Audio Download 1.0

Basic information

This plugin lets you download audio for your Japanese vocabulary cards and uses JDIC online dictionary as source. It will add a new toolbar button to your Anki, that will be enabled if there is "vocabulary" tag on your card and you're in "showAnswer" state (ie. during card review after you push "Show Answer").

How to install & configure

This plugin requires Japanese Support(together with Mecab&Kakasi) to be installed on your Anki. It also needs your "vocabulary" tagged cards to have fields "Expression", "Reading" (default fields for Japanese card model created by Japanese Support) and "Audio".

Plugin lets you configure a few things so if you know what you want to achieve feel free to tinker with it.

How to use

During card review, after pressing "Show Answer" a new button on your toolbar will be available (greenish&redish one). Press it and a new dialog window will apear with "Kanji" field filled with what you had under your cards "Expression" field and "Kana" field filled with Kakasi interpretation of said kanji. You can change whats in both of those fields.

"Listen to current" lets you hear audio that you currently have for this card.

If at least "Kana" field is filled (or if both are) you can push "Download & listen" to download audio for such combination (kanji+kana), this operation doesn't modify anything on your deck yet.

If you like what you hear press "Save", that will save audio in your decs media directory and update your cards "Audio" field. If "Audio" field is not empty there will be a monit to ask you if that reference should be overwritten. Old audio is not deleted just cards reference to it, that means if something goes wrong you still have your previous audio on your disk.

Pushing "Cancel" in both dialog windows will cancel whole operation and nothing will be done to your card.


Licensed under WTFPL, version 2 or later;

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