Posted on October 6th, 2010 at 9:15 PM by Ra

Hi guys, hows u doing? :) Today I gonna mention about some irc viruses. IRC Hole belongs to IRC Killer spyware category. Sometimes they affect google and yahoo. It’s presense means that your computer is infected with malicious software and is insecure. IRC CHAT Hole description by Ra:

Plugin to spy on IRC conversations, control IRC CHAT clients.
This IRC Killer is also known as:

Trj/IRC.Hole - named by Panda.

Trojan.IRC.Hole – named by Kaspersky

Win32/IRC.Hole!Trojan – named by Computer Associates.
You can delete this viruses from:
Best regards, Ra.

Posted on October 4th, 2010 at 11:01 PM by Ra

Hi guys, here we go! What should we do to prolong the battery’s life?Laptop connection cut off when we  CHATing.  Some people us to charge the battery when it has only one bar left.  When we do our research on google, it was another story it suggested that we charge the cell phone as often as we can. We’re looking for a third opinion. Firstly, Lithium Ions are claimed to have no memory characteristics so, at least in theory, we shouldn’t have to worry about when to charge. However most of the laptop manuals I’ve read still suggest running your battery right down before recharging. I don’t know if this is a hangover from previous practice but if you want to play on the safe side, Follow the old practice. Best regards, Ra! CHAT.ORG

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hello, chat with friends in love with his work. sites with original content to enter and continue to cross-link exchange. brother waiting for us to love google. The best way to use our site to display the google chrome browser. the help of any command to help the Turkish #, all other foreign language for you to carefully selected questions in # help channel people to solve problems. your department, get out of high positions on the word chat, chat, and better positions to come to our server in a friend’s between us we have nicknamed the Ra. I hope you will be better for all of us, with love, respect, and thick with CHAT.

September 28 – our aim
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Under this topic we will describe the purpose of the formation of as you know the basic purpose of opening the site to bring together those who chat. easier and more convenient for users to have access to our site, google, alexa, yahoo-style sites are aiming to go top, and we believe we’ve done our best for it. Original content by entering it, by making cross-link exchange and SEO (search engine optimization) can access by doing good places to think. we love google, alexa, yahoo

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hello again, you need to do is chat as a manager I wanted to indicate that we have finished the design of the site. on this site, general chat, chat for age ranges, cities and states channels reserved for chat, chat and to find a mate. IRC chat server to be making progress to become world’s largest growing nearer you!

Chat.ORG – Chat single address!

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hello, / blog site, welcome. This site meets all the races of the world and can reach the platform of common conversation. Chat call the event, but without images of people talking in a chat with the agreement that provides client-based software. Here you can find yourself, spouse and business, real talk to chat with friends and lots of media can. and starting today, you live and reside in Turkey that I share with proverbs.

Sayings: Two chat are better than one:)

Chat is our job, can count on us