ANGRY: Mancini is unhappy with his backroom staff
ANGRY: Mancini is unhappy with his backroom staff

City boss in bust-up with backroom staff

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ROBERTO MANCINI has had an amazing bust-up with one of his backroom team.

Manchester City's football administrator Brian Marwood was forced to intervene after boss Mancini threatened to fire physio Jamie Murphy.

Mancini is furious with City's medical department over the club's crippling injury list. He laid into Murphy, a popular figure with City's players, just hours before their Carling Cup defeat against West Brom.

The row on Tuesday was so heated that at one stage Murphy believed that he would not be travelling to the Hawthorns.

But Marwood has acted as peacemaker in the incredible dispute and Murphy continues to work at the club.

Despite yesterday's excellent result, City still have a number of star players on the injured list.

Left-back Alexsandr Kolarov, signed from Lazio in the summer, has been caught in the crossfire.

Kolarov has been wearing a protective ankle boot after surgery, but the club received a letter this week from his specialist.

The surgeon is no longer willing to take responsibility for Kolarov's rehabilitation after City put pressure on him to return.

Only last week £170,000- a-week striker Emmanuel Adebayor was involved in a row at the training ground with Mancini over the timescale for his return.

Adebayor showed a scan of his torn thigh muscle to the City manager as proof that he couldn't play.

The City striker finally returned to action yesterday as a late substitute for Carlos Tevez. City have a lengthy injury list, with Wayne Bridge, Mario Balotelli and Micah Richards all crocked.

Joleon Lescott was instructed to train last week despite a long-standing problem with his knees.

Lescott was on the bench yesterday and Jerome Boateng recovered from a knee injury to appear as substitute.

A City insider said: "The lads love Murphy and believe he has one of the best medical departments in the Premier League.

"Mancini and him just don't see eye to eye and it all blew up. The manager told Murphy 'we're done' - he thought he'd been sacked.

"As usual Marwood had to sort it all out."

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I agree with Mancini....I find it infuriating that some premier football players can't play for any trivial reason at all. I saw one recently who couldn't play because he had dislocated a finger and he wasn't a goalie...There seems to be a protect my career at all costs mentality.
I would bring in a rule that if you go down like the sniper in the stand got you and you needed five minutes treatment before running back on as fit as a two year old. You should stay off for a further five minutes to recover this would change all the rolling around...These guys would lay off their work with a broken flask..pathetic

By Jim Morris.. Posted October 3 2010 at 8:11 AM.

quite a few people on here think they know better than mancini,he is the boss on the football side and it seems he was right adebayor was fit enough to play,lescot has his knee problems long term, kolarov played half a game and was injured in a tackle,boateng was injured on international duty,balotelli played 20 minutes, and somehow that is down to mancini's training methods

By frank.. Posted September 27 2010 at 1:26 PM.

Jimmy. Which part of the torn muscle did you not understand? It is quite clear that mark hughes should still be there. Mancini grow up man! who is responsible for training? You are my friend and the blame stops with you. If you follow a process of periodisation then injuries would not occur. The very process that Mark Hughes and team of experts put together you have manage implode. Old school management you will not last.

By adam.. Posted September 26 2010 at 11:48 PM.

if you get a bunch of players who are just money motivated then you must expect them to sit back and take the wages.dont get me wrong there are players at city that would play on if their leg was hangining off but the players that arent getting a fair crack arent going to rush back to sit on the bench.if this guy murphy has any self respect hell jack it in and leave them in the lurch.I seem to remember this happened at chelsea just before the the end of the mourino era and the club doctor at the time quit!!! too much money=no patience just patients ha ha

By nick.. Posted September 26 2010 at 11:42 AM.

What a load of rubbish! More than likely taken out of context if anything at all, how a newspaper can get such information is beyond me, total rubbish.

By Lawrence.. Posted September 26 2010 at 11:21 AM.

Sorry one last thing - if we were all earning £170,000- a-week - I am sure 99% of us in the real world would just learn to keep quite and shut our mouths, I would take being rollicked every day at work for that sort of money and come back for more. Some of these footballers are just prima donnas.

By hammerharry.. Posted September 26 2010 at 10:37 AM.

Mancini's frustration is not with the players or the staff per say, he is trying to change the mentality at City. it has been ok for years to say "oh well, we've got injuries, oh well we tried, oh well maybe we'll have a cup run this year." He believes you make your own luck and wants a sense of professionalism through the club. Everyone preparing to win and not making excuses. United as a club decided with plenty of criticsm to allow Fergie to run the club. Wenger runs the club. The press in a couple of years and be praising Mancini. he is single minded and will not accept anything but fact to change his mind. City will finish in the top four comfortably, but that won't be good enough for mancini, never mind the board.

By darren.. Posted September 26 2010 at 10:33 AM.

as lon time inter fan i can tell you mancini had the same issues with the inter staff - he's very impatient with injuries and forced players to player whilst injured and one time he kept a limping viera on the field rather than sub him. Also negative note was his handling of goalkeepers....

By james.. Posted September 26 2010 at 9:47 AM.

More Mancini Ignorance - it is well known more players get injured in the EPL than any other league, our games are much faster and most certainly more physical, bring these together and hey presto Injuries, and this coming from a manager who fielded a player in the Carling cup with number 62 on his back, this is a squad where a 20 Million pound player Santa Cruz cannot make it into the squad - look at yourself Mancini and rotate your players and match them against your opponents strengths and weaknesses like everyone else does whether it be on Hackney marshes or at Anfield

By hammerharry.. Posted September 26 2010 at 9:29 AM.

Jimmy, Kent. You obviously have no idea about injuries - you can't force players back too early. Just look at the constant injuries the likes of Torres, Gerrard, Owen etc suffer from being forced to play constantly not fit

These things take time to rectify themselves - any physio worth his money will stand up to this rubbish

By jj.. Posted September 26 2010 at 8:31 AM.

jimmy, im sure the physio is doing his best to rehabilitate the players... im sure he doesnt want the players to remain injured

By luke smith.. Posted September 26 2010 at 5:19 AM.

Good on ya roberto mate you let them know who is boss if the ohysio does not pull his finger out and get the players back available reaining for selection get rid of him and bring in somebody who can do the job properly!

By jimmy,kent.. Posted September 26 2010 at 2:45 AM.

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