Apply for a WA driver's licence (interstate licence holders)

If you intend to live in Western Australia (WA) you must apply for a WA driver's licence within three (3) months of residing in the State. Find out how to apply for a WA driver's licence.

Grant of licence

If you meet all of the requirements below you will be granted a WA driver's licence.

Remember, our Drive Safe handbook provides you with up to date information on WA's road rules.

Important note:

If you are a provisional licence holder (P plater) refer to Rules for novice drivers (includes L and P platers) in the 'Rules and Penalties' section of our website.

Converted classes of vehicles you are authorised to drive


Converted class

Another State (NT, Qld, ACT etc) All classes
External territory (Cocos, Norfolk and Christmas Islands) All classes except Norfolk Island (C class only)
Defence forces All classes

How to transfer your interstate driver's licence

Attend a Licensing Centre or regional Licensing Agent

To transfer your interstate driver�s licence you will need to attend a Licensing Centre or regional Licensing Agent.

You must take the following documentation with you:

  • Your interstate driver�s licence (current or expired less than five years), or a combination of driver licence details/letter from the interstate driver licence issuing authority
  • Proof of identity - one primary and one secondary document original only) - accepted documents are provided in the fact sheet below
  • Proof of your WA residential address
  • One document that shows your signature
  • The driver's licence application fee, together with the licence fee (only required if your interstate licence has expired). If your licence has expired you have the option of paying for a 1 year or 5 year licence.
  • Provide evidence of the initial issue date of your interstate licence. If you fail to provide evidence of the initial issue date of your interstate licence you will be granted a WA provisional drivers licence until the required evidence is produced. You may be required to complete a �Customer Consent to Obtain Information From Another Licensing Authority� form which may be used to verify the initial date of issue of your licence. If required, the form will be given to you at the Licensing Centre or regional Licensing Agent when you apply for the grant of a WA drivers licence.

If you are a pensioner or senior you may be eligible to receive a concession on your driver's licence fee. Refer to our web page on concessions.

Steps to completing the application

When attending a Licensing Centre or regional Licensing Agent you will be required to:

  • Complete an application form
  • Answer questions regarding traffic or criminal convictions and declare any medical conditions or medication taken
  • Pass a standard eyesight test
  • Have your photo taken for your new licence.
Proof of identity - examples of accepted primary and secondary documents 44.73 KB
Driver licence fees (includes fees for learner drivers) 101.41 KB

Providing a photograph for your licence

You will need to have your photograph taken for your driver's licence. Your photograph can be taken at a Licensing Centre or regional Licensing Agent or PhotoPoint.

If you have concerns regarding the photograph, please refer to our frequently asked questions.

Licensing centres and agents

Get your photo taken

Demerit points

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