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Unwanted Publicity Intelligence's Documents

  • Official Public Attack Emergency Secrets ( 2000 - 2002 )

    U.S. official report reveals secrets during terrorist attacks, and in its aftermath, attacks on citizens from problematic alcoholic emergency responders, government backlash aimed at public officials objecting to government problems faced by citizens, government news media embeds - key public news broadcasters - indoctrinated to use psychologically structured government programmed information releases. How all telecommunications ( phone, internet, text messaging devices, etc. ) will be controlled by government, and other civil unrest issues facing the public that the military, government, psychiatrists, media, and educators studied and plan to exercise for each emergency scenario. Will these best laid plans go astray, or lead to more problems than anticipated?

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  • Terrorist Financing Name Directory ( 2001 - 2002 )

    Official Terrorist Finance Account Name and Address Directory

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  • Russia Mafia Foreign Terrorist Investments ( 1996 - 2003 )

    Russia offshore capital flight, U.S. Congress funds Russia financial loss from Red Mafia whose black-market global trade network today supplies nuclear medical device and system component parts improvised as radiological weapons of mass destruction ( WMD ) for Islamic militant terrorists, Red Mafia leadership, clubs, banks, and more in the United States of America ( USA ), Canada, Europe, Middle East Arab states ( Iran ) global nuclear procurement terrorist activity, and U.S. Congressional Budget Office funding for years to Russia government claiming mysterious circumstances lost several U.S. government fund transfers where U.S. again funded Russia government bailout.

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  • Stealth 21st Century Vehicles & Weapons ( 1959 - 2020 )

    Stealth StingRay, color photos of the remote piloted unmanned pressurized airship, plus 21st Century stealth vehicles, weapons, and delivery systems.

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  • StarLight Projection & Transparency Vehicles ( 1990 - 2002 )

    Stealth lightbeam projects image of starlight on helium aerial vehicle of advanced silicon carbide film gives transparency avoidance against microwave and stealth radar detection plus ground observation deception. Navigation buoyancy directed via a large centralized parabolic reflector that captures ground-based directionalized high-energy light that travels to the sky on an 'invisible lightpath projection beam' as the light projection power source. In short, a large mirror reflects brightness as an artificial star in the sky from a beam of light shot from the ground to the sky. The new light-powered observable stealth surveillance vehicle to eventually replace old 'ground observable' Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAV ). Stealth dirigibles could be armed with advanced High-Energy Weapons ( HEW ) and/or Directed-Energy Weapons ( DEW ) the U.S. developed and have been using over a decade ago.

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  • Pentagon Secret Airline Hijacker ( 1981 - 2003 )

    Pentagon Star Wars program nuclear scientist / physicist used secret against airport security technology to hijack airline at Los Angeles International Airport in California, USA.

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  • NSA Intelligence Guide For Business Secrets ( 1972 - 2020 )

    National Security Agency ( NSA ) guides businesses, including U.S. perfume company Estee Lauder and other firms worldwide, on business secret protection through this intelligence agency.

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  • Global Communication Intelligence Briefs ( 1947 - 2002 )

    ECHELON, a detailed background of global communication intelligence surveillance operations, systems, quantum encryption programs, and more.

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  • Cosmic Intelligence Surveillance Brief ( 1998 - 2003 )

    Secret behind Coronal Mass Ejection ( CME ) X-ray flares harming passengers on popular airline routes. Planetary Encounter Circumstances ( PEC ), Near Earth Objects ( NEO ), Potentially Hazardous Asteroids ( PHA ), and surveillance spacecraft missions.

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  • Al-Qaeda Terrorist Secrets ( 1980 - 2002 )

    Secrets of al-Qaeda terrorists L'Houssaine Kherchtou, Zacarias Moussaoui (aka) Shaqil (aka) Abu Khalid al Sahrai, and others.

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