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Chile Miners Rescue: Live

Live updates of the rescue attempt to free the 33 trapped Chile miners who have been stranded in the San Jose mine since August 5. The empty capsule has been sent down on its final test run.

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02.43 As the wait continues, Guy Adams reports on Twitter that one local entrepreneur has set up a "tent hotel" for journalists at Camp Hope and is charging a rather cheeky $250 a night.

02.36 The strain is starting to show on the Avalos family who are awaiting the return of their son, Florencio, who is expected to be the first man out of the mine. The family are surrounded by cameras in the middle of Camp Hope and seem unhappy in the spotlight.

President Sebastian Pinera has tweeted: "After 68 days of worry and hope, the moment of truth has come".

02.25 Meanwhile, the mother of Daniel Herrera, who is at number 16 on the rescue schedule, says that she is looking forward to kissing her son and will thank God when he gets out. She says she will cook him his favourite food, including empanadas, on his first night back at home and that he would not be going back to mining.

The Phoenix has returned to the surface again.

02.17 The capsule has been sent back into the shaft empty - again. It appears that the engineers want to test the Phoenix 2 further, before sending it down with a person inside.

02.10 Engineers are inspecting the capsule and appear to be hitting part of it with a hammer. Could we be in for another delay?

00.57 The capsule has returned to the surface after its final empty test run. It is now expected to carry down a paramedic for a manned test before it is sent down to bring back the first miner Florenico Avalos.

00.50 Family members are starting to arrive by bus at the top of the rescue shaft as the atmosphere around the mine becomes more and more celebratory. At Camp Hope, singing and chanting starts up again.

00.40 The capsule itself contains a video camera, a communications unit, oxygen tanks, a harness and lights. If it does get stuck with a miner inside during the rescue, the miner will have to put on the harness, get out of the capsule and winch himself back down the mine shaft.

00.35 The capsule has disappeared down into the rescue shaft.

00.30 The Phoenix 2 capsule is slowly being lowered into the shaft. The operation is being monitored by president Sebastian Pinera, who is on site.

01.26 The rescue can't be far off now. The capsule is finally being moved into the rescue shaft for a final test run.

01.17 The BBC is reporting that the order in which the miners will emerge is as follows: Florencio Avalos, Mario Sepulveda, Juan Illanes, Carlos Mamani, Jimmy Sanchez, Osman Araya, Jose Ojeda, Claudio Yanez, Mario Gomez, Alex Vega, Jorge Galleguillos, Edison Pena, Carlos Barrios, Victor Zamora, Víctor Segovia, Daniel Herrera, Omar Reygadas, Esteban Rojas, Pablo Rojas, Dario Segovia, Yonni Barrios, Samuel Avalos, Carlos Bugueno, Jose Henriquez, Renan Avalos, Claudio Acuna, Franklin Lobos, Richard Villarroel, Juan Aguilar, Raul Bustos, Pedro Cortez, Ariel Ticona, Luis Urzua.

01.06 The cable is confirmed to be a phone cable, which is hoped will help improve communications with the miners. A cheer goes up as the capsule is moved closer to the shaft.

00.56 A cable is being fed down into the shaft as engineers make the final preparations for the rescue.

00.53 The father of Florencio Avalos has said that is a "great honour" that his son will be the first miner to be rescued.

00.46 The delay has failed to dampen the mood of the families waiting for the miners. Some are singing hymns or giving interviews to the gathered media. Most are glued to television screens that are showing a live feed of the capsule being winched into place.

00:29 When the men finally emerge, they will each be greeted by three members of their family. However, it could be days before they see their extended families because they will be taken straight from the mine to a hospital in Copiapo.

00.16 Temperatures are dropping at Camp Hope, and families waiting for the miners have started to light fires to keep warm. The cold night air will be a shock to the men as they emerge after having spent 69 days in temperatures of about 89.6F (32C).

00.03 Mr Golborne has said that the the capsule, which could be seen being winched up at the mine, will be sent down empty on a trial run, and will then be sent down with a paramedic inside before Operation San Lorenzo (the patron saint of miners) will begin. He said that the miners are all coping well with the anxious wait.

23.57 Mining minister Laurence Golborne is holding a press conference to say that the start of the rescue operation is two hours away. Engineers will start to raise the capsule in the next few minutes, but they still need to carry out final checks on equipment and communications before the operation can begin.

23.43 Sun begins to disappear outside the San Jose mine - a fact that will be kind to the first miners to appear above ground who haven't seen daylight for more than two months. Rumours also that the hospital at Copiapo will dim the lights for the miners who will be brought there for medical checks after their ascent.

23.41 Last minute changes to the order have been announced. President Pinera has said that Florencio Avalos will still be first out, followed by Mario Sepulveda, second. But Juan Illanes will now be third and the Bolivian miner Carlos Mamani will come out fourth. Earlier it was thought that the Bolivian would be third.

22.38 Quick reminder ahead of the rescue - each ride up is expected to take about 20 minutes. Officials expect they will be able to haul up roughly one miner an hour. It could take up to 48 hours to rescue all 33 miners.

23.31 Rescue workers take part in final photocall. Thumbs up all round and a sign that the operation will soon get under way.

23.29 President Pinera inspects the capsule. Not sure what he knows about mine rescues but let's hope he doesn't spot any faults with it!

23.11 Families of the miners have been called into a meeting to discuss the plan for the night ahead. This is thought to include the orders in which the miners will appear and also which family members will meet their loved ones.

23.05 The White House releases a statement in which President Barack Obama says America's "thoughts and prayers are with the brave miners, their families and those rescuing them".

23.01 Rescuers gather around manhole cover. One is seen sweeping away some dust. Soon the cover will be released and the first descent of a capsule will begin.

22.56 While we wait let's run through what will happen when the men are rescued. On arriving at the surface, the miners will be accompanied by doctors and paramedics to a critical care and stabilisation unit erected at the mine entrance.

If they are found to be healthy, they will be taken to another tent to visit with family members.

From there, the miners will be flown by helicopter to a hospital in nearby Copiapo, where they will be tended to for at least 48 hours.

22.44 President Pinera tells an emotional Maria Silva that her son, Florencio Avalos, will be the first to be rescued. He is married with two children and second in command in the mine.

22.34 Rescue capsules which will hold each miner as they are brought to the surface arrive at the entrance to the mine. The rescue capsules are 13 feet (3.95 metres) long and weigh more than 1,000 pounds (460 kg) and each comes equipped with harness, oxygen and headset for continuous communication with the surface.

The ascent, which could take up to 45 minutes for each miner, will be monitored by audio and video equipment inside the capsule

22.30 Local TV now saying that the operation will begin at 11pm BST. The clock is ticking! Just 30 minutes to go (maybe). Official line still saying midnight.

22.21 Unconfirmed reports from Chilean television that rescue workers have been in the mine for several hours already sparking rumours that first rescue could be minutes away! This has not been confirmed, though. Official line is still midnight tonight BST.

22.10 Rescue team making final checks of winch and pulley which will rescue one miner an hour

22.05 Mr Pinera says rescue operation will start at midnight British time. He hopes "long journey" will end "happily".

21.50 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez voices his support for the miners on Twitter.

"The rescue of our mining brothers in Chile is due to begin in the next few hours. We are with you, Chile! God is with you. Greetings to President Pinera!!"

21.21 BBC reporting that the second man to see daylight will be Mario Sepulveda, the group's spokesman while trapped. Number three is the Bolivian, Carlos Mamani. Mr Morales will be pleased.

21.10 The lucky first miner to reach the surface will be 31-year-old Florencio Avalos, officials say

21.08 Mr Pinera says: "Today I feel incredibly emotional - the same way that all Chileans feel."

20.50 Chilean President Sebastian Pinera lands just outside the San Jose mine in a helicopter to witness the rescue. Still no sign of Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, who is also expected to attend

20.47 It's announced that the blaring of a siren and a revolving light will greet the arrival of each miner as they emerge from the depths of the mine

Chilean rescue workers have successfully tested the escape pod that will be used to hoist the trapped miners to safety.

The rescue process will start with four men – two mining experts and two naval medics – being lowered into the mine to oversee the raising of the miners to the surface.

Four "experienced and healthy men" will be chosen to ascend first followed by a group of ten identified as "vulnerable" because of medical problems, age or anxiety.

Luis Urzua, 54, the shift supervisor whose disciplined leadership was credited with keeping the men alive on an emergency food supply during their first 17 days without contact from the outside world, will be the final man to make the journey.

As each miner is brought to the surface, they will be given an initial medical check before being reunited with up to three family members. They will then be taken to a nearby hospital to receive further treatment.

All the men should be out within 16 hours of the start of the rescue operation if all goes smoothly.

Chile miners rescue live
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