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Protesters rally in Jaffa against move to evict local Arab families

Marchers say Israel Lands Authority trying to create a Jewish Jaffa, compare evictions to events of 1948.

By Yigal Hai

Hundreds of Jaffa residents on Friday participated in a march to protest measures that the Israel Lands Authority and the Amidar housing company have taken in the past year to evict Arab families from Jaffa.

The Israel Lands Authority and Amidar claim the families invaded the properties and built on them illegally.

The march was organized by The Popular Committee to Defend the Land and the Right to Residency, which was established by the Arab residents of Jaffa several weeks ago.

According to the committee's leaders, the Authority and Amidar in the past year issued 500 eviction notices to Arab families from the Al Ajami and Givat Aliya neighborhoods, and some of the notices have evolved into eviction lawsuits.

The organizers of the march questioned why the Authority and Amidar have taken a sudden interest in the matter in the past year, when the families have been living in their homes for several decades. They say the families have held a status of protected tenants who pay rent.

The residents' representatives say the authority and Amidar are attempting to Judaize Jaffa while also making a profit from selling the properties, which are near the seafront, to an affluent Jewish population.

The protesters in the march shouted various slogans such as "Jews and Arabs against house demolitions" and "The transfer won't happen."

According to the "This is a tsunami of evictions and demolitions," said Al Ajami neighborhood chairman, Camel Agbaria. "The struggle for a roof over one's head should be the ultimate struggle. Instead of firing bullets, they fire dollar bills here."

March participants included Meretz MKs Yossi Beilin and Ran Cohen and Hadash MKs Dov Khenin and Hanna Swaid.

Throughoutt the past week, the Popular Committee handed out flyers to Jaffa residents, calling on them to join the protest. The flyer, entitled "The residents of Jaffa are at risk of being evicted and expelled again," presented a picture from 1948 of an Arab family reluctantly leaving its Jaffa home along side a picture from 2005 of a tractor demolishing the home of an Arab family in Jaffa.

"500 families are at risk of being expelled," the flyer read. "Thousands of people remain with no roofs over their heads for the benefit of the wealthy and rich entrepreneurs."

The Housing Authority and Amidar reject the accusations. A statement issued by the Housing Authority said, "The documents in question are warning letters issued by the Amidar company, which manages the Authorities properties and deals with invaders." Only several dozens of letters have been issued."

"If anyone has any complaints, they are welcome to visit the Amidar offices and prove they have a legal claim to the property," the statement read. "The claims that this is a transfer are demagoguery. No person will be evicted without a court order."

According to the head of the Amidar directorate, Doron Cohen, Amidar rejects "with scorn the demagogic attempt by the 'Popular Committee' to use the events of the War of Independence to protect those who break the law. Amidar works to protect the State's property rights regardless of the tenants' character, religion or nationality."

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    This story is by: Yigal Hai

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    #92 Maureen Ann = you still don't know
    • * BEN JABO
    • 01.05.07
    • 02:55

    Israel doesn't have a death penalty, the one and only time it was used it was for Adolf Eichmann. America's death penalty isn't a national policy. Each state has it's own standards. Personally, I feel that if the crime merits death, replace it by a life terms, without parole or pardon. Lifelong imprisonment is worse than death.

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    An Australian who is proud of Maureen Ann
    • isaac
    • 30.04.07
    • 06:56

    Jarred, old Darling you know and I know that you are being very casual with the truth with the statement that most of us support Israel. I dont suppose you are employed by the Israeli govt. are you? Isaac

  • 101. 0 0
    An Australian who is ashamed of Mauree Ann
    • Jarred Malone
    • 30.04.07
    • 01:55

    I would like Israeli's to know that most open minded Australians,love Israel and understand it's complex problems,and the type of enemy it has to deal with. I have lived in Israel for quite a long time and enjoyed every second of my stay,and I have seen what Israeli's have to contend with daily.So when you get sh.tstirrers like this Maureeen Ann coming on your websites and talking through parts of thier bodies,that are not suited for speech,ignore them.

  • 100. 0 0
    # 95, you cant or wont
    • isaac
    • 30.04.07
    • 01:36

    Chanan, why is it that you cant or wont answer the original question. Why is the ethnic cleansing of Jaffa taking place ? Isaac.

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    #90 Jozef - You're quite correct, but
    • * BEN JABO
    • 29.04.07
    • 17:41

    You must include the Jews that were evicted from Hebron by the Arab 1929 & 1936 riots, which killed many, raped the women and caused the survivors to flee. Same holds true for the Jews in Jerusalem when the Jordan legion took control in 1948. Many of the Arabs in Jaffa don't hold title to the homes, they've been squatting there all these years. Let's not forget Tel Hai, a Jewish farming community, land purchased from Arab owners, attacked by Arabs, forcing survivors to flee. No similarty to South Africa, natives lived in their own communities and didn't go around blowing themselves up in the midst of innocent standersby.

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    #92 Maureen Ann - Here's what an AUSSIE
    • * BEN JABO
    • 29.04.07
    • 17:35

    a contemporary AUSSIE MUSLIM HOLY MAN SAID. If you're citing the "Talmud", be specific, it contains a lot and I really don't think you're an expert or have the slightest knowledge of it's contents....Muslim leader blames women for sex attacks Richard Kerbaj October 26, 2006 THE nation's most senior Muslim cleric has blamed immodestly dressed women who don't wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men and likened them to abandoned "meat" that attracts voracious animals. In a Ramadan sermon that has outraged Muslim women leaders, Sydney-based Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali also alluded to the infamous Sydney gang rapes, suggesting the attackers were not entirely to blame. While not specifically referring to the rapes, brutal attacks on four women for which a group of young Lebanese men received long jail sentences, Sheik Hilali said there were women who "sway suggestively" and wore make-up and immodest dress ... "and then you get a judge without mercy (rahma) and gives you 65 years". "But the problem, but the problem all began with who?" he asked. The leader of the 2000 rapes in Sydney's southwest, Bilal Skaf, a Muslim, was initially sentenced to 55 years' jail, but later had the sentence reduced on appeal. In the religious address on adultery to about 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, Sheik Hilali said: "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat? "The uncovered meat is the problem." The sheik then said: "If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred." He said women were "weapons" used by "Satan" to control men. "It is said in the state of zina (adultery), the responsibility falls 90 per cent of the time on the woman. Why? Because she possesses the weapon of enticement (igraa)." Muslim community leaders were yesterday outraged and offended by Sheik Hilali's remarks, insisting the cleric was no longer worthy of his title as Australia's mufti. Young Muslim adviser Iktimal Hage-Ali - who does not wear a hijab - said the Islamic headdress was not a "tool" worn to prevent rape and sexual harassment. "It's a symbol that readily identifies you as being Muslim, but just because you don't wear the headscarf doesn't mean that you're considered fresh meat for sale," the former member of John Howard's Muslim advisory board told The Australian. "The onus should not be on the female to not attract attention, it should be on males to learn how to control themselves."

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    #23 Danite
    • Ben Alofs
    • 29.04.07
    • 11:54

    Thanks for doing a decent thing. Won't be forgotten.

  • 96. 0 0
    #23 I appreciate your post, Danite.
    • Ben Alofs
    • 29.04.07
    • 11:44

  • 95. 0 0
    kiwi, melchizedek, Maureen Ann,isaac from the bottom of my heart
    • Chanan
    • 29.04.07
    • 10:00

    I wish the blessings of Islam upon all of you as soon as possible and to be rewarded by Muslims like you do unto the Aborigines.

  • 94. 0 0
    One Maureen Ann sounds like a lover of Arabs, A brobosal for you
    • Jalal
    • 29.04.07
    • 09:46

    Should you agree to be my fourth wife I bromise not to beat you ub for the first two weeks after the wedding. This is a great sacrifice on my bart because all my wives and ex-wives had their first beating the following day. I will even make you my head wife by bassing the oldest one and if she doesn't like it, the hell with her. Will you reward me for my excebtional generosity toward you? Awaiting your reply with great anticibation, Yours faithfully (and all current three and former seven wives) Jalal the Great (you know in what) Heir to the head of the AL-Darhimushawi clan

  • 93. 0 0
    Nannette -Hebron
    • Samaritan
    • 29.04.07
    • 06:42

    Firstly, Nannette Hebron and all other land in Judea and Samaria are part of Eretz Israel. Legally onlyAa clean Deed of Title insures ownership of land and that the sale was executed between a willing Buyer and Seller. Receipts to the J.N.F for a purchase of Hebron? I don't know what that means. Please excuse my lack of knowledge about that part of history. Your beef sounds like the J.N.F did not fulfill their obligation to your family. If there was an implied contract that was not executed and you family was not inbreach, than you have a case. In regards to the J.N.F reclaiming Hebron, I would leave that to G.-.D, the I.D.F.and the Jewish people.

  • 92. 0 0
    *BEN JABO Some "holy" men...
    • Maureen Ann
    • 29.04.07
    • 05:26

    say and write some outrageous stuff sometimes. Take the Talmud for instance. It is not my place to "rehabilitate" prisoners. Those in Australian jails have a much better chance of rehabilitation than those poor wretches in Israeli prisons, or those in American prisons - your county still has the death penalty!

  • 91. 0 0
    Chanan & Ben & Maureen
    • kiwi girl
    • 29.04.07
    • 05:09

    Maureen, if there is anyone on this site not worth debating with, its the nutter Ben Jabber. Chanan, we would welcome seeing you in our neighbourhood protesting, heh heh. For your information, many many aboriginal people are now identifying with the Islamic religion and the pitiful state in which the palestinians have endured over 60 years of murder, apartheid, theft and every other thing you Israeli's have done in your religions name. Why do we have an interest in the state of your affairs over there? Because the criminal warlords that run the show over there are becoming so dangerous that they may indeed be the cause of world war 3. Now you see, thats making it our problem too. And we are not bloody happy about it...got it?

  • 90. 0 0
    This is how apartheid was introduced in South Africa
    • Jozef
    • 29.04.07
    • 04:54

    Families were evicted in order to make a town racially pure.

  • 89. 0 0
    Amnon #75 What about the Jews who were evicted from Arab lands???
    • Nannette
    • 29.04.07
    • 04:25

    Do you think that Jews who were evicted from Arab lands, and weren't allowed to take money, or any assets with them, should be repatriated and reimbursed??? Why do you echo the "Israel is bad, Arabs are good" campaign that's going through Europe now??? Antisemitism is at an all time high, and living in Epsom you should know that!

  • 88. 0 0
    Samaritan what about the land which was paid for by Jews???
    • Nannette
    • 29.04.07
    • 04:21

    I have hundreds of receipts for money my grandparents gave the JNF to buy Hebron. Does that mean I can either get the JNF to pay me the money, with interest and inflation taken into consideration, or does it mean that I can force the JNF to reclaim the land that was brought for Jews BY Jews!

  • 87. 0 0
    Peace is possible
    • W
    • 29.04.07
    • 03:40

    That Jewish Israelis will protest against this shows peace is still within reach. Kudos to these moral, brave, and altogether righteous Jews.

  • 86. 0 0
    Does the Hassan Beck mosque still stand
    • * BEN JABO
    • 29.04.07
    • 03:20

    Egyptians built it in Jaffa, Jaffa's arabs didn't attend. I recall seeing a sign in front of the boarded up building, (In Hebrew). Holy Place, entry forbidden. Jews revered the site more than the Arabs did. Reminds me, they're still blowing "Holy Mosques" in Iraq. I believe the count for today was two.

  • 85. 0 0
    #74 Maureen Ann
    • * BEN JABO
    • 29.04.07
    • 03:16

    Jews were the pioneer founders of Hollywood. You only have to look at the names of many movie studios. MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) as an example. Charlie Chaplin was an English jewish comic. That tradition has continued to a somehwat lesser extend.t I read your post to Lynn, and have since replied.

  • 84. 0 0
    #72 Maureen Ann
    • * BEN JABO
    • 29.04.07
    • 03:12

    I naver said you condoned or defended them. Simple facts are you never condemned them or attempted to rehabilitate them. Jewish criminals that you read about from time to time, don't rove in gangs looking for women to assault. If you'll check Muslim rape gangs in EUROPE, it seems to be the in thing for your Muslim males to seek out helpless women. As a matter of fact (I'll furnish the link if you wish) one of your Holy men (religious leader) in Australia said that women that didn't wear the Hijab were fair game.

  • 83. 0 0
    chanan # 69
    • isaac-the_blind
    • 29.04.07
    • 02:56

    Chanan, old darling, tell us about Wounded Knee. How many Native Americans was it that were MURDERED there ???? Isaac.

  • 82. 0 0
    62&64 BEN JABO,how about filming the NAKBA(1948)?
    • lakshmi
    • 29.04.07
    • 02:53

    How about going back earlier than Hebron 1929 ? How about the entire sordid story of the Zionist take over of land from Palestinian farmers who held the customary right to land,even though the legal right was with absentee landlords,given dubious title by the Ottomans? How about the racism of the Zionists? how about everything after,the last 60 years of the Occupation?How about the murder and mayhem in the West Bank,just the other day ? How about 4 million cluster bombs in Lebanon,of which 1 million are still around,causing deaths among children and civilians?How about the thousands displaced and killed ? How about. . . ? Yes, Clintwood has so far been influenced by Israeli propaganda to focus only on one side of the equation.It won't be long before he too will figure out what is going on,like most of the world has done.

  • 81. 0 0
    #69Chanan Didn't you...
    • Maureen Ann
    • 29.04.07
    • 02:50

    read my past posts to you? By the way, I just put the kettle on.

  • 80. 0 0
    #65Richard S
    • Maureen Ann
    • 29.04.07
    • 02:45

    Was there ever an "independent" investigation into the Gaza beach bombing? Beside the BBC news, here are more references: 1. The Insider "Israel Caught Bombing Palestinian Family Having a Picnic at the Beach." http://www.theinsider.org/news/article.asp?id=2021 2. Human Rights News. "Israel Investigate Gaza Beach Killings." http://hrw.org/englich/docs/2006/06/13/isrlpa13544.htm 3. Anti-War.com "Behind the Headlines" 'The Gaza Beach Party Massacre.' http://www.antiwar.com/justin/?articleid=9224 As for me thinking Richard, I seriously wonder just what has happened to BBC journalist, Alan Johnston.

  • 79. 0 0
    #5, very thankful for that transfer
    • newageblues
    • 29.04.07
    • 02:22

    Israel proper is 78% of the land under dispute. Genug is genug. Gaza is one of the most crowded places on earth, they need every square inch of it. The settlers went back home, like they needed to. Gaza was an even more obvious case of Israeli overreaching than West Bank settlement is. The settlements are the leading obstacle on the Israeli side to peace.

  • 78. 0 0
    chanan # 37
    • melchizedek
    • 29.04.07
    • 02:22

    better an aborigine in Oztralia than an Arab in Israel. we dont shoot them, bomb them,fire rockets at them. they can travel and live anywhere in the country. they dont get stopped at check points.they dont need ID cards and travel permits. we dont bulldoze their homes. but then again we're civilised. Israel is a country of lunatic barbarians still living in the dark ages. M.

  • 77. 0 0
    Where is the good Jewish values??
    • Amnon
    • 29.04.07
    • 02:09

    We are reminded practically every day,for the past 40 years, (from the World media),about some sorts of illtreatments/Persecutions that are constanly going on against the Israeli Arabs. In the TERRITORIES,how Israel has profoundly victimized thousands of Palestinians by CONFISCATION of their farmlands(Another new confiscation on the card, only yesterday, "for Security reasons" to carry on building New WALLS). Dispossessions from, and DEMOLITIONS of their homes.All to make way for the settlers and now for the Wealthy to have a better view of the sea. IS THIS FAIR to OUR FUTURE NEIGHBORS.??

  • 76. 0 0
    *BEN JABO Is it correct...
    • Maureen Ann
    • 29.04.07
    • 02:07

    that Zionists also control Hollywood? Reference: "Deconstructing Hollywood Mind-Control" by Mark Green and Wendy Campbell. http://www.rense.com/general64/decon.htm Or try a Google! As for your pet subject, you can read my post to Lynn.

  • 75. 0 0
    No surprise, just more Israeli theft.
    • Joel A. Levitt
    • 29.04.07
    • 01:44

  • 74. 0 0
    #40 Hi Aliza. No I am not "right wing!"
    • Maureen Ann
    • 29.04.07
    • 01:40

    Although you might say I was once a Zionist Christian before I saw the light, so to speak. Regards.

  • 73. 0 0
    #Lynn Please understand...
    • Maureen Ann
    • 29.04.07
    • 01:34

    I am not condoning or defending rapists no matter what their religion! Ben Jabo delights in painting a grim picture of all Australian (world) Muslims! You are correct, the rapists in question are in prison. Media reports state, one of the culprits was given a 55 year sentence which was reduced to 31 years on appeal. The Daily Telegraph reported one of the victims, was herself a young Muslim lady. The point I wish to make is that the criminals in this instance were dissociated from their Muslim religion. I am sure you will agree that the Jewish criminals we read about, from time to time, are also not living according to their religious instruction.

  • 72. 0 0
    HEY FAKE TOSEFTA,quit your games man,if you have a face or a name
    • Ralph
    • 29.04.07
    • 00:15

    step forward,man.Don't hide behind Tosefta's name. No go.We know Tosefta and his inteliigent mind and language.You don't come even close.Get a life.

  • 71. 0 0
    On Arabs and how I`ve changed my stance
    • Tosefta
    • 28.04.07
    • 23:43

    Having tried hard for so long to understand them and they spit on my face with rockets, shootings, suicide bombers, treason, hatred, and now illegally building, then they scream discrimination. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt that they may be like new born babies, pure and innocent, and that more concessions from me will change their hearts to agree to give up something of their own but to no avail. Enough is enough, I made my choice to stick by my people, there is no other way in the Middle East reality.

  • 70. 0 0
  • 69. 0 0
    Lakshmi is very opinionated about the ME but knows nothing about
    • Tosefta
    • 28.04.07
    • 23:33

    about the Indian subcontinent, her homeland and will not even discuss it. This is very strange, isn't it?

  • 68. 0 0
    Maureen Ann you still owe an answer to the oppressed Aborigines
    • Chanan
    • 28.04.07
    • 23:25

    in your country. These are the lies you are spreading around for you being "Snow White" in your own particular circumstances.

  • 67. 0 0
    To the fake tosefta#56 heres why you are a fake
    • Danite
    • 28.04.07
    • 22:51

    The real tosefta knows I am a man.You have been exposed now away with your stupidity.Thank you.

  • 66. 0 0
    Maureen Anne: again, you state incorrect facts
    • Richard S
    • 28.04.07
    • 22:50

    while the IDF was originally accused of bombing the Gaza beach, i recall that there was substantial evidence that Hamas was launching missiles at the same time. And whether it was Hamas or the IDF that killed the family, I would think that it was done accidentally. the key word i use is "think". Try it.

  • 65. 0 0
    #59 Lakshmi
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 22:47

    Priority must be given to a movie relating the Arab Hebron Pogroms of 1929 & 1936. Where sword wieldinb fanatical muslims raided the Yeshivot & Synagogues, Homes, raping & pillaging, killing all the while. Some survivors managed to flee.

  • 64. 0 0
    The ethnic cleansing of Jaffa
    • Abe
    • 28.04.07
    • 22:46

    This is the final sweep to rid Jaffa of its Arab and Mizrahi population. Arab residents of 'mixed' citieslike Ramle and Acre are simply not allowed or given permission to extend or improve their properties. The intention is to make their living conditions so impossible that they will leave. These people are bona fide residents and must be left alone to live their lives in peace, together with their Jewish neighbours. This move by Amodar and the State government must be resisted - or else the original intention of the Zionist enterprise of total transfer of the Arab population will succeed, confirming Israel as a racist apartheid state. Is that what Israelis want? This hounding of Arab residents of Jaffa and other cities, and of course in the Negev and Galil must stop. If Israel wishes to be considered a democracy, it must give equal rights to all its inhabitants, and stop acting as greedy estate agents.

  • 63. 0 0
    #52 Lakshmi
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 22:43

    First he has to make a movie about the Homicide bombers that detonated themselves in public markets, catering halls, pizza parlors and busses. So many more were killed that way, makes it much more interesting. Your movie takes a poor second in box office demand. After all, many movies have already been made about Arabs hi-jacking planes, Munich Olympic Massacre, Twin Towers-Pentagon, etc.

  • 62. 0 0
    • lakshmi
    • 28.04.07
    • 22:43

  • 61. 0 0
    So Lakshmi what to do about Kashmir, Tibet, Ceylon? Give us your
    • Tosefta
    • 28.04.07
    • 21:48

    deep insights and philosophical analysis on what you have intimate knowledge of. Or maybe you are already part of Al-Qaida in Iraq, Hamas or Hizbullah. In this case you are waiting your turn for martyrdom. If not you are a Paper Tiger without the courage to practice what you preach, sending others to fight for you.

  • 60. 0 0
    55 LYNN,your comparison with Cho and South Korea is so silly
    • lakshmi
    • 28.04.07
    • 21:27

    that I won't waste my time talking about it.But getting back to the killings at the mosque.I am sure you have read enough history of the conflict to know (a) that a conflict exists between Israel and the Palestinians,(b) that in such a situation even the conduct of a madman can be the spark that ignites the tinder,(c) that was the immediate cause,thought not the entire cause ,(4) Israel is an Occupying power that occupies Palestinian land.Not just one madman but the entire situation. My question to Ben was precisely about all of the above and since Clint E.had made a film about one episode,why did he not make another one showing the terror exercised by Israel ?Should be very interesting.

  • 59. 0 0
    # 49 lakshmi
    • Lynn
    • 28.04.07
    • 20:34

    Kind of stupid to launch a war over a mentally ill person's actions. Cho killed 33 people on a campus and wounded 27. We didn't launch a war with South Korea over it, did we? Of course not!! So, your comment on the reasoning for the intifada is very backward.

  • 58. 0 0
    BEN JABO and Maureen
    • Lynn
    • 28.04.07
    • 20:15

    Sun Herald also reported on the defense of a few of the rapists. It seems they plead "not guilty" because as Muslims they didn't know any better since Muslims have the "right" to humiliate and rape non-Muslim women and girls. They used the Koran as evidence. BTW, the judge thought very little of that defense and gave them 7 to 20 years in prison.

  • 57. 0 0
    So Danite admits that she has no proof and knows nothing
    • Tosefta
    • 28.04.07
    • 20:02

    She cannot stand the truth thrown into her face when I was there and know exactly what happened. However she is very good with insults which is the style of self-hating psychopaths trashing everything and anything that created the good traits they still have left.

  • 56. 0 0
    #32, who you gonna believe, Charles Peguy or Absolute Fanatic?
    • newageblues
    • 28.04.07
    • 18:51

    My compliments to all those Israelis not looking to have anymore Arabs lose their homes. Whooever you care to blame for the events of 1948, and I largely blame the Arabs, many innocent people lost their homes. We don't need more homeless, the refugees need homes and a homeland and the settlers need to go back home to Israel. When peace and mutual respect are established between Israel and Palestine, Jews who don't adore Baruch Goldstein will probably be welcome in Hebron. Wonder what Father Abraham (not that I'm religious) would say about the Jewish thugs currently lording it over Hebron?

  • 55. 0 0
    • Danite
    • 28.04.07
    • 18:48

    Firstly that post was NOT from Tosefta.Secondly let us be honest, I can, can you? The facts are the facts.The way the govt of israel treats its citzens Jewish and Arab is revolting.I know first hand how they work.They have been trying to get the Arabs out of Jaffa for decades and generally interfere with legitimate public policy concerns of the israeli arabs. Israel must for its own good purge itself of the Soviet style mentality that runs the civil service and end the abuse of its citizens by the state.It is because I am a Zionist and a democrat that I feel it is vital for Israel to clean up its often messy and smelly domestic act.Sorry if you dont like that,but I care enough about the REAL issues facing Israel to be honest for its own good.Thank you for your previous support anyway.Regards

  • 54. 0 0
    To the loser who wrote#36=Fake Tosefta
    • Danite
    • 28.04.07
    • 18:44

    Dont even try to imitate Tosefta you dont have the brains for it okay? Secondly yes they need a permit to fix leeky roofs and if their houses are crumbling its because they couldnt permits to fix the problems there either.My comments stand and those are the facts.

  • 53. 0 0
    BEN JABO, did Clint Eastwood make a movie about the fanatic
    • lakshmi
    • 28.04.07
    • 18:07

    who shot and killed more than a dozen worshippers as they came out of the mosque and wounded several others which launched the second intifada?

  • 52. 0 0
    Maureen-Ann NO!, it wasn't Iris blog
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 18:04

    I had run across that also. Blogs aren't acceptable because they're personal opinions. What I gave was a newspaper article. If you'll compare the text between Iris & News, you'll find they're TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Keep Googling!!

  • 51. 0 0
    #28 Maureen Ann
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 17:53

    It may have been incorporated into a blog, it was a news article all by it's lonesome. Keep googling.

  • 50. 0 0
    #27 Maureen Ann
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 17:51

    google the way I did, you'll find lot's of references. Take your pick. I really didn't intend to accuse you of "fibbing", really meant to say lying.

  • 49. 0 0
    43YOCHI,that would depend on whether the state of Israel
    • Alan
    • 28.04.07
    • 16:45

    Israel "legally" set up shop in the first place.This is still a controversial question. And so the question remains: who are the gansgsters,the State of Israel(high sounding name!) or the "campers" who have been living there for decades.

  • 48. 0 0
    Absolute Sweden, STOP your nonsense!
    • Wiktor
    • 28.04.07
    • 16:44

    You are really just making a total fool of yourself. Besides, with stupid diarrhea such as yours, you also have become an embarassment to the zionist cause. Then again, this is no cause to be supporting anyway - when you consider the amoral riff raff that supports it in the first place!

  • 47. 0 0
    • Goldenberg
    • 28.04.07
    • 15:41

    I used to admire you and support most of your points of view, very close to mine, but ... this time you sliped: have you any answer to Tosefta post?

  • 46. 0 0
    34&36 are FAKE TOSEFTA !
    • sara
    • 28.04.07
    • 13:51

  • 45. 0 0
    It is up to the legal owners of the land in question to decide
    • Yochi
    • 28.04.07
    • 13:43

    how to use the land, and the legal owner of the land is the state of Israel, not individual gangsters who simply set up camp there without ever receiving any permit to do so. It is a municipal conflict, and this is how it should remain.

  • 44. 0 0
    • Charles Peguy
    • 28.04.07
    • 13:42

    I made a lapsus calami in my comment #33,I was of course thinking of Itamar ben GVIR, head of Kach.If there's a "Itamar Ben Zvi" around, sincere apologies...

  • 43. 0 0
    #22- get your facts right, church of nativity
    • Id
    • 28.04.07
    • 13:26

    Dude. your sequence of events and analysis of what happened in 2002 is seriously flawed 1- They did not FORCE there way into the church but went there for refuge. The priests and nuns willingly gave them protection, shared food and water. That is because all palestinians are suffering from a brutal israeli oppression- christian and muslim alike 2- The majority of the people in the church were civilians, but the IDF still maintained a seige- no water food. They even shot at people who went out to collect grass cause of the hunger and killed a monk who went to ring the bell(not knowing what was happening because he was deaf) 3- Lets be realistic the IDF did not respect the place, they played deafening heavy metal music day and night focusing on sleep deprivation. It was only cause most of the money that keeps your state afloat comes from a christian country that you didnt bomb the place up. U even demolished part of the wall

  • 42. 0 0
    #Chanan. What lies?
    • Maureen Ann
    • 28.04.07
    • 13:24

    Please note, I asked a question in my original post - what is the ratio of Jewish to Palestinian house demolition and eviction by Israeli authorities? Are you able to answer my question Chanan? One last thing, it is obviously a problem for Israel to have Arabs/Palestinians living near the seaside. Remember the Gaza beach bombing?

  • 41. 0 0
    #4 ,to a Swedish Jew A.Halutz
    • Absolute Sweden
    • 28.04.07
    • 13:10

    You aren't? Neither am I,nor do I know any of them personally,but almost all of them in the press sound like you : Humanism,human rights,"perverting of Jewish soul by Israel"etc. etc. None of them would dream about allowing squatters in Sweden though,leaving it all to Israel,where according to the racist theories embraced by the Left arabs are to be allowed everything . Straighten your spine,man,pals are stealing your land from under your feet and the only thing you could do is to spin like somebody heavily afflicted by the Stockholm Syndrome

  • 40. 0 0
    Maureen Anne
    • Aliza
    • 28.04.07
    • 13:05

    Bathurst, like most Aussie country towns are boring little places whose populations are predominatly right wing and racist. Your postings certainly show where you are from and at, bored and r'cist

  • 39. 0 0
    Remind me who the exiled party is here?
    • Yered Shmuel
    • 28.04.07
    • 13:04

    I find it appalling that the exiled are becoming the exilers. We were a people exiled for our own beliefs, cultures and identity, and yet now similar actions are being inflicted by us! This is indeed an attrocity. The State of Israel can remain a Jewish nation yet still welcome and provide home to Non-Jewish persons. It is only by these actions that it will be turned as an undesirable location for Ailyah. As for violence perpetrated by Arabs, it is usually as a result of lack of education (as with any form of violence) Education is the key to solution. If not education then deterrence, jail and prosecute and make examples! But exiling an entire race for the actions of a few is disgusting. There are bad Jews, but are we all bad, there ar ebad Christians but are they all bad? Don't let the actions of the minority affect the vast majority. Long live the State of Israel.

  • 38. 0 0
  • 37. 0 0
    Maureen Ann I am coming to Bathurst to protest in front of your
    • Chanan
    • 28.04.07
    • 12:35

    house your dispossession of Aborigine lands.

  • 36. 0 0
    What a bunch of nonsense #23 Danite. There is no need for permit
    • Tosefta
    • 28.04.07
    • 12:27

    to fix a leaky roof in Israel. At the time I worked for the TA-Yaffo Planning Department and I know all the details about it. The Arabs rioted as they usually do because they wanted to build another story on top of their houses. The permit was not given because it was totally unsafe to do so in the very old and crumbling Arab houses they live in, it was a risk to their life to do so. However the Arab propaganda machine claimed exactly what you say and you picked it up from there without trying to get to the truth.

  • 35. 0 0
    Connie. Well pardon me madam!
    • Maureen Ann
    • 28.04.07
    • 11:53

    You are allowed to suggest I join a "Nazi" party, but I am not allowed to say I was communicating with a Nazi type person, right?

  • 34. 0 0
    Arabs and how I've changed
    • Tosefta
    • 28.04.07
    • 11:49

    Trying for so long to understand them and they spit on my face with rockets, shootings, suicide bombers, treason, hatred, and now illegally building, then they scream discrimination. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt that they may be like new born babies, that more concessions from me will change their hearts to agree to give up something but to no avail. Enough is enough, I made my choice to stick by my people, there is no other way in the Middle East reality.

  • 33. 0 0
    Absolute Sweden #1
    • Charles Peguy
    • 28.04.07
    • 11:26

    But Absolute Sweden's misleading claims are nothing new - for years there has been a shameful campaign by the likes of Itamar ben Zvi to portray coexistence in Jaffa in this dark light. Just I can tell yo from direct experience and facts on the grounds that this is definitely NOT TRUE and no Arab or Jew in Jaffa take it seriously. And in case you consider that I must be some deluded leftist, there is at least one former Tzahal spokesman living in Jaffa who would tell you exactly the same. As would all of my Jewish friends in Jaffa, that I meet every day in Arab coffee shops. As for the 'Ajami case, most commenters have no clue about Israeli and international laws on housing and property issues - still they go on commenting. The case will go through the courts, and I'm pretty confident that the Arab families will eventually win (they have a pretty strong case). But the whole balagan is not surprising, since HUGE economic interests are engaged, and housing issue all over Tel Aviv is hot.

  • 32. 0 0
    To #1 Absolute Sweden
    • Charles Peguy
    • 28.04.07
    • 11:12

    I usually refrain from replying to the talkbacks or even reading them, as they are usually a playing ground for poorly informed anti-Israeli and anti-Palestinian extremists. But this time comment #1 compells me to respond, as I feel somewhat personally insulted by Absolute Sweden's ludicrous assertion that "Jews are being attacked in Jaffa by arab gangs trying to make it Judenrein". I take it personally, because for one year this very part of Jaffa has been my beloved neighborhood, I have lived there happily betweens Arabs and Jews, Russians and mizrahims, etc. And now this guy from far away comes with pure defamation about the neighborhood. Oh and I've been crossing Jaffa late at night at least 200 times on my way back home, I live betwenn two synagogues and a mosque, but Abolute Sweden knows better. Granted, as in any poor neighborhood, there is slightly more crime in 'Ajami than in Ramat Aviv (but no more than in Shkhunat haTikvah or Takhanah Merkazit!). But this is not hate crime.

  • 31. 0 0
    jaffa to1
    • michel
    • 28.04.07
    • 11:06

    Israel is a jewish state . why don't you take them to sweden with bishara??

  • 30. 0 0
    Maureen Ann
    • Connie
    • 28.04.07
    • 10:59

    Don't you have something to occupy yourself with in Australia? Why the great interest in Israel? Why the hatred? But most of all What is your agenda? Don't you have a Nazi party or Hezbollah in Australia that you could join? Or better yet why don't you start one....it would give you an outlet for your hatred.

  • 29. 0 0
    At least they've got a sense of humor.
    • Colin Wright
    • 28.04.07
    • 09:42

    '..."...Amidar works to protect the State's property rights regardless of the tenants character, religion or nationality."...' Good one.

  • 28. 0 0
    *BEN JABO. Nothing like second hand news!
    • Maureen Ann
    • 28.04.07
    • 09:42

    I think I have found the item you made reference to, and guess where it was buried-in the "Iris Blog!" The "Iris Blog" Well! Well! Well! now I know where you are coming from, Ben!

  • 27. 0 0
    *Ben Jabo Don't accuse me of fibbing!
    • Maureen Ann
    • 28.04.07
    • 08:40

    Please provide the date, and URL for the Herald-Sun. I'm not doubting you, I just can't find your reference. We have our share of gangs running around under many different colours in Australia, as do most countries. Drugs and guns seem to be the Israeli specialty. Just last week an Israeli national attempted to smuggle drugs into Australia with a street value estimated at $37 million. This is a criminal activity that has the potential to lead to the deaths of scores of young Australians!

  • 26. 0 0
    • Naim S. Mahlab
    • 28.04.07
    • 08:33

    The last time I visited Israel, I enjoyed Jaffa exactly because of its mixed Jewish/Moslem population. I had a feeling that there was total harmony among the two groups. Israel should protect this comunity as a good example of the two groups living together.

  • 25. 0 0
    Tel Avivian who cherishes her Arab neighbours
    • Laure-Elise Singer
    • 28.04.07
    • 08:28

    Persecution of Christian Arabs notwithstanding, Israeli Jews should relax and suspend their racist BS long enough to appreciate and enjoy the special character of Jaffa brought by its Arab inhabitants. Any Israeli who denies that the ILA's motive for its actions is pure commercial interest is being wilfully and conveniently naive. Tel Aviv is losing to those very same interests what pathetically paltry green space it has. Why not fight instead to retain those areas?

  • 24. 0 0
    according to law
    • yuval
    • 28.04.07
    • 08:21

    yes, its all done according to the law. that makes it right The anihalation of 6 million was also done according to the law! But (i think) nothing was more wrong than that.

  • 23. 0 0
    Leave the Arabs of Jaffa alone
    • danite
    • 28.04.07
    • 07:13

    I remember in the 80s the horror stories Arabs went through to get a simple permit to fix their leaky roofs in winter, sometimes they wouldnt get one after years of trying then they would have to do the work as their kids were living in dank houses and then face problems for illegal building and the like.The fact is their has been a policy of forcing the Arabs out of Jaffa by "natural means" for decades.it is disgusting and has to stop.it is a good thing to have an area where Jews and arabs can mingle and share the public spaces.Most Jaffa arabs are not involved in problems and should as a group be left alone and allowed to live normaly.The ongoing hostile and often racist mentality that affects the israeli civil service must be purged.

  • 22. 0 0
    Aelony - Church of Nativity - Bethlehem
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 05:51

    More reasons why Christians fled Bethlehem.On April 2, 2002 armed Palestinian Arab terrorists forced their way into the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, one of Christianity's most sacred sites, the birthplace of Christ. In the midst of over 200 nuns and priests, they sought refuge from Operation Defensive Shield, the Israel Defense Forces action against suicide bombing activity originating from West Bank locations. For 38 days, until May 10, 2002, the world watched as the gunmen refused to surrender their positions inside the Church. Only Israeli restraint and respect for the Christian shrine prevented the Palestinian desecration from turning into its destruction. Why was the IDF in Bethlehem at the time? In December, 1995, Israel had turned over control of Bethlehem to the Palestinian Authority, but the PA failed to quell terrorist activities. Quite the contrary; terrorism never stopped and after September 2000, increased dramatically with the al-Aqsa Intifada. In February and March, 2002, more than two dozen Israelis had died in five separate incidents of murder, bombings and gunfire within Israel and the territories, with over six dozen injured. In each case, the Fatah in Bethlehem claimed responsibility for the deaths. In the first days of April 2002, an IDF Paratroop Brigade moved into the area to seek out and destroy explosives, arms factories and related terrorist infrastructure. A heavily armed band of terrorist gunmen, trying to evade the IDF, moved into Manger Square but found IDF troops and tanks ready for them. That triggered a planned and premediated Palestinian Arab operation to take over the Church of the Nativity. IDF forces began negotiations to end the takeover. The Palestinian Arabs inside the church included many who were known terrorists and Israel demanded that they surrender. They were members of Palestinian groups on the U.S. Department of State Foreign Terrorist Organizations list, including several Hamas operatives who had killed innocent civilians. Also taking cover in the Church were Tanzim militia leaders from Yasir Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) who were involved in recent suicide bombings, plus members of the Al Aqsa Brigade. Israel identified the terrorist individuals by name and sought to take them into custody; the Palestinian Authority refused to transfer them into Israeli hands. Nor were representatives of other governments helpful in concluding the matter. An early agreement to end the standoff failed when Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi declined to accept the gunmen, saying that no one nation could be asked to take that responsibility, and the European Union needed to find an EU solution.

  • 21. 0 0
    Maureen - You've been fibbing again
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 05:42

    Guess what I just Googled up. Yup, it's about Aussie Muslim Rape, doesn't seem to include those that were already put away...Enjoy....Australia The Australian Sun-Herald reports that police data show that some 70 racially motivated rapes of young white girls, one as young as 13, by Middle Eastern immigrants have taken place in the last two years. ?Fifteen youths and men have so far been charged with more than 300 offenses relating to matters since mid-2000 alone. They are all of Middle Eastern extraction. None of those involved is presently before the courts....those in Australia don?t seem to be part of a gang initiation, but they are nonetheless clearly racially driven. ?Before being brutalized,? the Australian paper reports, ?other victims have reportedly been questioned about their Australian heritage or forced to endure taunts about their attackers? prowess.? But, like the rapes in France, those in Australia follow a similar pattern in which one non-white male becomes intimate with a white girl, whom he then delivers to his friends for sexual violation, beating and humiliation.

  • 20. 0 0
    Do not be stupid, Israel. Do what you have to do!
    • Steve
    • 28.04.07
    • 05:41

    Don't give in to the provocateurs wherever they are: Jaffa. Acco or Ramle.

  • 19. 0 0
    #9 You've done it to yourself far better than I
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 05:38

    One of these day, you'll finally tell the truth. Gives me what to look forward to. Man lives on hope. How are you Abo's doing? I'm gonna check out your rape stats, see if you're really telling the truth. Who knows, it might be the miracle of 2007.

  • 18. 0 0
    #13 Zev Aeolony
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 05:35

    American demonstrated agains Viet Nam, others are protesting against the Iraq-Afghan war. So what, they're a segment and don't represent the mainstream population. Ditto for Israel, it has it's share of leftists and people that hate the government. As amatter of fact, a few of them are on the staff of this very paper.I would like to see some examples of Arab demonstrations in Arab countries that aren't brutally surpressed. Name one if it comes to mind. Links please, so it's checkable.

  • 17. 0 0
    Zev Aelony
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 05:25

    Just a part of the information concerning Arab Christians you so sorely require...More will be sent....THE BELEAGUERED CHRISTIANS OF THE PALESTINIAN-CONTROLLED AREAS David Raab A Second-Class People / Regional Repression of Christians / Official PA Domination of Christians / PA Disrespect for Christian Holy Sites / The PA Takeover of the Church of the Nativity / The PA and Jerusalem Christians / Reduction of Christian Political Power / Harassment of Palestinian Christians by Palestinian Muslims / The Palestinian Christian Response The Christian community in the areas administered by the Palestinian Authority (PA) is a small but symbolically important one. About 35,000 Christians live in the West Bank and 3,000 in Gaza,1 representing about 1.3 percent of Palestinians. In addition, 12,500 Christians reside in eastern Jerusalem. This population is rapidly dwindling, however, and not solely as a result of the difficult military and economic situation of the past two year

  • 16. 0 0
    #11 Zev
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 05:18

    Tom Selleck "The Actor??" He was born in 1945. What would he have to do with the price of tea in china or the Arab-Israel conflict, Hebron 1929 & 1936? Muslim Bethlehemites trapped themselves. Arafat was directly possible for inflicint poverty on his own people. Fatah demanded bribes from the merchants, forcing the Christian merchants to flee. Just a few years ago, Fatah took over a church and used it for a military firing point and terrorist refuge. Why don't you google, "Christian's in Bethlehem" and find out what it's all about. Hebron isn't obscure to the current issue, it's quite relevant. Arabs still have the strong desire to make Israel become another Arab Palestine, driving the Jews out as it did in Hebron.. It's well documented. If you wish, I'll send you the links, just ask. Just one question, have you ever been there or done that, other than as a tourist.

  • 15. 0 0
    Chcik Corea
    • Ivan
    • 28.04.07
    • 04:35

    listen, they dont base the iom nakba according the jew calendar...iom nakba its the same day, because the independence of israel mean expelling people from their homes, kill civillians, etc... (u all know history). U r right, the dream its very difficult to realize, Israel itself its the best example, jew country with around a 20% of arab population without equality of rights and being always discriminated by zionists and the state... just look at the murders of october,2000 and the what mahash and the court decided... r u blind?,if not plz read the newspapers!

  • 14. 0 0
    GET the fact Jack
    • peace seeker
    • 28.04.07
    • 04:15

    Nothing is every clear cut but it's clear there is no justifying breaking the law and justifying it. If those in question are squatters than they have to leave. If they are allowed to stay than anyone has the same right to break and enter: Jews, Christians or Arabs.

  • 13. 0 0
    Groundless Assertions
    • Zev Aelony
    • 28.04.07
    • 03:53

    Boruch in Brooklyn, You did raise one right issue of arrogance. Can you provide any supportive evidence for your assertion that the old chalutzim, as opposed to land thieves, don't want their Arab neighbors to enjoy equal rights? Evidence of watching the Jewish Israelis in the demonstrations seems to be to the contrary. Zev Aelony

  • 12. 0 0
    Groundless Assertions
    • Zev Aelony
    • 28.04.07
    • 03:47

  • 11. 0 0
    Name Calling
    • Zev Aelony
    • 28.04.07
    • 03:43

    Ben, When people are aware their factual claims are weak, they resort to ugly name calling. Unfortunately, the 'facts' you assert are in total opposition to findings of Zionist Israeli historians (see Tom Seleck's "1949" for a well documented and easily read account) and legal researchers in many cases; in the case of Hebron, the relevence to the current issue is obscure. In the case of Bethlehem, Christian Palestinians largely had places to go during a period of enforced poverty and oppression; their Moslem neighbors largely lacked that opportunity and are trapped there. Z'ev Aelony

  • 10. 0 0
  • 9. 0 0
    #*BEN JABO you discredit yourself...
    • Maureen Ann
    • 28.04.07
    • 02:57

    so beautifully!

  • 8. 0 0
    A Chalutz
    • Samaritan
    • 28.04.07
    • 01:59

    You are right that Absolute_Sweden should make aliya.But you and I both know you don't have to live in Israel to be a Zionist. Don't accuse me of the same because I have been there and done that and will do again G-d willing. A Chalutz ...you know you can't allow theft..no matter if it was done 5 years, 50 years or 1400 years ago. Those who have legitimate proof should be left alone. All they have to do is show proof of a chain of title. If not.....le?hitra?ot yeled.

  • 7. 0 0
    #4 A reality of 60 years plus refutes your dream
    • Chcik Corea
    • 28.04.07
    • 01:46

    On Independence Day families of Jews from the Haifa area went to the Megiddo Forest to observe the Day. They were met with 6,000 Arabs waving PLO flags and making menacing threats to the Jews. These Jews had unknowingly chosen to hold their Independence Day picnic near the site of the central event held by Israeli Arabs to mark 'Nakba Day' - 'the day of the catastrophe' - as they call Israel's independence. Several thousand Arabs had come to attend the event, and heard speeches from several Arab Knesset Members, bemoaning Israel's 1948 War of Independence. Interestingly, the Arab leadership appears to be marking its 'alternative' day based on the Jewish calendar. Does that make any impression on you? Are you able to understand the significance? The hate that wants Israel to be no more exists in Israel. The dream of Jews and Arabs living in peace is a failed experiment. Arabs have dashed it everywhere and everyplace they can. You need to stop dreaming and face reality however painful.

  • 6. 0 0
    To A Chalutz
    • Boruch
    • 28.04.07
    • 01:02

    Hey A Chalutz. You reject Sweden arguments just because he doesn't live in Israel not because of arguments merits. If Rambam or Lubavich Rebe would tell you the same thing would you reject it? Don't be so arogant A Chalutz majority of Israelis don't want Arabs to be near them, firing guns on mourning days etc.

  • 5. 0 0
    Where were they when Jews were transfered out of Gush Katif ?
    • Mike
    • 28.04.07
    • 00:57

    Where were these protesters during the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif?

  • 4. 0 0
    Sweden I challenge you
    • A Chalutz
    • 28.04.07
    • 00:33

    Sweden. I have read a number of your posts over the last year or so. I cringe at the responses you get. Trying to argue and claim you're just some moronic bigot. I have held back from attacking you and still wish to. However, I challenge you to stop with your b*llsh*t Diaspora Jewish views and ghetto mentality and come be an actual Zionist. Living and breathing as a Jew in the Jewish homeland. Truly understand what the founders of modern Zionism where trying to achieve. Then I believe you will have less arguments against you and will understand what great responsibility we as Jews have in our state. We exist to create a better world, not destroy the world of others around us. People often scorn you for being so 'Jew-centric' and only looking out for the Jews from their own perspective. They're wrong.You are the self-hater. I challenge you to actually care about the Jews and help to create a peace where we can be safe (and just by coincidence so will our Arab neighbours!

  • 3. 0 0
    #2 Urine Ann
    • * BEN JABO
    • 28.04.07
    • 00:28

    If they don't have proper papers they don't belong there. Squatting the way you are doing doesn't make it legal. Jews have LEGAL documention for their homes, even then, Hebron Arabs stole homes & possessions, killed many of the Jewish residents & raped the women.. Keep Hebron in mind, great example of infamous theft during the 1929 & 1936 Arab pogroms. Jordan Legion when they took Jerusalem, violated the cemeteries, stole the tombstones for latrine paving blocks, demolished the Yeshivoth, destroyed the Holy Books & relics, turned the Western Wall into a vast garbage dump. East Jerusalem was a vast Arab garbage dump until Israel took control again in 1967.

  • 2. 0 0
    What is the ratio of Jewish to Arab home demolish and eviction...
    • Maureen Ann
    • 27.04.07
    • 23:18

    by Israeli authorities? Why is it that all media reports are of the demolition and eviction of Arab families from their homes? "... 500 eviction notices to Arab families from Al Ajami and Givat Aliya." It must be so difficult for Israel - I mean, you just can't have Arab families living near the seaside can you Israel!

  • 1. 0 0
    Jews are being attacked in Jaffa by arab gangs trying to
    • Absolute Sweden
    • 27.04.07
    • 22:35

    make it "Judenrein". No Leftie has ever protested it,preferring to concentrate on imaginary "settlers harassing shepherds".Police was also numb on this as far as I know. Arabs won't to make Jaffa another Betlehem,almost devoid now of Christians,a purely Moslem town.