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The .bv and .sj top level domains

Bouvet Island and Jan-Mayen are Norwegian territories, and Svalbard is administered by Norway according to the Svalbard Treaty. Norid has been delegated the responsibility for these top-level domains since 1997. However, the current domain name policy does not allow registration of domain names within them. The thinking is that applicants can use .no. The .bv and .sj domains are reserved for potential future use.

As for allowing other entities to buy the top-level domains, Norwegian authorities do not want to commercialize the domain resources. This would be in direct contradiction with Norwegian policy in this field, and there has never been an item even to consider disposing of the .bv and .sj domains.

If Norway at a later stage should change the current policy, the authorities will undertake a careful evaluation and a consequence analysis of the matter before deciding any changes.

This is fully in agreement with the Norwegian official policy and with the views of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, superior to the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.

Last modified 3 August 2010
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