All three of New Mexico’s freshman Democratic congressmen have been endorsed by The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF). Martin Heinrich, Harry Teague and Ben Ray Luján each received “A” grades from the nation’s largest gun-rights organization.

The NRA cited a number of reasons for the endorsements, including the congressmen’s  votes to allow guns in national parks. This was an amendment attached to a bill that revamped credit laws.

“I want to thank the NRA for their support. As a gun owner and hunter, I have always been a supporter of the Second Amendment. And I am proud to advocate for New Mexico gun owners and sportsmen because I believe that gun ownership is not only a right, it’s an American tradition and way of life — especially for folks here in southern New Mexico,” Teague said in a statement.

Former congressman Steve Pearce has received the endorsement of Gun Owners of America, a much smaller 2nd Amendment rights organization. GOA has less than one-tenth the members of the NRA.

The NRA endorsed Teague’s opponent, Ed Tinsley, in the 2008 2nd Congressional District race. The NRA did not endorse in the 1st or 3rd Congressional Districts in 2008.