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The Marquette was the "companion car" built and sold by Buick for the 1930 model year.  It went on sale June 1, 1929.   Many early Marquettes were registered as 29's and selling along side the late 1929 Buicks in showrooms.  Even with the market crash of 1929, the Marquette had a fairly strong US production run of 35,007 cars and chassis being produced plus a commonly missed additional 3,117 cars and chassis produced in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and 301 Cars produced in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada for a grand total of 38,425. Not to bad for a one year "failure"!   Unfortunately for the Marquette, it's sales cut into the Oldsmobile market share rather than the Nash, Dodge or DeSoto sales, for which it was targeted.   With the end of the 1930 model year the Marquette name faded from existence.  The model planned as the 1931 Marquette Eight became the Buick Series 50.   Many of the early 1931 Series 50 Buicks carried over a large number of the 1930 Marquette components.

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