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About AIAA
One Remarkable Fact Says It All
Since 1963, members from a single professional society have achieved virtually every milestone in modern American flight. That society is the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
our vision

AIAA’s vision is to be the shaping, dynamic force in the aerospace profession – the forum for innovation, technical excellence, and global leadership.

our mission

AIAA’s mission is to address the professional needs and interests of the past, current, and future aerospace workforce and to advance the state of aerospace science, engineering, technology, operations, and policy to benefit our global society.

Our Core Values
We expect nothing less than perfection in all we do. The critical consequences of our work and the impact to society at large drive our passion for overcoming risk.

We bring together a diverse community to collaborate and share information and insights among pioneers, practitioners, future generations, staff and partners to enable personal, professional, and business growth.

We lead the global aerospace community into the future with visionary inspiration and the talent of our membership.

Our profession requires lifelong learning, and knowledge that is wide and deep. We must inspire future generations to continue the quest for broad and profound understanding.

We conduct all activities honestly, truthfully, and ethically. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
our history: two pioneering traditions united

For more than 70 years, AIAA has been the principal society of the aerospace engineer and scientist. But we haven’t always been AIAA, or even one organization.

In 1963, the two great aerospace societies of the day merged. The American Rocket Society and the Institute of Aerospace Science* joined to become AIAA. Both brought long and eventful histories to the relationship – histories that stretched back to 1930 and 1932 respectively, a time when rocketry was the stuff of science fiction and the aviation business was still in its infancy.

Each society left its distinct mark on AIAA. The merger combined the imaginative, risk-taking, shoot-for-the-moon outlook of Project Mercury-era rocket, missile, and space professionals with the more established, well-recognized, industry-building achievers of the aviation community. The resulting synergy has benefited aerospace ever since.

Today, with more than 31,000 members, AIAA is the world's largest professional society devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. The Institute continues to be the principal voice, information resource, and publisher for aerospace engineers, scientists, managers, policymakers, students, and educators. AIAA is also the go-to resource for stimulating professional accomplishment and standards-driven excellence in all areas of aerospace for prominent corporations and government organizations worldwide.

* The two societies were originally the American Interplanetary Society and the Institute of Aeronautical Science.

aerospace's leading publisher

The first edition of the American Interplanetary Society's monthly Bulletin came out in June 1930. The publisher? An AIAA predecessor. Since then, we’ve earned an international reputation as the primary publisher of innovative aerospace literature and the best source of aerospace industry archives, which date back to the early 1900s. Over the past 70+ years, AIAA and its predecessor organizations have published more than 1000 titles and 300,000 meeting papers. Our current publications include seven journals, two magazines, three book series, national and international standards, growing numbers of electronic products, and a full-service, interactive web site.
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the information catalyst

Energizing the industry is a vital part of our mission. How do we light the spark? By acting as the catalyst for information flow and exchange. That takes innovative forums where professionals can present their findings, share views, and benchmark. Forums like the aerospace industry’s most important conferences and events. Its most authoritative technical publications. And exciting new options made available over the web. AIAA supplies them all.
Conference & Events Publications & Papers

serving a diverse community

AIAA addresses the needs of scientists, engineers and allied professionals who conceive, design, develop, test, construct, and operate air and space vehicles, plus their associated systems and subsystems. Equally important, we reach out to the educators who train the professionals … to the researchers who continuously renew the technology … to the managers who lead their efforts … and to the innovators who generate and nurture new concepts.

For all of these professionals, AIAA offers a wealth of benefits. These include resources for practitioners, such as access to market and management information, links to related societies and businesses, career information, and provocative articles with relevant industry insights. Updated industry news, trends, and company profiles are on the way.
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the voice of aerospace

AIAA’s active public policy and public information programs give its members a powerful voice in government decisions affecting the aerospace industry. Since 1972, we have contributed technical expertise and policy guidance to Congress and the Executive Branch, regularly testifying before the House and Senate on aerospace issues.

Time and again, AIAA provides timely information in response to major events and initiatives. We bring the specialized knowledge of its members to bear on critical national issues and we foster relationships with the media and the public that raise awareness of the benefits that aerospace programs deliver to the nation’s economy, security, and technological development.
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new directions: dynamic AIAA and our strategic plan

By the turn of the millennium, aerospace had entered a period of sweeping change driven by the advent of exciting new technologies, especially information and communications.

Because of these developments, the aerospace industry now serves four core missions:

  • Enabling the global movement of people and goods

  • Leading the global acquisition and dissemination of information and data

  • Advancing national security interests

  • Providing a source of scientific progress and inspiration by pushing the boundaries of exploration and innovation.
In response, AIAA supplemented the scope of its historic mission to encompass new technical areas, such as aerospace information and communications, air traffic management, logistics, and systems integration. And, we’ve reached out to our membership to help us integrate the new “aerospace world” these disciplines represent into the mainstream of AIAA activities.

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AIAA Membership: Your Passport To Value
The latest technical information … lasting professional relationships … recognition of your accomplishments … career development resources … a role in advancing the aerospace profession. These benefits and more await you as a member of AIAA.

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The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the world's largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession.