DE5606 BC Behnashiren is born.
2079 DE5577 BC Gan dies and is succeeded by Behnashiren.
2193 DE5463 BC Behnashiren dies and is succeeded by Hemelin.
2255 DE5401 BC Hemelin comes down with the plague.
2262 DE5394 BC Lalen discovers the Book of Birenni and the plague is stopped. Hemelin and Lalen marry.
2270 DE5386 BC Naygen is born.
2294 DE5362 BC Manesah writes The Healing of D'ni.
2356 DE5300 BC Hemelin dies and is succeeded by Naygen.
2397 DE5259 BC The D'ni Renaissance begins.
2488 DE5168 BC The Guild of Miners carry out the first successful extrusion test and the Guild of Fine Artists is split up into four Minor Guilds.
2500 DE5156 BC Naygen proposes the construction of a new council chamber for the guilds over the Tomb of the Great King.
2502 DE5154 BC Construction of the new council chamber begins.
2504 DE5152 BC Construction of the new council chamber ends.
2533 DE5123 BC Naygen dies and is succeeded by Hinash.
2577 DE5079 BC Hinash orders the construction of a new facility for the Guild of Miners.
2580 DE5076 BC The facility for the Guild of Miners is completed with new extrusion technology.
2709 DE4947 BC Five years after the death of his first wife, Hinash marries a non-D'ni woman. The culture takes a more relaxed attitude towards ahrotahntee ("outsiders"), and increases imports of outside materials, art and culture.
2779 DE4877 BC Hinash dies and is succeeded by Needrah.
2807 DE4849 BC A monument to the discovery of the Book of Birenni designed by the great sculptor Lahkeer, commissioned by his friend Needrah. Four new districts begun by Needrah, with advice and help from Lahkeer and Needrah's three brothers: Jaren (residential), Kaleh (elite), Kali (business), and Nehw'eril (industrial).
2916 DE4740 BC The Guild of Mechanists develops industrial extrusion, leading to improved construction methods, such as unistructural buildings in which stone is joined almost seamlessly.
3000 DE4656 BC Needrah dies and is succeeded by Rakeri. Tevahr is born.
3065 DE4591 BC Tevahr begins speaking publicly and quickly gathers a following.
3077 DE4579 BC For the first time, Tevahr criticizes the D'ni government for not adhering to the teachings of Yahvo.
3081 DE4575 BC Tevahr becomes Rakeri's main prophet.
3092 DE4564 BC Hand-held extruder technology is developed.
3100 DE4556 BC The number of religious sects has fallen to only 47, from a peak of 2500 in 2500. Only 10 have more than 500 followers. The culture returns to the beliefs of Ri'neref and the Great King.
3112 DE4544 BC Rakeri announces extensive renovations for the Great Temple. He also proclaims the original line of the Great Zero (unofficially changed by Me'erta) is accurate and should be honored.
3218 DE4438 BC Tevahr dies. Rakeri orders five days of national mourning to honor his death.
3219 DE4437 BC Rakeri dies and is succeeded by Tejara.
3271 DE4385 BC Tejara orders major renovations to the palace.
3279 DE4377 BC The King's Age is presented to Tejara by the Guild of Writers. Later it is discovered that Tejara commissioned it himself, and the two Writers who wrote it died two weeks after the presentation.
3422 DE4234 BC Tejara dies and is succeeded by Ti'amel. Hailesi writes The Lost Son.
3469 DE4187 BC Stone Eater, the first great tunneling machine, is made, spearheaded by Grand Master Miner Namen.
3500 DE4156 BC Women are made eligible for Minor Guild membership.
3523 DE4133 BC Shama, King Ti'amel's wife, gives a strong case not to allow women in the Major Guilds.
3646 DE4010 BC Garternay is finally destroyed.
3654 DE4002 BC Ti'amel dies and is succeeded by Kedri.
3702 DE3954 BC Kedri establishes the district of Shamathen (later changed to Kerath'en) on Ae'gura to make the island affordable for some of the lower classes.
3903 DE3753 BC Kedri dies and is succeeded by Lemashal.
3961 DE3695 BC The Minor Guild of Illusionists established. The Relyimah ("The Unseen") is established as a secret intelligence agency, using the Guild of Illusionists as a cover.
4030 DE3626 BC The Council passes a law requiring kings to be of pure D'ni blood, as a response to the non-D'ni heritage of King Lemashal's sons.
4083 DE3573 BC Lemashal dies and is succeeded by Ishek.
4103 DE3553 BC Ishek's wife is kidnapped by natives of the Age of Yimas, who demanded Ages be written for them to rule. This was set up by a D'ni sect (either the Blood of Yahvo or the Light of D'ni) to discredit Ishek's talk of equality between D'ni and ahrotahntee. The plot is uncovered by the Relyimah. New, stricter rules are passed governing contact with outside cultures.
4291 DE3365 BC Ishek dies and is succeeded by Loshemanesh.
4305 DE3351 BC Loshemanesh passes a law sentencing anyone creating or trading illicit Ages to solitary life imprisonment on a Prison Age.
4334 DE3322 BC Loshemanesh passes a law sentencing anyone coercing an ahrotahn into commiting a crime to solitary life imprisonment on a Prison Age. The mining age of Trases is severely damaged by a native operating D'ni machinery incorrectly. A child (the Watcher) is rumored to have been born in mid-link by a D'ni woman who was evacuating from the disaster. This incident inspired further demands to cut off all contact with outside cultures.
4396 DE3260 BC The Watcher receives his first vision in Windring.
4438 DE3218 BC Loshemanesh is murdered, and succeeded by Ji.
4500 DE3156 BC The Watcher is healed and writes Words. A proposal allowing a non-Guild, private educational system (introduced by Master Legislator Kinef) passes the Council, but is never really accepted by the culture.
4502 DE3154 BC Against his prophet's advice, Ji marries Milane.
4527 DE3129 BC Ji divorces Milane.
4565 DE3091 BC Ji supposedly marries the daughter of the Watcher.
4606 DE3050 BC The Watcher dies.
4645 DE3011 BC Ji's wife disappears under mysterious circumstances.
4692 DE2964 BC Ji dies and is succeeded by Dimath. Many new restrictions are placed on interactions with outsiders. Outsiders are forbidden to operate D'ni machinery or use linking books. Relyimah membership is doubled to watch for signs of illegal activities with outsiders.
4721 DE2935 BC The Major Guilds are forced to accept some students who passed entrance exams but could not afford their ever-growing fees.
4724 DE2932 BC Over ten groups are convicted of violating the Loshemanesh Laws, due to the activities of the Relyimah. The crime rate steadily drops thereafter.
4784 DE2872 BC An assassination attempt against Dimath fails, resulting in the deaths of two Relyimah agents.
4784 DE2872 BC The two individuals responsible for the assassination attempt against Dimath are captured and executed by being linked to a Death Age.
4815 DE2841 BC Goshen is imprisoned on a prison age.
4826 DE2830 BC The first scholarship students of the Guild of Stone Masons devise an early fusion-compounding technology, a first step toward nara.
4843 DE2813 BC Dimath dies and is succeeded by Yableshan.
4865 DE2791 BC Goshen is released and the Blood of Yahvo kill Yableshan's son.
4889 DE2767 BC Yableshan remodels the 18 Major Guilds for the first time since Ri'neref.
4901 DE2755 BC Yableshan announces a new common library within the middle-class Vamen district.
4910 DE2746 BC Yableshan announces plans for a new park on Neref Island.
4914 DE2742 BC Three new recreation Ages are given to Neref Park by the Guild of Writers.
4954 DE2702 BC The One D'ni set off an explosion on Meanas that kills 400 outsiders and 78 D'ni.
5043 DE2613 BC Yableshan appoints Faresh as head of the Guild of Illusionists to clean up the Relyimah. Faresh begins construction of mansion of illusions on Katha Island.
5081 DE2575 BC Yableshan dies and is succeeded by Emen.
5083 DE2573 BC Two members of the Relyimah vanish, and are never seen again. Faresh becomes a silent hero for his success in uncovering the moles within the organization.
5093 DE2563 BC The revitalized Relyimah pins responsibility for the Meanas explosion on two members of the One D'ni cult, who are permanently imprisoned. The new food Ages of Shimas and Hereas written for Guild of Caterers.
5095 DE2561 BC Emen decides to sell over 23 islands to private buyers who wanted to build their own retreats after hearing of Faresh's mansion.
5102 DE2554 BC Faresh's daughter dies under strange circumstances, jumping to her death after seeing spirits in her bedroom. Possibly her death was arranged by some faction, and may have been prophesied by The Watcher.
5103 DE2553 BC Faresh leaves his mansion, giving it to the Relyimah.
5202 DE2454 BC Emen establshes a public ferry system between Ae'gura, the City Proper and the other islands in the cavern. He gives an island to the Minor Guilds of Artists, Musicians, and Actors for use as a cultural center.
5236 DE2420 BC Deretheni, a strong, lightweight stone, is produced in the lab by the Guild of Stone Masons.
5240 DE2416 BC Emen dies and is succeeded by Me'emen.
5307 DE2349 BC Nara, the hardest of all D'ni stones, is produced in the lab by the Guilds of Stone Masons and Miners.
5312 DE2344 BC Disease breaks out in the industrial Nehw'eril district, possibly imported from forest Age of Yasefe. The public demands that industry be moved further from the city proper to reduce future danger.
5359 DE2297 BC The second great tunneling machine, Stone Tooth, is built. Me'emen orders Stone Tooth and Stone Eater to clear an area for a new industrial district to replace Neh'weril.
5473 DE2183 BC The Guild of Maintainers starts using deretheni to construct an improved suit. Writers start being more experimental with their ages, since Maintainers are better protected.
5475 DE2181 BC Construction begins on the new industrial district of Uran.
5540 DE2116 BC Me'emen's son Ashem, a member of the Guild of Healers, becomes extremely ill and dies while investigating a new age for diseases.
5541 DE2115 BC Uran is renamed Ashem'en in honor of Ashem.
5549 DE2107 BC Me'emen dies and is succeeded by Adesh.
5574 DE2082 BC Gish begins preaching the word of Yahvo, condemning Tevahr and the Great King for teaching love of Yahvo as opposed to the need to follow the commands of Yahvo.
5675 DE1981 BC The Relyimah kill Gish as instructed by Adesh, resulting in extreme outcry from the Church of Yahvo.
5701 DE1955 BC Lanaren succeeds Adesh after he is murdered.
5714 DE1942 BC Construction of the Ae'guraCity tunnel by Stone Tooth begins.
5721 DE1935 BC New techniques for reinforcing extrusion-based construction are developed.
5734 DE1922 BC The Ae'gura–City tunnel project halted due to protests by Guild Masters living on Ae'gura. Stone Tooth sent to clear space for new districts near Ashem'en.
5856 DE1800 BC Construction of Lanaren begins, mostly for laborers who worked in Ashem'en.
5902 DE1754 BC Four new Ages (three food, one manufacturing) are announced to replace Ages using outsiders.
c. 5945 DE1711 BC Asemlef is born.
5986 DE1670 BC The Relyimah are officially disbanded, though their work ceased long before.
5999 DE1657 BC Lanaren dies and is succeeded by Asemlef.
6284 DE1372 BC Asemlef dies and is succeeded by Jaron.
6430 DE1226 BC The last two great tunneling machines, Rock Biter and the Burrower are built. They are used for city expansion and for broadening the Rudenna Passage.
6498 DE1158 BC Jaron dies and is succeeded by Rikooth.
6510 DE1146 BC Rock Biter and the Burrower discover a new cavern. The Guild of Surveyors begins extensive studies.
6601 DE1055 BC Rikooth decides not to expand into the new cavern, as it is determined to be too expensive. Stone Tooth and Rock Biter are assigned to continue expanding the City Proper, while the Burrower and Stone Eater have the task of tunneling past the cavern.
6676 DE980 BC Rikooth decides that restricting outside influence is absurd and should not happen without good reason.
6700 DE956 BC Rikooth expels his wife and youngest son, Kerath, from the palace for uncertain reasons, but was perhaps tired of their views and opinions as devoted followers of the teachings of Gish.
6731 DE925 BC Rikooth dies and is succeeded by Kerath. According to legend, Rikooth had a vision on his deathbed of Kerath sailing back through the King's Arch on a boat shaped like a lizard. He felt that Yahvo was directing him to select Kerath as the next king.
6970 DE686 BC Construction of a new Guild Hall begins, burying the Tomb of the Great King even further.
6977 DE679 BC Kerath abdicates and appoints the council of Elders.

[edit] Era of Lords

6985 DE671 BC Death of Kerath. Fahl writes The Line of Kerath.
c. 7539 DE117 BC Stone Tooth, Rock Biter and Burrower break through the lower caverns and open the Tijali Mines.
7245 DE411 BC Opening of Tilos.
8100 DE445 AD This century marks the "Garden Binge" period during which Eder Kemo and Eder Gira are written.
c. 8500 DE845 AD The Maintainers start a highly trained group responsible for key advancements in maintainer technology in Gahreesen.
8740 DE1085 AD Hinahsh is born.
8797 DE1142 AD Jerahl has Negilahn added to the museum.
8990 DE1335 AD Teledahn is given to Hinahsh as a present.
9005 DE1350 AD Hinahsh dies. The Guild of Caterers receives Teledahn.
9307 DE1652 AD Birth of A'gaeris.
9312 DE1657 AD Birth of Aitrus.
9336 DE1681 AD Work on the tunnel to the surface begins.
9338 DE1683 AD Guild Master Kedri with three other Observers arrive to inspect how the tunneling to the surface is going. They spend a total of nine days at the site before leaving to report to the Council. The first death in the expedition to the surface occurs with the death of Efanis. The Council decides to extend the expedition for another year and also decide that a great shaft should be built to speed up the tunneling to the surface.
9350 DE1695 AD Anna is born.
9351 DE1696 AD Aitrus becomes a Guild Master.
9361 DE1706 AD Anna's mother dies.
9365 DE1710 AD Aitrus is elected to the council.
9367 DE1712 AD Anna's father dies. Anna finds D'ni.
9368 DE1713 AD Anna moves in with Aitrus. Aitrus resigns from the council.
9375 DE1720 AD Beginning of the fifteenth and present hahrtee fahrah. This marks the basis for the current journal hahr notation.
9377 DE1722 AD Aitrus returns to the council and marries Anna shortly afterward.
9380 DE1725 AD Birth of Jenniran.
9392 DE1737 AD Gehn is born. Veovis is imprisoned.
c. 9395 DE1740 AD Kadish writes Kadish Tolesa.
9396 DE1741 AD Veovis escapes and begins his terror campaign. He is recaptured and sentenced to perpetual imprisonment. The Maintainers begin an investigation into Manesmo's slave trade.
9400 DE1745 AD The fall of D'ni. Anna and Gehn move to the cleft.

[edit] Era of Abandonment

9406 DE1751 AD Gehn leaves the cleft.
9411 DE1756 AD Gehn returns with Keta who dies giving birth to Atrus. Gehn goes to D'ni.
9417 DE1762 AD Gehn begins work on Age five (Riven).
9425 DE1770 AD Gehn takes Atrus to D'ni.
9428 DE1773 AD Gehn takes Atrus to the 37th Age.
9429 DE1774 AD Atrus, Anna and Catherine trap Gehn on Riven. They move to Myst.
9431 DE1776 AD Atrus marries Catherine.
9432 DE1777 AD Birth of Achenar.
9434 DE1779 AD Birth of Sirrus.
9438 DE1783 AD Death of Anna. She is buried on Myst.
9446 DE1791 AD Atrus writes J'nanin and its associated ages. Sirrus and Achenar first visit Narayan and meet Saavedro.
9451 DE1796 AD Sirrus and Achenar return to Narayan and foment a war. Saavedro follows them to J'nanin where they trap him.
9458 DE1803 AD Gehn solves his book problem and links to the 233rd Age.
9461 DE1806 AD Sirrus and Achenar trick Catherine into going to Riven. Atrus is trapped on D'ni. Sirrus and Achenar are trapped on Spire and Haven.
9462 DE1807 AD Atrus is released by the Stranger. Catherine is rescued and Gehn trapped.
9463 DE1808 AD Atrus writes Averone.
9467 DE1812 AD Atrus begins searching for survivors from D'ni and finds several colonies.
9468 DE1813 AD Atrus unseals the Temple of the Great King and the D'ni visit Terahnee. Atrus revisits J'nanin and Saavedro finds his linking book.
9469 DE1814 AD Atrus begins work on Releeshahn. Eedrah marries Marrim.
9470 DE1815 AD Atrus completes Releeshahn. The D'ni relocate there and Terahnee is sealed. Atrus builds Tomahna and moves there with his family. Yeesha is born.
9471 DE1816 AD The book to Releeshahn is stolen by Saavedro. It is retrieved and he is returned to Narayan.
9475 DE1820 AD Atrus and Catherine begin visiting Sirrus and Achenar.
9479 DE1824 AD Atrus and Yeesha begin visiting Serenia.
9480 DE1825 AD Sirrus escapes from Spire and kidnaps Yeesha. He is killed by the Stranger and Achenar, who dies shortly afterward.

[edit] Era of Rediscovery

9642 DE1987 AD John Loftin rediscovers D'ni.
9643 DE1988 AD Loftin and Elias Zandi make their first journey to the D'ni cavern.
9644 DE1989 AD Loftin and Zandi reach the D'ni City on their third major expedition.
9645 DE1990 AD Dr. Watson first accompanies Loftin and Zandi on an expedition to Ae'gura.
9646 DE1991 AD Loftin dies on an expedition to D'ni with Dr. Watson and Zandi.
9647 DE1992 AD Dr. Watson forms expeditionary group with former colleagues. Zandi and Dr. Watson disagree on how to properly restore the D'ni City. Dr. Watson begins to work with Rand Miller and Robyn Miller on what would become Myst, based on translations of Catherine's journals. This is the last year that D'ni is left uninhabited.
9648 DE1993 AD Elias Zandi undergoes open-heart surgery and is warned to slow down. Rand, Robyn, and Ryan Miller first visit the D'ni cavern following the completion of Myst, but prior to its release.
9649 DE1994 AD Two massive supply trips are organized by Dr. Watson, the second of which is affectionately dubbed the "ice cream" trips because of the volume of safety cones brought down.
9650 DE1995 AD Many small groups of people begin searching the desert for D'ni, following a "calling" they felt; most are accepted as volunteers to help with the restoration process.
9651 DE1996 AD Elias and Jeff Zandi enter a heated debate regarding the intended restoration of D'ni and part ways after the expedition is completed. Elias dies of a heart attack, leaving his fortune to the D'ni Restoration Foundation and the land surrounding the volcano to his son, Jeff.
9652 DE1997 AD Dr. Watson forms the D'ni Restoration Council.
9653 DE1998 AD Cyan makes an expedition to D'ni.
9654 DE1999 AD Michael Engberg joins the DRC. Major expedition brings machinery and tools down to the city.
9655 DE2000 AD Restoration of Ae'gura begins.
9656 DE2001 AD Restoration of the first neighborhood begins.
9657 DE2002 AD Authorized explorers are allowed into D'ni and several ages for the first time. Phil Henderson opens the Linking Tunnel in Eder Kemo and disappears.
9658 DE2003 AD Explorers from the surface, assisted by Jeff Zandi, enter D'ni without authorization from the DRC. They number in the thousands. Douglas Sharper leads a mob which forces its way into the Kahlo Pub. Phil Henderson reappears but is caught in a cave-in and presumed dead, though his body is not recovered.
9659 DE2004 AD The DRC restoration effort in D'ni is abandoned.
9661 DE2006 AD The DRC returns to D'ni. The five DRC liaisons are elected and later reelected. Every explorer is suddenly linked to Relto.
9662 DE2007 AD Cate Alexander is revealed as the new source of funding. All five liaisons resign. The first spark appears in Gahreesen and the first bahro wedge is discovered. A mutilated animal corpse is discovered in Negilahn. Wheely Engberg and Rosette Taylor are trapped by a cave-in; Rosette is killed by the rubble and Wheely by a bahro. Sharper discovers that the bahro are fighting a civil war. The Great Zero is reactivated. Phil Henderson reappears and talks mysteriously about the bahro war. Bahro activity in the cavern increases. Yeesha comes to K'veer and explains the bahro war. The DRC leaves the cavern.
9665 DE2010 AD Some members of the DRC return to the cavern in an unofficial capacity.

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