USB DVB-T Receiver

Model no.:DK-5203
On sale Date:03/07

Model no.:DK-5203
On sale Date:03/08

  • ELEMENTS USB DVB-T Receiver - user's manual

  • TEVION USB DVB-T Receiver - users's manual

  • Tevion USB-DVB-T TV-Tuner - Driver for Windows XP (32/64) Windows Vista(32/64) - SP3 - Version 7741 - UPDATED

  • !Important update - Download ArcSoft Universal Vista/Windows XP Patch (ONLY In cases where the CD/DVD drive is disabled!)

    1) Download this file to your Vista/XP system

    2) Double click to run it and follow the on-screen prompts

    3) Restart the system

    Another solution is:

    Go to Totalmedia Setup menu, choose general , then "About TotalMedia".
    Choose the “update” feature which connects to Arcsoft.

    After update, the problem will be solved.

  • Why you need to install this important patch or the update:
  • 1) Some ArcSoft applications include a CD/DVD driver that does not install properly on Windows resulting in CD/DVD drives not being visible after restarting the system. The patch will properly install the CD/DVD driver, thereby making the drives visible



    IF you have trouble installing the drivers:

    EMPIA Registry cleaning tool - Application to clear the registry from conflicting entries.
    Use this is you have dificulty in installing the device or scanning channels.

    > Download the program by clicking here

    > unpack the program

    > Run the application by doubble clicking on the Clear-Tool.exe program.

    > press the "Clear OEM INF Registry keys" button.

    > press Exit.

    > Restart your computer.

    After the computer restarts, you should do a full setup of TotalMedia again. incl. a full scan ( just let the scan bar complete all the way. )





  • Q: Where do I find the serial number for the ArcSoft software installation?
    Please use the serial number found on the CD sleeve and not the one found on the warranty card!

  • Q: After I installed the driver, my cd-rom doesnt seem to be working anymore, what should I do ?
    Install the patch from the download section of this page.


  • For help troubleshooting your DVB-T TV-Tuner please see this forum thread - Click here

  • The subtitles show fine on the recorded file, when the file is played in TM3 .. but not in Windows Media Player.. or other player.
    Why is this ?
    Every playing system has each own codec to do the playback, and most of them are encrypted and not compatible.
    Media Player itself doesn't have their own codec, so it will automatically choose codec from OS .. If they use codec not from TM3,
    The files recorded with TM3 cannot play on Media Player.
    The problem is that is not possible to define the sequence of the codec in OS .. so the best suggestion is to play back using TM3.