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News: "James Anderson, Alabama attorney general candidate, releases tax return and challenges opponent to match him
Democratic candidate for attorney general James Anderson today released copies of his 2009 federal income tax return and challenged his Republican opponent in the Nov. 2 general election, Luther Strange, to release his tax returns.
See Anderson's Tax Returns: 2009 Returns 2008 Returns 2007 Returns

Video: Just James
James Anderson is a real attorney who has represented thousands of people and businesses across the state of Alabama. Luther Strange is a Washington Lobbyist who has NEVER tried a single case. Luther can't cleanup Montgomery. Vote for the real attorney. Vote for James Anderson.

James Anderson talks to the Birmingham News Editorial Board about his campaign.

News: Anderson Receives Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement
“This endorsement was made after careful consideration of qualifications and experience of the candidates and the membership felt that you are the best person to serve in office.”

Endorsement: "AFL-CIO Endorses James"
James and other candidates were endorsed August 6, 2010 at the Alabama AFL-CIO Special Convention.

Audio Audio: Interview 89.1 F.M. Faith Radio
James Anderson goes on the air with 89.1 FM Faith Radio in Montgomery, and discusses how his faith influences his decisions

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