Dear Friends of Illinois,

THANK YOU! I would like to thank everyone for their support, hard work, and encouragement which led to our victory in the Primary Race. 

We are all familiar with the struggles that have been launched by the economic downturn and mismanagement of our state.  Looking forward, we cannot fix these problems with the quick solutions that we have used in the recent past.  I believe it is time for a fundamental and structural transformation in how we run the state and who runs the state.    My promise to you is to bring new leadership, trust, and values back to our political process to reap the best results for our district and our state. 

I will work hard to earn your support, and I will work harder to bring you the results you and your families deserve. 
- Dennis
Democratic Candidate, 71st Legislative District Illinois
Contact Dennis:
836 15th Avenue
East Moline, IL 61244

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Ahern Wants to Rein in Spending. 
October 7, 2010 Article from Dispatch
For the first time in 16 years, a new state representative will be elected in the 71st District on Nov. 2.   Dennis Ahern, the Democratic nominee, says voters who do their homework will recognize he's the best candidate for the job.... more

Ahern to Morthland:  Stop Lying on Sheriff's Raise
Dennis Ahern, Democratic candidate for state representative in the 71st District today asked his opponent Rich Morthland to stop lying about the $15,000.00 raise he approved for the Sheriff of Rock Island County, as voted for during the March Rock Island County Board meeting.  Morthland voiced his approval for the raise as a member of the Rock Island County Board... more

SEIU Endorses Ahern
“On behalf of 85,000 members of SEIU Healthcare Illinois, I am proud to let you know that we have endorsed your candidacy for the 2010 General Election” said SEIU President Keith Kelleher.  Kelleher added that their endorsement was based on Ahern’s commitment to working families and the commitment to enact a responsible budget... more

Ahern:  Time to Re-Evaluate Super City Idea
Dennis Ahern announced his intentions to put together a committee to reevaluate the idea of the Super City that was first discussed over a decade ago.  The Super City idea is a consolidation effort which would bring together the cities of East Moline, Moline, Silvis and Rock Island under one jurisdiction and one governance. “If we speak not as a cluster of smaller cities and towns, but as one region with 100,000 plus voices... more

Illinois Federation for Right to Life Endorses Dennis Ahern
Dennis Ahern, Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 71st District has been endorsed by the Illinois Federation for Right to Life for the November 2, 2010 General Election. The IFRL is the largest grass roots organization in Illinois devoted to the protection of the lives ... more

Illinois Federation of Teachers Endorses Dennis Ahern
Dennis Ahern, Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 71st District has been endorsed by the Illinois Federation of Teachers. The Illinois Federation of Teachers represents 103,000 men and women who are teachers and paraprofessionals in school districts throughout the State, including faculty and staff at Illinois' community colleges and universities... more

Ahern: Speaker of House Vote to go to Freshman
It is clear that people are ready for a change in leadership throughout our state.  I believe that change must start at the top. If I am fortunate enough to win on November 2nd, my first vote will be for a new Speaker of the House of Representatives.  This vote will not be for the current Speaker... more

Ahern:  No to Tax Increase in January
Governor Quinn and David Vaught will not be able to count on me to vote for their 67% tax increase.  I do not believe that an income tax increase is the answer to the state’s budget shortfall and deficit, and I have said that consistently since I began running in late 2009... more

Ahern Proposes Cut in Officials Pay
Dennis Ahern wants to stop the culture of politics in Illinois that allows elected officials to cut the jobs and pay of rank and file workers while increasing their own pay with no oversight.  He proposes cutting the pay of elected officials by ten percent and barring any future increases unless supported by voters... more

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Dennis Ahern
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ABATE of Illinois
Illinois Federation Right to Life
Illinois Federation of Teachers
United Auto Workers
Associated Firefighters of Illinois
Rock Island Firefighters
Local 26
East Moline Firefighters Local 929
Moline Firefighters Local 581

"Dennis Ahern will fight for our children and their education. We still face great challenges in providing a quality education to students. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to elect Dennis Ahern as State Representative."

- Ed Geppert, President
Illinois Federation of Teachers

"We believe Dennis Ahern is the best choice, not only for our members, but for all residents of the 71st District.  "He is reliable, honest, and truly understands the issues. He is always willing to listen and learn more, and he will fight for what is important."

- Brian Enburg,
ABATE Black Hawk chapter.
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