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Period Pieces



Materials Needed:

Size 00 Crochet Hook

Small amount of 4 Ply Yarn White Gold Light Blue [Kids] Turquoise - [Caron-Simply Soft] Embroidery Print

Optional: Staff = Plastic Canvas 7 gauge 5 holes x 17 holes [cut 2] / Yarn Needle

Neck Band

With Turquoise yarn leaving a 6 thread ch 12 turn dc in the 3rd ch from hook.

R1: Dc in the same sp * drop yarn join Embroidery Print yarn in the next ch with a ch 3 drop yarn with Turquoise yarn dc in the next ch working off all loops 2 dcs in the same sp * - repeat 3 times total with Turquoise yarn - 2 dcs in the remaining ch finish off Embroidery Print yarn.

R2: Using Turquoise yarn turn sl st up the outer short edge to neck sl st through
@ unused loop of starting ch finish off yarn leaving a 6" thread.

Place knots at @ end of 6" threads.


With Gold yarn - ch 20 join to form a circle ch 2.

R1: Sc in @ st around join ch 2. (20) sts

R2: Hdc in the next 5 sts sc in the next st sl st through the next 2 sts hdc in the remaining 6 sts join to the 2nd ch of beginning ch finish off yarn. (19) sts

R3: Join Turquoise yarn to the center back unused loop of beginning ch with a ch 2 sc in @ st around join drop yarn. (20) sts

R4: Working in the back loops only join Embroidery Print yarn with a ch 2 - * [sl st ch 2 sl st] into the next st sc in the next 2 sts * - repeat 6 times total repeat [---] once more in the next st sc in the remaining st join ch 1.

R5: * Working in the back loops only skipping [---] of the previous row 2 scs in the next st sc in the next st * - repeat around join finish off yarn. (20) sts

R6: Join Turquoise yarn with a ch 4 tr in the next 5 sts dc in the next st hdc in the next 6 sts dc in the next st tr in the next 6 sts join ch 1.

R7: Sl st through @ st around join finish off yarn.

Gold Trim

R8: Working around lower ends of sts of R4 join Gold yarn with a ch 1 sl st through @ st around join ch 1.

R9: Working around @ st of R5 repeat R8 join finish off yarn.


Cut 2 4 holes x 17 holes

Holding both pieces together and working through double thickness with Light Blue yarn - whip st around entire Staff finish off yarn.




Copyright ã 2000-2008 Shirley Jean Wright