Martinez, Huskers pound Cats


Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez (3) did just about anything he wanted in rushing for 244 yards and four touchdowns in Nebraska's48-13 rout of Kansas State on Thursday in a nationally televised game.
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MANHATTAN — At its best, Kansas State-Nebraska was more class war than rivalry.

Nebraska ruled the Big 12 with feudal supremacy, and K-State was the team trying to spark a revolution. Wins against the Cornhuskers were milestones in K-State's history, and fans packed Snyder Family Stadium on Thursday in hopes of witnessing one more uprising.

No chance. Instead, the seventh-ranked Huskers (5-0, 1-0 Big 12) administered a final smackdown for old times' sake, a 48-13 rout that served as a not-so-subtle reminder of who ruled the Big 12 North for most of its existence.

"It's embarrassing," safety Tysyn Hartman said. "It was a Thursday night, national TV. Everybody saw it."

Specifically, everybody saw Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez shred the Wildcats for 241 rushing yards and four scores, a performance that would rival anything authored by Michael Bishop, Eric Crouch or Tommie Frazier.

Those quarterbacks employed the triple-option, but the zone-read was Martinez's weapon of choice. He knifed effortlessly through K-State's defense, breaking touchdown runs of 14, 35, 80 and 41 yards that would have stood in a game of two-hand touch.

And when he got tired of that, Martinez lobbed a 79-yard touchdown pass to Kyler Reed.

"He made it look awful easy," coach Bill Snyder said. "He's a tremendous athlete, and he obviously has excellent speed. He's faster than we are."

Not that it mattered, but K-State's offense wasn't much good, either. Daniel Thomas ran for 63 yards on 22 carries, a paltry average of 2.9.

The performance, contrasted against that of Martinez, underscored a basic reality about Thomas' chances in the race for the Heisman Trophy and other postseason awards.

It's tough to go it alone.

"It takes a whole bunch of guys to make it happen," Snyder said. "Martinez is an extremely fine player, but he had some help tonight."

Quarterback Carson Coffman was equally unspectacular, completing 14 of 22 passes for 91 yards. Coffman was pulled for Collin Klein in the second half, and Snyder rotated his three quarterbacks for the rest of the game.

Snyder also stopped short of naming Coffman as his starter against Kansas, saying he will re-evaluate the quarterback position next week.

"(The competition) will probably open itself up a little more," Snyder said.

The tone was set on K-State's opening drive, an 11-play march that ended when Coffman's quarterback draw was stopped on fourth-and-2 at Nebraska's 25-yard line. Each team burned a timeout before the play, and Snyder had kicker Josh Cherry on the field before electing to put Coffman alone in the backfield and run the quarterback draw.

"In hindsight, I'd probably say let me go back and reconsider kicking the field goal," Snyder said. "We put the field-goal unit out there and brought them off. We probably should have left them on. That's on me."

K-State didn't threaten the end zone again until the fourth quarter, when Coffman found Chris Harper for K-State's only touchdown.

Nebraska was halfway to Ann Arbor by then.

"They're obviously very good and very talented at every position, but I don't think they're more talented than we were," Coffman said. "It's kind of frustrating talking about it, but I don't feel like they just completely physically dominated us or manhandled us."

The stat sheet suggested otherwise. Nebraska churned out 587 yards, including 451 on the ground, to 315 for the Wildcats. It was the first time a team topped 400 rushing yards against the Wildcats since Colorado ran for 518 in 1989, and Martinez recorded the first 200-yard rushing game against K-State since KU's Jon Cornish ran for 201 in 2006.

Disappointing as it was, the loss left K-State (4-1, 1-1 Big 12) in familiar territory. Snyder's teams have bounced back from blowouts against Nebraska in the past, and now they must do so again.

"I need to sit down and reflect on it, talk to the coaches and reassess some things," Snyder said. "We have a lot of things to reassess. We can't continue the way we were tonight."

First quarter

NU — Martinez 14 run (Henery kick), 6:22. Drive: 8 plays, 76 yards, 3:28 time of possession.

Second quarter

KSU — Cherry 46 field goal, 8:47. Drive: 7-23, 3:38.

NU — Martinez 35 run (Henery kick), 3:54. Drive: 8-87, 4:53.

NU — Henery 39 field goal, 0:26. Drive: 5-62, 1:41.

Third quarter

NU — Martinez 80 run (Henery kick), 14:02. Drive: 3-80, 0:58.

NU — Helu 68 run (Henery kick), 11:22. Drive: 1-68, 0:10.

KSU — Cherry 48 field goal, 1:48. Drive: 7-27, 3:45.

NU — Reed 79 pass from Martinez (Henery kick), 1:00. Drive: 2-80, 0:48.

Fourth quarter

NU — Martinez 41 run (Henery kick), 12:50. Drive: 7-76, 2:22.

KSU — Harper 2 pass from Coffman (Cherry kick), 9:57. Drive: 6-48, 2:23.

NU — Henery 40 field goal, 4:30. Drive: 12-51, 5:27.

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SURPISE!! oh wait actually not a surprise. you lawlstaters that thought you actually had a chance are so silly.
rikkitikkitavi's picture

the season is not yet over - hang in there.

This Jayhawk fan wishes KSU a good season.

so why did bo pellini chase down snyder in 2003?

was it something about running up the score in that game?
dwd69's picture


I don't think Nebraska is trying to run up the score. If k-state doesn't want to tackle what other choice do the Huskers have?

Daniel who???????????

Daniel who???????????

Show some class.

I'd just like to remind all my fellow KU fans that despite everything, KState still did better against Nebraska than our boys did against BAYLOR. We literally have NO room to say much as it kills me to admit it. But I know my place.


You are right, but its so easy when they throw EVERYTHING in our face that has nothing to do with them......
drgreydog's picture

just spitballin here....

should be something like NU-96 and KU-3?????

I agree.

However, there's no excuse to stoop to the level of the worst of their fanbase. And that's not calling out all kstate fans, I'm saying the WORST, as in bottom of the barrel (expletive)s that live just to see ku fail because they gave up on kstate's success. Now that Kstate is the successful one, they don't know what to do with themselves, and continue in their old ways. I'd hate to see myself, or any fellow Jayhawk suffer such a fate.

wait...lawlstate is successful???

having 3 wins against other scrub teams isnt success. the mildcats finally played a real team and looked like a peewee league team

Bye Bye Kitties

I told you Kitties this game would not be close. Blackstone, whoever you are, you aren't getting "another" national championship this season. Oh well. Go back to your hole. As I told you all midweek, you should know your place. You are NOT a power football program, Kitties. You're the Kitties.

Now stick out your claws and do some damage to the rest of the Big Texass Conference the rest of the season. Especially against sCUm. Beat the crud out of the Buffies in Boulder. I'll be wearing purple that day.

As for the moron who was holding up the "TreasoN" sign, just remember this day when the Big Texass Conference implodes and you need a lifeline. We'll put in a good word with the Mountain West for you.

Go Kitties!

I guess I will comment

For the KU fans that actually realize that negative comments about KSU shows nothing but jealousy, I appreciate your self-awareness. For gorilla and his comments about Daniel'll know EXACTLY who he is next Thursday. Carson Coffman is a great young man, but not a real threat at QB. That being said, he wasn't the only one that lost that game.

Here's the simple math - if your only real threat on offense is one guy, all the other team has to do is stack the box and contain that threat. As a life long Wildcat fan, I remember Ricky Williams showing up in Manhattan during his Heisman year and getting a total of 5 yards against the Wildcats. Daniel is more than just a great running back, he has a great deal of character. Next week will be the coming out of Lamur and/or Klein, both greater threats than Coffman.

As for Bo running up the score, I don't think that is the case at all. He ran his offense and my Cats failed to stop them. My hat is off to NU as I thought - like many other KSU fans - that Martinez would be a little rattled in a big game. He wasn't. But NU is a legitimate top 5 team with a truly stellar defense and one of the best offensive lines in the country.

As always, I am proud of my Wildcats. Even though Coffman didn't prove to be up to the challenge, neither did the former Heisman hopeful Jake Locker. In fact, Carson outplayed Locker statistically and on the scoreboard. KSU will be fine and should finish with 8 wins on the season. Not bad for Coach Snyder and the team considering how much damage Prince did to the program. It takes time to bring about the second MIRACLE IN MANHATTAN, but it is coming......


Since when has the pussycats been successful? What have they won?...hmmm, nothing! Wait, they won a national championship in debate, they proudly display it on I-70...

it was a litmus test

we've come a long way but have a long way to go. NU and OU have always been the standard. We'll get there.
bkstagepass's picture

Running up the score?

This is the big time, there is no running up the score. If you feel as though someone ran up the score, my advice to you is to get better and not let teams run up the score on you. Stop blaming others! I know Bo said that Snyder ran up the score in '03 and I thought he was a crybaby then and I think anyone who complains about running up a score is a crybaby still.


We know we will see him next thursday and we are not too thrilled about that. He is a good running back but you guys talked him up waaaaaaaaaay too much. Heisman??? You have to get it done against halfway decent teams and I haven't even noticed him on the field against UCF or Nebraska......

and when I say get it done against a halfway decent team...I wasn't talking about KU because we are rebuilding and stink this year! KSU got their butts kicked last night at home against a good team. I thought ksu would keep it close especially on defense. I wont talk trash because KU still has to visit Nebraska and we all know how that will end least KU and Nebraska have some respect for one another in Turner Gill!!! Better than that fat guy we had from KSU.....

BringbackWillie's picture

We just couldn't tackle

Or run as fast as #3. Coach better mix in some tackling drills this week. And maybe a different QB as well. Coffman has NOT impressed me this season. How about some downfield passing, too? Fourteen completions for fewer than 100 yards is not good. Offensive line was respectable. C'mon Cats, learn from this and turn it around. There's still a LOT of ball to play this season. Meanwhile, the Cornholers could easily run the table and win the national championship if they keep this up. #3 could take the Heisman, too. And now that they are joining an inferior, overrated conference, it looks good for them. Go, State.

Tramps like us...

Big Ten Comments

Consistently people call the Big Ten inferior/over rated, etc. Then they turn around and say "good luck, Nubbs, playing the likes of OSU, UM, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin...."

Isn't that pretty much a statement that makes the Big Ten sound superior to the Big 12? How can you say they are leaving for an inferior conference and then claim they can't win because of how good the teams are? (Bringbackwillie I know you didn't make that claim.)

cry cry mildcats

you guys are so desperate for everyone to recoginze your team as a football power you are totally oblivious to the fact that your team stinks. you were undefeated until this game because you played weak inferior teams. the ku game will probably be the only win you get in the big12...better luck next year. oh yeah, how many colleges have a "wildcat" as their mascot?? LAME!!! ROFLCOPTER
wdean52's picture


Nebraska may win the Big 12 this year and the Big 10 next year. Remenber where you heard that.
wdean52's picture


List of colleges with wildcats as mascot: Abilene Christian (Abilene, TX) Arizona Baker (Baldwin City, KS) Bethel College (McKenzie, TN) Bethune-Cookman Cazenovia College (Cazenovia, NY) Abilene Christian (Abilene, TX) Arizona Baker (Baldwin City, KS) Bethel College (McKenzie, TN) Bethune-Cookman Chico State Cazenovia College (Cazenovia NY) Davidson Indiana Wesleyan Kansas State Kentucky Linfield College (McMinnville, OR) New Hampshire Randolph College Northern Michigan Northwestern Penn College St. Catherine Villanova Weber State

Open mouth, insert foot. They already beat Iowa State.

wdean52's picture


Please tell me, you "don't" vote.

Nebraska is going to take

Nebraska is going to take over the Big10......Its going to happen

Gorilla 10...

Wow! Get a life.


thx for finding out how many colleges use a wildcat as their mascot, how lame that kstate couldnt find something original....

I would bet...

...that dildozer and blacksnake are one and the same. Read their posts and one can easily see that neither knows much of anything and they only want to stir up trouble. Why do so many of you bother with either of them? Believe me - neither is worth a bucket of warm spit.
wildcat_troy's picture

last nights game

I watched the game last night was very disappointed in our defense. I belive martinez is going to be a good quarterback. but i still think nebraska is beatable. I wish we was able to do that last night didnt happen. For running up the score i dont think they did. I do think he could of pulled the martinez when they was over 24 points ahead. but thats my opinion. I think as far as im concerned i think thier alot more games for kstate to win. I see KU very good chance beating ku baylor will be a tough game ok state be tuff and texas will be tuff missouri will be tuff and colorado tough but all these games are very winable there is no unbeatble teams out there. so i think we will win more games be patients people lets not be KU fans and throw the coach or players under the bus.

Oh almost forgot i wouldnt be surprised if Texas dont bite nebraska one more time.

This is my opinion and my opinion only

Go Wildcats

Why would Nebraska pull

Why would Nebraska pull Martinez from the game if they were 24 points ahead? It's not peewee league, it's college football.


Why would you bring KU fans and KU football into the mix when you just got killed by Nebraska at Home.....get a life. Your the type of fan that annoys everyone


I bet you are the person that talks up the big12 over the big10 every year. Now that Nebraska is going to the big10 they are all of a sudden waaaaaaay better than the big12 and Nebraska won't be able to make it there.....get a clue. You don't understand college fb

I Kept Wondering

Which Wildcat Asst Coach had been designated to meet Bo Pelini at midfield following the game and cuss him out for running up the score.

It's already been said. No one ran up the score, no more than Snyder ran up the score in 03 (Pelini has never apologized for his actions).

No use talking about throwing it downfield or stretching the field as long as Coffman is quarterback. His throw to Smith on the play in which he was injured demonstrated just how weak an arm he has. If you complete 14 passes and don't break a hundred yards passing, you've got a problem. Nebraska correctly understood that if they stopped Thomas at the line of scrimmage, they'd stop our entire offense. Klein and Lamur may be able to throw it further, but I suspect they aren't very accurate and I suspect they don't make very good decisions. Otherwise, they'd probably be in there.

Lamur doesn't have much upside for more than this year. Klein does. Play him the rest of they way, please Bill. We can win at least two more with him and he gets the experience for the coming year.

Now, stick it, KU fans and NU posters here. We know we laid a huge egg. Any of us who have already achieved a degree and have been in the working world for more than a year knew this was a possible outcome. It was tough to watch in person. I should have bought the tickets to the Texas game.


KU fans know what we have coming the rest of this year. We don't have a chance at Nebraska and we all know it. But KU and KSU fans live in the now. When one team loses, the other teams fans are the first to let them know. It will never change, that is why it is called a rivalry.(In every sport except bball)