People: Dec. 28, 1981

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A bunch of chilled Britons were warming their mittens at the Cross Hands Hotel last week.

The winds from the sky whipped the snowdrifts up high; a blizzard was raging at peak.

When out of the white came a startling sight—Queen Elizabeth with a retinue of six.

At Gatcombe Park, she had seen Anne and Mark, and now found herself in a fix:

While motoring home, she 'd been trapped by the storm, and needed shelter and tea.

Well, the proud innkeep asked the Queen to upcreep a stairway that no one could see; When dinner was served, she ate unobserved, then again wafted downways by stair.

The move was so facile that as she sped to her castle, precious few even knew she'd been there!

Getting a six-foot Christmas tree through the lobby of the Waldorf-Astoria and up to your suite is no mean trick. But for such a scene in Six Weeks, due out next Christmas, it seems that the more Moores, the merrier. In the film, Dudley Moore, 46, and Mary Tyler Moore, 43, conduct an extended holiday affair and during their stay in New York decide to install an evergreen in their room. Says Dudley of this eccentric behavior: "I like a character who has the best possible time in the most urgent way."

Jane Byrne smiling. Jane Byrne not smiling. Chicagoans have seen both faces of their controversial mayor, but never at the same time. In its December issue, however, Chicago magazine gave newsstand browsers a chance to weigh both her grin and her grimace. The magazine's 250,000 copies were split between the two faces of Jane, and news dealers gave each cover equal rack space. The results? In the city center (home of high taxes and declining services), the frown won out, 5 to 4. Ah, but in the grassy suburbs (home of better schools and less violence), the grin took it in a breeze, 3 to 1.

"We thought about wearing berets, but everyone threatened to boycott the wedding if we did." So says Guardian Angels National Director Lisa Evers, 28, who will marry Angels leader Curtis Sliwa, 26, on Christmas Eve in Manhattan. Sliwa founded the red-capped Angels, a volunteer crime-fighting citizens' patrol, back in 1979 in New York City. Since then the nonprofit movement has spread to 32 other cities. Evers and Sliwa grew close this spring after she organized an Angels chapter in Atlanta. Explains the roughedged Sliwa: "I began acting more human in her presence."

Lisa Henson, 21, was a fast-talking freshman when she complained that the Harvard Lampoon was "the most sexist organization on campus." Hardly a sentiment to win her favor among the club's 45 members, almost all of them male. But over the past two years, the daughter of Muppet Creator Jim Henson clearly made a few "Poonie" friends. Last week she beat out all male rivals for the Lampoon's presidency, to become the first woman to achieve that position in the organization's 105-year history. The deciding factors, says a Lampoon staffer: "Consummate social skills and great legs." Says Lisa, who once worked as an errand girl for her father: "I expect my work here will be a lot more rewarding than carrying coffee around for the Muppets."

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