The Rogues' Gallery takes a brief look at the writings of
Ben Farmer and Eamonn Canniffe

image of journalist, Ben Farmer

Ben Farmer, a Daily Telegraph correspondent in Kabul, on 31/3/2009 writes, concerning a law recently adopted in Afghanistan, that "women can only seek work, education or doctor's appointments with their husband's permission."  What is the point of allowing them to "only seek" the work if they cannot then accept or perform it?  Mr. Farmer presumably meant that "women can seek work, education or doctor's appointments only with their husband's permission."  And should it not be "a doctor's appointment" or might he mean "doctors' appointments"?  Moreover, do all the women in Afghanistan have only one husband between them?..."their husband's permission".  At one husband each, that would be "their husbands' permission". 
This comment covers just one part of one sentence in Mr. Farmer's article.  Imagine how many errors there must be in the entire article.  And Mr. Farmer functions as a journalist!

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Image of Eamonn Canniffe

Eamonn Canniffe is Principal Lecturer in Architecture at the Manchester Metropolitan University.  He was born in Manchester in 1960 and was educated in Architecture at Cambridge and Harvard Universities.  In 1996 he held a Rome Scholarship in the Fine Arts at the British School in Rome.

Eamonn Canniffe is undoubtedly highly knowledgeable in his speciality but he might like to refer to THIS WEBSITE and in particular our extensive feature about punctuation, for he obviously has some trouble with the use of apostrophes in English:

"The purpose of a public forum was signalled by the honorific position provided for the modern mean's of communication ..." he wrote on a 'BLOG', which appears to be no longer available.

Perhaps his stint at an American University has left him a little confused but if a learned scholar of his calibre can commit such an error, what hope is there for the common of mortals?

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