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Last updated January 4th, 2006

Welcome to my Continuum set of pages. One of the first things that you will likely notice here is that Continuum is a roleplaying game that is not your standard fantasy or science fiction rpg, and doesn't fit neatly into the category of horror either. The Continuum RPG first came out from Aetherco in the middle of 1998, and has been well received in the marketplace (at least in those parts of it where it is known). Support for the game on the part of Aetherco has been very good, and the game has an active following on the internet. In my humble estimation, the folks at Aetherco have produced a true winner in this game.

Continuum is one of the more innovative roleplaying games out there, and the best way to describe the game is to say that it is a science fiction rpg that deals with time travel, but adds elements of fantasy to the mix (and horror, depending on how you wish to moderate the game). The game mechanics of Continuum are very simple, easy to learn. What makes the game truly unique is that the game also requires the *player*'s interaction and knowledge, as well as that of her character. There is a lot of material in the game that can have a darker tint to it, but the edges are very nicely defined. While I am fond of Continuum because while I love running the main fantasy and science fiction roleplaying games that I run, DragonQuest and Ringworld , respectively, the game that is provided in the context of Continuum is a whole different style of roleplaying, and one that I really appreciate - and my players have come to love for its differences from the standard fantasy and science fiction rpgs.

What you will find on these web pages devoted to the game is a lot of Continuum material, and I hope that some of the material here pleases you and perhaps encourages you to look at this truly unique, wonderful game of time travel and the laws of causality and effect...

My Introduction to Continuum

The Continuum FAQ

Continuum Product List

Kessler's Temporal Handbook

Continuum Resources & Materials

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