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CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 10/7: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live Spike TV show - Foley vs. Flair, battle royal, Bound for Glory hype

Oct 7, 2010 - 10:10:49 PM

TNA Impact Results on Spike TV
October 7, 2010
Live in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Impact opened cold with Abyss having a hold of TNA president Dixie Carter. The Reaction-style camera followed Abyss as he dragged Carter around backstage toward the Impact Zone. Carter begged for mercy as Abyss dragged her where "they" have instructed her to go. Abyss threatened anyone who tried to help her before shoving away the cameraman.

Impact Zone: Abyss, with Carter, made it into the Impact Zone as Carter asked for someone to help. Abyss said tonight is a preview of what happens at 10-10-10 at Bound for Glory. He said at the PPV, Carter will be gone, gone, gone from TNA. Abyss said "they" wanted to ask Carter one final question before the PPV: "Do you prefer Janice or Bob?" Eric Bischoff came jogging down the entrance ramp and tried to approach Abyss. Terry Taylor joined in as Bischoff shouted at everyone to back off. TNA agents eventually got their camera time helping Carter escape from Abyss. Abyss backed away as Bischoff asked for the director to cut away.

Before they cut to break, Sting's music hit. Bischoff was then handed a headset from the red-headed floor manager as Sting, Kevin Nash, and The Pope showed up on stage apparently to confront Bischoff, who was no-selling their presence since he was busy on the headset.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Nash, Pope, and Sting were kind of standing around in the ring with Bischoff as they returned from break. Pope was the first to speak. He said maybe it's time he retracts his statement from last week when he called Eric a "no good son of a Bischoff." Pope said maybe Bischoff is good by continuing to run the smoke and mirrors routine. He said Abyss might not be the smartest monster, he had one thing right that at Bound for Glory, the walls are going to come crashing down on Bischoff.

Bischoff said he respects Pope, but he doesn't know what he's talking about. "You don't have a clue," he said. Pope said they're not 300 lions, but three calculating wolves. Pope said Bischoff has made it perfectly clear that this thing is bigger than Pope. Bischoff said Pope is following around Nash and Sting like they think they know what they're talking about. He said Pope is just like a dog chasing its tail. Pope said he's tired of talking to Bischoff. Bischoff said this thing is about Sting and Hulk Hogan.

Sting stepped forward and took the mic. He said Bischoff is "dead on" about this. Back to ten years ago in ol' WCW. Sting said the best way to end this is for Hogan to get back in the ring. He said this isn't about wrestling anymore (was it ever about wrestling?), but it's about life. Sting asked Bischoff if Hogan is ready to "put it all out there" and put it on the line. Sting said Hogan's true character will be revealed at BFG, so will he be ready to walk away? A crawler came on the screen plugging the live Reaction coming up after Impact. Bischoff had no comment.

[Q2] Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett then came jogging down the entrance ramp to the ring. Bischoff told them to back off and let him handle it. Bischoff said he'll give them the answers. He said Sting is trying to fill a big, black hole in his heart. Bischoff said Sting is challenging a man who's currently in intensive care. They cut to footage on the video screen of Hogan's various back procedures. Bischoff said that's the eighth surgery Hogan has had since February 2009. The video went inside the surgical procedure as Bischoff asked the three of them whether they're man enough. Bischoff told all three of them to beat him up for all they care. He said Joe and Jarrett are man enough to face them in a handicap match. Sting wasn't pleased while Nash just kept leaning against the ropes. And...cut.

Reax: 20 minutes. 20 minutes of talking in circles, a faux kidnapping, and a silent crowd waiting for some clues to figure out anything anyone is talking about.

Suddenly, they cut backstage where Mickie James was shown arriving in a vehicle. The roving cameraman asked what she was doing in TNA. Mickie said everyone will just have to wait to find out.

[Commercial Break]

TNA World Title feature: They aired a video package with recent Reaction comments from Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson talking about their title match at the Bound for Glory PPV.

New York: Team 3D was shown at Times Square in a pre-recorded video interview. Brother Ray said this is where Team 3D was born and bred. He said at Bound for Glory, Team 3D will make the "biggest announcement" of their career. Yes, more hyperbole. Ray said the announcement will "change tag team wrestling forever."

1 -- KO champion ANGELINA LOVE & VELVET SKY vs. MADISON RAYNE & TARA -- Winner gets rights to "Beautiful People" name

The match started just before the start of the third quarter-hour with a wild brawl in the ring to get over this "grudge feud." [Q3] Miss T. came out on stage two minutes into the action to get a closer look at the division she's been put in charge of. At 3:00, Madison came in with a hot tag and the action broke down. Madison had the win in hand, but she tagged in Tara, who lost control of the match. Velvet Sky then hit a roundhouse kick on Tara and scored the pin for the win.

After the finish, the BP celebrated while Madison sold from ringside that she was distraught. Miss T. then cut a promo reminding the four of them that the KO Title will be on the line at Bound for Glory with a special referee. Miss T. then brought out Mickie James on stage and everyone shot her dirty looks. Mickie said everyone should have known she would make an "impact" in TNA. Mickie said she would be honored to crown the new KO champion at BFG, but she has her eyes on the KO Title. Mickie said it will be "epic." Her music hit and she hugged Miss T. as they cut away.

WINNERS: Love & Sky in 4:00 to retain the BP name. (*)

Video: They cut to a video interview of Mick Foley plugging his book from a Boston book signing. Foley said he will stop at nothing to make sure he is the Last Man Standing vs. Ric Flair tonight. Foley reminded Flair of his promise to kiss Foley's ass if Foley wins.

Still to come: $100,000 gauntlet-style battle royal invitational. Mike Tenay almost ran out of breath getting the name of the match out. And they're going to Foley-Flair up next.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: The Reaction camera caught up to Dixie Carter, who told Bischoff to fire Abyss and do it tonight. Bischoff asked for some more time. Carter said she won't be like RVD. Why doesn't Carter just fire him? She told Bischoff to get him in the ring and fire him and humiliate him like he did to her. No excuses.

Impact Zone: Ric Flair came out to the ring for the match against Foley. No pre-match promo. No in-show hype from Flair. No opportunity for the audience to anticipate this match during the show. TNA is setting this up to be "just another match." Mick Foley came out behind Flair as Taz noted the difference with Flair in a $15,000 robe and Foley in torn up clothes.


2 -- MICK FOLEY vs. RIC FLAIR -- Last Man Standing match

They went right to the blood with Flair opening up Foley's forehead after the promo exchange "last week." On the outside, Foley landed a low blow as blood continued to flow from Foley's forehead into his eyes. Foley then found a barbed wire baseball bat underneath the ring steps and brought it into the ring to drop Flair with. Flair went down to his knees and bladed. Another barbed wire shot and Flair was shown visibly taking a giant swipe across his forehead with a blade to open himself up.

The fight went to the announce table where Foley tried to use the barbed wire bat to open up Flair some more before Flair gouged him in the eyes. Flair then threw Foley off the stage through a merchandise table positioned on the ground below. They bleeped out a "holy s---" chant as Foley sold on the floor. Flair made his way down to Foley as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Flair was ramming an elbow into Foley's forehead inside the ring. During the break, Flair used Foley's book as a weapon hitting Foley over the back with it. Foley and Flair were covered in blood, with Foley bleeding buckets. Flair then went under the ring and retrieved some thumbtacks that he spread across the ring. Foley then blocked a corner attack and back dropped Flair across the ring into the tacks. That should have been the finish, but it turned into a mid-match transitional hold. Flair got up and begged off in the corner before Foley pounded him down to the corner. Foley then ran a barbed wire board into Flair's face. Flair got up at five to answer the ten count before Foley went under the ring to retrieve a table.

Foley set up the table in the ring, then Flair lured him into a crotch shot that decked Foley. Flair proceeded to place Foley on a table before going up top. He then dove off the top with a splash that took both men through the table. Flair then got up, but did a Flair Flop into the thumbtacks. The ref suddenly reached a ten count with Foley squatting in the corner. It just kind of ended there with Flair face-down on the mat and Foley gasping for air, the winner.

WINNER: Foley in 13:00. Just a disgusting match that was hard to watch. Sure, the blood was supposed to add intensity to the blow-off match, but it was just way, way over the top. It fits TNA's line of thinking, "Hey, we can use blood, unlike WWE, so tons and tons of something must make it better!" To make matters worse, the finish was non-conclusive; the match just ended with a random, non-dramatic ten count with Foley declared the winner while he was randomly squatting in the corner after a comedy heel spot from Flair doing the flop into the tacks.

[Q5 -- second hour]

Post-match: Afterward, Flair walked out of the ring and nearly de-pansted himself. Foley continued to gasp for air, then took the mic. He said Flair has to kiss his ass, per their pre-match agreement. Flair stood on the entrance ramp as Foley told him to get in the ring and kiss it. Flair slowly made his way into the ring as they milked this for a while. Suddenly, Fortune hit the ring and jumped Foley. They stomped away on Foley before EV2 hit the ring and Fortune scattered. Raven was late to join the party. Flair then took the mic and started to cut a promo before screaming at a fan. Flair said that on Sunday, they're going to kiss all of EV2's asses. Flair spit down blood.

Announcers: They cut to Tenay and Taz to focus on the blood that was splattered near their table. Tenay then plugged the main event battle royal gauntlet still to come. ... Backstage: Bischoff was shown stomping down the hallway as Tenay said it's time for him to pink slip Abyss.

Impact Zone: Bischoff made his way into the Impact Zone, walking past the ECW guys on the way to the ring. They cut to footage from the top of the show when Abyss tried to hold Dixie Carter hostage. Bischoff, in the ring, surveyed the train wreck in the ring. He then checked with the floor manager again to find out how much time he has. Bischoff told Abyss to come out now. Tenay declared that Bischoff fires Abyss next.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back live, silence. Bischoff asked for Abyss to hurry on up and get to the ring so they can "do what they have to do." Instead, Rob Van Dam's music hit to bring out RVD. Tenay noted, moments after saying Bischoff was set to fire Abyss, that RVD faces Abyss at the Bound for Glory PPV on Sunday. RVD entered the ring and surveyed the damage before telling Bischoff there's no way he's going to be screwed out of the opportunity to face Abyss on Sunday. RVD said he will leave TNA over this if he doesn't get a shot at him. RVD said there's a code, brother. He said he is 1,010 percent about this. RVD told Bischoff to go tell Dixie that either Abyss wrestles him on Sunday or she loses the Whole F'n Show from TNA. Tenay declared Abyss gets a reprieve until Sunday. Taz corrected him that maybe it's happening. Confusion reigns.

Video package: From "earlier this week," Tommy Dreamer and Rhino were shown walking down the street with ECW fans. Rhino kept screaming as Dreamer laughed along with Rhino's exuberance.

Still to come: $100,000 battle royal.

[Commercial Break]


Earlier Today: Orlando Jordan was showing Eric Young how to win the carnival games. Young said they're meant to be as a tag team. Young said it's only a matter of time before they get their props in TNA. Orlando vowed to grab his balls. They hugged it out a little to close for Young's comfort.

Impact Zone: Randomly in the ring back from break were Ink, Inc. Cue up Jordan's music to bring out OJ & EY to face Shannon and Neal. They cut to footage from Xplosion to show off how great this OJ and EY pairing is by showing them...losing.


Young went for comedy early on pretending to lock up with Orlando after the opening bell. Taz talked in circles about Orlando's "character" as Orlando rubbed against Neal in the corner. Young then inadvertently distracted Orlando to allow Moore to tag into the match for Ink, Inc. Moore hit a moonsault on Orlando and scored a two count. Young then entered the ring and high-fived Moore. The match broke down, then Orlando low-blowed Moore behind the ref's back to score the win.

Post-match: Young tackled the referee and called for a time-out to over-rule the finish. Young told Orlando it's for his own good. Young said they are forfeiting this match. He proposed at Bound for Glory they get matching tattoos, then do the match all over again.

WINNERS: Young & Jordan in 5:00. With a locker room full of wrestlers who could put on a strong wrestling match to showcase TNA's talent roster, they went this route investing ten minutes of TV time on a comedy team in a comedy tag match. (n/a)

Video package: Jay Lethal narrated footage of his home where he grew up. This just came across so random and having nothing to do with anything. Maybe it's because it followed the previous segment.

Backstage: They showed Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Kurt Angle warming up backstage ahead of the battle royal gauntlet match.

[Commercial Break]


Backstage: Dixie Carter told RVD that she "gets the code thing." She told RVD that win, lose, or draw on Sunday, Abyss is gone from TNA. Bischoff walked in with a termination agreement effective 12:01 a.m. on October 11 to get rid of Abyss. Carter signed the document for Bischoff to send it back to TNA's attorneys.

Impact Zone: The Shore's music hit to bring out the new act of "Cookie" a/k/a Becky Bayless and Robbie E. They entered the ring and did some dice rolling gimmick. Taz wanted to know if they're here to wrestle or talk. The latter. Robbie started by introducing the new act. He said himself and Cookie...pause for "You suck" chant...want to let the audience know there is zero hot girls in Florida. More local heel promo talk that dragged on forever. Cookie said "Jersey is in the house" next week on Spike TV. Their music hit to end the introduction promo.

Video package: Kurt Angle was shown walking around somewhere. He said he promised that if he loses at Bound for Glory, he retires. Kevin Nash was shown talking about giving the world answers at the PPV. RVD, from the beach, said this is TNA's big moment. He said it's the one night to represent what TNA is about. Mr. Anderson was shown talking about competing in a big match and giving every ounce of effort at BFG. He said this is why he's here. Jeff Jarrett said this is where TNA's year culminates. Ric Flair talked about awareness. He said TNA is a showcase of skilled professional wrestlers. Not this week. Samoa Joe said this is where the wrestlers transcend what they're capable of. Dixie Carter predicted this will be the "biggest PPV in our company's history."

Impact Zone: Mr. Anderson came to the ring first for the battle royal gauntlet. Kurt Angle was out next as Tenay noted Angle puts his career at stake at Bound for Glory. The camera focused on $100,000 in cash sitting on the announce table.


Angle and Anderson started things off with a collar-and-elbow tie-up, leading to a stalemate. Every 45 seconds will be a new competitor. Coincidentally, Jeff Hardy was #3. Tenay covered by saying the Championship Committee wanted to "stir the pot" by putting the top three stars in the first three slots. There was no clock for the 45-second countdown and A.J. Styles was quickly out next. They cut to break with Styles slowly making his way to the ring.

[Commercial Break]

[Q8] Back live, several more men were in the ring as Tommy Dreamer's music was playing. A total of nine in the ring and no eliminations thus far. Jay Lethal then came out as #10. About 20 seconds later, Jeff Jarrett came out #11. He tried to eliminate Douglas Williams, but Williams caught the apron to block. The Pope was out next. Robert Roode joined the party with no eliminations yet. Sting was out next. After a few elimination teases, they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Abyss's music hit. So his reward for kidnapping Dixie Carter is a chance to win $100,000. Douglas Williams and Sabu were gone, then Jay Lethal, then Stevie Richards via Abyss. Sting was out. Kevin Nash then came out and high-fived Sting on the way to the ring. Nash wasn't even dressed to wrestle. Tenay plugged the conclusion of the match during Reaction after Impact. Matt Morgan was out next one minute before the top of the hour. Morgan started knocking down smaller wrestlers before coming face-to-face with Kevin Nash. The big men battle. They started trading blows before Samoa Joe's music hit.

[Q9 -- over-run] Abyss eliminated both Nash and Morgan right as Joe hit the ring. Suddenly, Beer Money's music hit again to bring out James Storm. Dreamer teased eliminating Abyss, but Abyss held on. Abyss then eliminated GenMe as Shelley hit the ring. Rhino was out next as Kazarian was eliminated. Rhino went right after Abyss while Styles and Dreamer started fighting. Rhino was gone next. Abyss then tossed Jarrett, followed by The Pope. Tenay said that's all the time they have for Impact.


After a brief video pause, Tenay reset the show as Abyss eliminated Shelley. The crowd was pretty quiet as men traded blows in the ring. Joe was gone next. Beer Money, the heels, then did their babyface Beer...Money dance. Roode then attempted to throw Storm out of the ring, but Storm skinned the cat. They hugged it out, then Abyss dumped both Beer Money members out of the ring. Next out was Dreamer via Abyss. Abyss then press-slammed Styles over the top rope to the floor. And they were down to the final four of Abyss, Hardy, Angle, and Anderson.

Hardy hit Angle with a Swanton Bomb, but Abyss chucked Hardy over the top rope to the floor. Anderson then took a chokeslam mid-ring. Suddenly, RVD's music hit. They went from 45-second intervals to 20-second intervals to a 10-minute interval for RVD all in the same match. RVD then eliminated both himself and Abyss. So, it was down to Angle and Anderson. Angle was selling his rib injury as both men came to their feet. Angle and Anderson traded moves, then Angle gave Anderson the Angle Slam over the top rope to the floor ten minutes past the top of the hour to win the match.

WINNER: Angle in 26:00 to win the cash.

Post-match: Angle held the cash and gave the belt-around-the-waist motion to Anderson, who stomped away from ringside while holding his hamstring.

[Commercial Break leading to Reaction following Impact.]


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HITS & MISSES - ROH TV on HDNet 9/27 & 10/4: Tyler Black on ROH TV, ROH champion in six-man tag, top stars built up heading to Final Battle 2010
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - WWE: Wade Barrett Is A Lucky Bloke, Squashing Daniel Bryan, The Cena-Nexus Antidote, Early Absurd Bragging Rights PPV Line-up
10/4 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: John Cena and Nexus, Edge-Miz, Sheamus Squashes Daniels Bryan, Battle Royal
HITS & MISSES - WWE HELL IN A CELL PPV 10/3: Opening U.S. Title match, Orton-Sheamus, Kane-Taker gray area, Raw GM, look-ahead to Bragging Rights
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Hell in a Cell PPV Review: Pre-PPV Predictions vs. Actual Outcomes vs. Absurdity Predictions In A Katy Perry-Endorsed Three-Way Match
GARDNER'S KEY MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Chris Jericho leaves WWE via Orton Punt, can WWE fill the void?
NEWTH: Comparing recent TV ads by Linda McMahon and Richard Blumenthal - who's winning the important political battle of style over substance? (w/VIDEOS)
9/27 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: Build-up to the Hell in a Cell PPV, Edge vs. John Cena, Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - WWE Raw: Edge vs. GM Laptop Competes Against Bears vs. Packers?, Mick Foley Book Plugs, Why Does Cole Only Hate Mid-Card Babyfaces?
9/24 WWE Smackdown Hits & Misses: Kane - Undertaker, Alberto Del Rio takes out Christian, Big Show, Kaval, Ziggler vs. MVP
9/23 WWE Superstars Hits & Misses: Primo vs. JTG, Goldust vs. Regal, Cena vs. Nexus Replay, suggestions to improve the show
TNA IMPACT FLASHBACK - TWO YRS. AGO (10-23-08): Live Impact Top 10 Things - Main Event Mafia forms, Sting & Nash TV main event, Foley's "ownership" interest, new title introduced
WWE RAW 10/4: Place Your Bets on tonight's Raw - Week 6 of current PYB season with Cena joining Nexus
WWE HELL IN A CELL PPV FLASHBACK - 2009 (10-04-09): Top 10 Things To Know - DX vs. Legacy, Battle of Future Stars V.1, PPV Headliners now out of WWE
WWE OCTOBER PPV FLASHBACK - 2008 (10-05-08): Top 10 Things To Know - HBK vs. Jericho ladder match main event, MIA PPV headliners, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WWE SMACKDOWN FLASHBACK - TWO YRS. AGO (10-03-08): SD debut on MyNet, 10 Things To Know - Hunter vs. Jericho vs. M. Hardy main event, J. Hardy chasing Hunter, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
TNA IMPACT FLASHBACK - FIVE YRS. AGO (10-01-05): Impact debuts on Spike TV exactly five years ago, Top 10 Things To Know - Hardy in main event, Who's still in TNA in 2010?
WWE OCTOBER PPV FLASHBACK - 2007 (10-07-07): Top 10 Things To Know - Triple H wrestles three matches, Six-man tag with three current TNA wrestlers, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WCW NITRO FLASHBACK REPORT (03-30-98): Jericho's famous "Man of 1,004 Holds" promo, Top 10 Things To Know - night after WM14, Piper vs. Hogan, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010
WCW THUNDER FLASHBACK REPORT - 12 YRS. AGO (09-24-98): Top 10 Things To Know - Goldberg main event, Jericho's Raw name-drops, early Eugene cameo, Flair vs. Bischoff, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WCW NITRO FLASHBACK REPORT - TEN YRS. AGO (09-25-00): Top 10 Things To Know - Russo challenges for WCW Title, Goldberg vs. Steiner, Who's in WWE & TNA in 2010?
WWE RAW 9/20: "Place your Bets" Scoreboard after Week 5 - Review last week's scores; No contest this week with taped Raw
McNEILL FLASHBACK (5 Yrs Ago): Seven Reasons You Can't Blame TNA For Jeff Jarrett
WWE STATS REVIEW: Wrestler Rankings for number of matches in first-half 2010; how many matches are top stars on pace for the full year?
5/16 TNA Stats in Review: Current champions, 2010 Win/Loss Records, TV & PPV & house show results
5/3 TNA Stats in Review: Current champions, 2010 Win/Loss Records, TV & PPV & house show results
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 1999 - Muchnick, Rick Rude, Owen Hart, Renegade...
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2000 - Solie, Albright, Duncum, Tsuruta, Blue Demon, Al Costello
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2001: Johnny Valentine, Terry Gordy, Chris Adams, Bertha Faye, Helen Hart
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2002 (Wahoo, Thesz, Rocco, Mr. Wrestling)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2002 (Wahoo, Thesz, Rocco, Mr. Wrestling)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2003 (Hawk, Hennig, Blassie, Liz)
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2004
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2005
SPECIALIST: List of Deceased Wrestlers for 2006
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