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Surefire Flashlights & Flash Light Accessories: LED Flashlights, Xenon Lights, Flash Light Batteries & more


Shurefire FlashlightsSureFire Flashlights, Weaponlights and illumination tools are the finest in the world - compact, rugged, powerful, reliable, efficient. Engineered for maximum performance and precision manufactured, Sure Fire Flashlights and Weapon Lights produce optimal beams - brilliant light with no rings, hot spots, or shadows. That's why people whose lives may depend on having enough light when they need it, such as military, emergency, and police personnel and outdoors professionals, rely on Sure Fire. SureFire offers not only the world's finest compact high-intensity Flash Lights for outdoors, military, law enforcement, and general applications. SureFire also feature waterproof and extremely rugged Laser Sights, and EarPro line of electronic and non-electronic communications earpieces for hearing protection and hearing enhancement.

SureFire Flashlight

Surefire Flash LightsSureFire Lights are powerful, compact, rugged and reliable. They produce optimal beams - no dark holes, rings, hot spots, or shadows. When you own a SureFire flashlight, you own the best. SureFire WeaponLights and tactical flashlights are used by more SWAT teams and military Special Forces than any other brand. All SureFire Weapon Lights are designed for peak performance in the harshest environments. Constructed from either aerospace grade hard-anodized aluminum or impact resistant Nitrolon polymer, SureFire Weapon Mounted Flashlights feature the highest degree of shock-isolation available to ensure reliable function in high-risk situations. The Gun Mount Tactical Flashlights you see being used by SWAT teams and military personnel are usually Sure Fire products. Why? Because SureFire 's advanced technology delivers illumination tools of superior design, materials, ruggedness, reliability, light output, beam quality, and ergonomics. The hardest test of equipment is combat and street duty, and the highest stamp of approval for Sure Fire Weaponlights is their widespread use by personnel operating in harm's way.

Surefire WeaponLightsSurefire Special Operations Flashlights were developed for law enforcement and military applications where intensely bright light is used to startle, disorient, and control anyone on the receiving end, and where hard use in tough environments is expected. Featuring optically coated and tempered Pyrex lenses and Mil-Spec Type III hard-anodized finishes, these law enforcement flashlights also have an internal shock isolation system to cushion the lamp assembly against impact, plus double O-ring seals for redundant moisture protection. These Surefire Flashlights are tough enough to survive the rigors of combat and bright enough to reach far into the night. Sure Fire Special Operations Flash Lights are also perfectly suited to extreme outdoors activities and environments. If you're going someplace where you might encounter yawning crevasses, dangerous drop-offs, irritated animals, or swift water - or all of the above - consider taking along a Surefire Special Operations Light.

Surefire Laser Sights

Surefire Lasers SureFire developed the first laser sight for firearms and that legacy carries forward with today's Surefire lasersights. Sure Fire offers two models of lasersights: one visible red and one infrared (IR). Sure Fire Laser Sights can be mounted either in conjunction with a SureFire WeaponLight or as a separate unit. SureFire Lasers use continuous-beam operation to provide about twice the average power of typical pulsing lasers. This translates to a brighter constant beam that is much easier to follow when tracking a target.

Surefire Accessories

SureFire makes a complete line of accessories to help you meet every lighting need. Whether you want to modify the brilliant white beam of your SureFire Flashlight for specific applications, or you are looking for the most convenient way to carry your Surefire Light, Sure Fire Accessories will provide the best solution to your need. And, all SureFire Lights Accessories are designed and built to the same outstanding levels of quality and advanced design that SureFire Lights are famous for.

SureFire Hearing Protection and Hearing Enhancement

Surefire Hearing Protection SureFire EarPro Earpieces are engineered to deliver excellent hearing protection, and/or covert radio communication capability. Made from soft, hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer, the contoured helix shape conforms to the natural groove in the ear for comfortable all-day wear while keeping the Sure Fire Earpiece securely in place. SureFire has acquired EarPro Communications to facilitate the development of advanced technology tactical hearing and communications products. Ear Pro products include comfortable electronic and non-electronic communications earpieces for hearing protection and hearing enhancement. All Surefire Hearing Protection products are comfortable and unobtrusive enough to wear all day, even with a helmet, mask, or hat, or when using the telephone, headphones, or shooting earmuffs.

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2009 Brilliance Awards
The Surefire brand has been awarded as the Flashlight Brand of the Year for the 2009 Brilliance Awards

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Surefire Flashlights & Flash Light Accessories: LED Flashlights, Xenon Lights, Flash Light Batteries & more