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October 13th
Front page News International Dolphin ‘massacre’ protested

Dolphin ‘massacre’ protested

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Animal rights activists decry annual Faroese hunt

About 200 protesters gathered outside the Danish Embassy in Paris yesterday to demonstrate against what they call ‘a massacre’ of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

The event was supported by Sea Shepherd and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, both of which work to promote animal rights.

In August, Bardot jointed with the Sea Shepherd in condemning the hunt of pilot whales – which, despite their name, are dolphins – in the Faroe Islands.

The annual hunt is renowned as a bloody spectacle in which scores of whales are driven towards shallow water where they become beached and slaughtered.

In a letter sent to Queen Margrethe at that time urging the hunt to be put to an end, Bardot described the autumn hunt as ‘a macabre spectacle for Denmark and the Faroe Islands’.

In the Faroe Islands and Greenland whale hunting is defended as an important cultural institution.

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kirnik  - for living or for fun?   |2010-10-01 11:11:04
I have received from time to time relevent emails with pictures of slaughtered animals with lots of blood in the sea etc. My question is: do they kill them for fun or for making a living?
Stranger  - It's not an important cultural institution . . .   |2010-10-01 11:37:07
It's 2010 - haven't we as humans outgrown this need to show how 'cultural' we are by our ability to kill? Stopping the slaughter of animals is one step to stopping the slaughter of everything - including each other. There are plenty of other cultural institutions that could be celebrated that don't involved blood and cruelty.
wiggers  - Dear Stranger:   |2010-10-01 12:45:28
I firmly believe in the slaughtering of mankind is justifiable - well, at least SOME of it deserves to be slaughtered! And besides, overpopulation is a huge problem these days. Whatever happened to sex just for fun? The dolphins apparently still know how to do it...
janegil  - Entertainment slavery   |2010-10-01 20:22:28
Protest supported by Sea World. The that keeps dolphins as slaves for entertainment purposes?
Stranger  - Wiggers . . .   |2010-10-04 08:10:15
Instead of slaughtering some of the humans, I rather like the idea of neutering. Just ensure that the idiots can't reproduce and not only will that take care of overpopulation, but it should also help eliminate the stupidity that seems so pervasive throughout the world these days.
Rugratzz  - Pilot whales   |2010-10-09 12:00:59
It seems that I do not need to convince many people how wounderfult the pilot whale is, these intelligent animals, slaughtered in the name of "cultural institution" Its totally barbaric, and does not have a place in any civilised country.

Sure the Island eats Whale meat, but also they export it, to other countries. So it changes from a cultural institution to more business. to me its the same as bull fighting, the animal s tortured, then killed, but instead of one or two there are far more.

It will probably not be stopped as Denmark do not want to upset other people, Maybe the country can be shamed into stopping it. I hope.


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