Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Calculated September 2010
  • Age: 56
  • Title: Chancellor
  • Country of citizenship: Germany
  • Marital Status: Married
Power Women: October 2010

With a fragile coalition--and infighting between the FDP (liberals) and the Christian Social Union, with both of whom her party is allied--Merkel is trying to push through tax and education reforms before next spring's regional elections. With German business sentiment near all-time highs, she can afford to spend a little political capital. Germany's planned 4% cuts in the 2011 budget ($400 billion) may anger constituents, many of whom are looking for wage raises. Merkel is lobbying for a non-permanent seat for Germany on the U.N. Security Council; some believe she is angling for a permanent place. more »

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Fresh Thinking from France and Germany

Some sobering stats and statements about our lack of progress towards the MDGs. First, despite the 2002 Monterrey commitment to raise contributions from donor states to .7% of GNI, we’re now at an average of just .3% and on track to maybe hit .5% by 2015. Secondly, despite the enthusiastic figures presented by the WTO, the European Commission informs me that much of the south-south trade is just trade with China, not the regional trade the poorest regions need. Does anyone have a figure for [...] more Maha Atal

The G-20 Fiscal Fight: A Pox on Both Their Houses

Barack Obama and Angela Merkel are the two main characters in what is being portrayed as a fight between American "stimulus" and European "austerity" at the G-20 summit meeting in Canada. [...] more

The 21st-Century Work Space

The 21st-Century Work Space Your work space is changing. Here's how. [...] more Edited by Nicole Perlroth

At Work With...

Bill Gates, a shark hunter, Angela Merkel, a coal miner, Hugh Hefner. Workspaces of the famous and fascinating. [...] more Nicole Perlroth
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  • Sylva22: Angela:
    She is a special
    With her kind smile.

    Something in her
    Gives me trust
    That there are still
    Clever and honest politician in this life.

    And she is
    And she will always win
    With her trustworthy mind
    And elegant kind
    Steadfast Facial Smile.


    October 7, 2010�?�

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