After graduating from MSJ, Steve went on to Boston College.  He worked waiting tables while attending school.  During the summers, Steve would return to Rutland to work on local campaigns.  Steve’s senior year of college, he decided to run for the Vermont House of Representatives.  Steve worked hard on his first foray into the field of electoral politics. Given the conservative nature of this district, no one expected Steve to win this campaign, until he pulled an upset on election night 1992.  Steve graduated from Boston College in 1993 with a BA in Political Science.

Steve served the first three of his six terms in the House; from 1993-1999 he served on the House Ways & Means Committee and the Commerce & Institutions Committee.  In 1995, at the age of 24 Steve became the Chairman of the Vermont Democratic Party, taking over a party that was in disarray and nearly $100,000 in debt.  While serving in the State House and as Party Chair, Steve balanced the work of both positions and retired the debt of the Democratic Party, returning it to strong financial ground. 

When Steve left the Legislature, he went to work as a grassroots organizer.  He worked for a national highway safety organization called The Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, where he lobbied Congress and state houses across the country, building an activist network to keep truck-trains off our roads.  While building his business as a grassroots organizer he took on clients such as the Global AIDS Alliance, where he built support for increased funding to fight HIV/AIDS at home and abroad.  Steve also worked for Housing Vermont and organized for NARAL Pro-Choice Vermont, where he worked hard to protect the rights of women to make medical decisions without government interference.  While working for these initiatives Steve served as a fundraiser for a number of progressive women running for office throughout New England. 

After six years away from the state house, Steve decided to return to public service.  In 2004, he ran for and won a seat in Rutland City, the district that is now his home.  This was the second conservative district in which Steve had won an election as a progressive Democrat.  When the 2006 election cycle rolled around, Steve worked not only for his own reelection, but he helped to elect three Democratic women to the Legislature from Rutland City, defeating two Republican incumbents and turning all four of Rutland’s House districts blue.

Steve has worked for numerous organizations throughout the country, organizations whose progressive values align with his own.  While serving as a grassroots organizer and consultant, Steve is now in his twelfth year in the Vermont House.  For eleven of those years he served on a money committee, which has allowed Steve to develop an integral understanding of the fiscal problems Vermont now faces.  Steve intends to bring his skills as an organizer to the office of Lt. Governor, where he will build grassroots consensus around the important issues facing Vermont.  Engaging Vermonters in the work of solving the problems of today, Steve will help us work together to build the Vermont of tomorrow.


" I am not running for Lieutenant Governor to stand up for the rich and the powerful, the haves and the have mores; instead I am running for Lieutenant Governor to create a grassroots movement for change that is too big to fail."

Steve Howard,
Democrat for Lt. Governor