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Not a Number to Preview Real-Time 3D Animation Package-- Blender 2.0 -- at LinuxWorld Expo;...


Business Editors/High-Tech Writers

LinuxWorld 2000

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 1, 2000

Dutch company Not a Number B.V. (NaN) announced it will be showcasing the current line of its popular multi-platform 3D modeling and animation software known as Blender during LinuxWorld Expo in New York, Feb. 2-4.

NaN will also offer a sneak preview of Blender 2.0, the next generation of its popular 3D graphics modeling and animation package. NaN can be found in the VA Linux Systems booth, No. 719.

Blender ( and Blender 2.0 (also known as GameBlender) is optimized for speed and transportability across the Internet, a critical feature of the software, which allows users to create interactive worlds to be shared online. Blender provides the full power and functionality of professional 3D graphics packages at a fraction of comparable products cost and size. The software is free, and its 1.5Mb file size, combined with Blender's 100% compatibility with OpenGL, eliminates the need for costly high-end graphics machines.

Blender includes a versatile animation system, contemporary modeling principles, advanced rendering tools, deformation tools, inverse kinematics and an editor for postproduction. The program can be utilized to create commercials and other broadcast quality content, multimedia, business graphics, technical visualizations and 3D game content for PlayStation and other game consoles. Courses in using Blender are taught in visual design classes in 25 art colleges and universities throughout the world.

A beta version of GameBlender will be demonstrated alongside the current version at LinuxWorld and features integrated editing and playback of realtime 3D content. GameBlender allows users to create compact 3D worlds and realtime interactive 3D animations that can be shared with other users over the Internet.

Blender utilizes solid body dynamic simulation in which all forces such as gravity, impacts from weapons, character interactions and collision detection are handled automatically by the software, allowing the expanding enthusiast game design community to affordably possess the same tools as their professional counterparts. Like the current release, GameBlender will be released as freeware, and in addition a boxed package -- bundling the free software plus manual, tutorials and more than 20 fully playable and editable games -- will be distributed through retail outlets in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. GameBlender will formally launch in July of 2000 at the SIGGRAPH Expo.