MC Aggro’s Candy (feat. Kimberly Wyatt) by Emil Nava

Tuesday, 13. April 2010 - 12:00 pm

Shot under London Bridge station, the promo for Aggro and Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt’s Candy emcompasses some wet and wonderful UV techniques.

“Having a UV watertight is something I have been thinking about for a while” says Nava. “I have always loved UV and wanted to try something different with it.

“We shot in a freezing location under the arches in London Bridge. A lot of the extras were fans so were there for free and luckily all were really up for it. It was a pleasure to direct a Pussycat Doll as she was a real pro. Aggro brought his own flavor to it as well, which I feel works really well with her style. All the crew killed it and worked extra hard. I hope you like”.

MC Aggro feat. Kimberly Wyatt
Candy (Mercury)
Director: Emil Nava
Producer: Andy Noble
Production Company: Between The Eyes
DOP: Stuart Bentley
Representation: OBmanagement
Production Designer: Nathan Parker
1st AD: Lucas Harding
Kimberly Wyatt / Dancer’s Styling: Karl Willett
Aggro Santos’ Styling: Neesha Sharma
Make-up Designer: Freddie Stopler
Hair Designer: Cyndia Harvey
Editor: Sam Jones @ Cut and Run
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss @ The Mill
Online: Berwick Post
Commissioner: Dan Curwin

Watch: here


  1. Imagineer


    I don’t think you could make anything look more cheap and nasty if you tried.

  2. MrMann

    Jesus christ… the support for young directors is incredible on this site. Its just a bunch of idiots cutting down everything they watch.

    Imagineer… ironic name for someone with clearly no imagination.

    This video is aimed for teenagers who will love it…..

  3. Imagineer

    “Clearly no imagination”?


    Well, slavishly recreating the already tawdry looking black light scenes from both The Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Got A Feeling’ video, and Cahill’s ‘Sex Shooter’ is hardly imaginative. You should look them up. I certainly know this director did when he was pitching this turgid mess…

    I mean honestly – if you’re gonna be crass enough to steal ideas, then at least do it from videos that aren’t as bloody recent as those..!

  4. MrMann

    Sorry Imagineer… you’re right… you’re very very very imaginative. sorry for getting your tiny Y-fronts in a twist.

  5. kipper

    if emil nava was a TV show he’d be jermey kyle

  6. emil nava

    Kipper and Imagineer I would love to watch a couple of your pieces of art to comment on. I have never even heard of ‘sex shooter’ and i have seen the back eyed peas video but I was aiming for a water fight not a party with people looking cool in uv. So links to work?

  7. skip

    Kipper, really – that’s the most constructive piece of criticism I’ve ever heard… in fact you are as articulate as someone who appears on Jeremy Kyle.
    This is video for a certain audience, and it works for that audience, what’s wrong with that exactly?

  8. sophie

    Kimberly looks hot!! Well done, dont listen to the crap above :)

  9. Tragedy

    this thread tastes of sour grapes

  10. Anon

    Nava’s a big fucker.

    Got a tenner on him any day. Go on Son!

  11. kipper


    not even allowed to compare a promo director to a british institution

    i actually love jeremy kyle…………his vibrancy and snarled manner puts a grin to my face as i sit back and realise how self important i am when put up against these low IQ british working class homo-sapiens

    but then i realise WHY i am watching jeremy kyle at 2pm on a tuesday afternoon and eat a bag of haribo to try and give my diabetes

  12. Anon

    Kipper – Are you David Cameron?

    Are you taking to the dark world of promo news dot TV to continue to gather support, violently spewing your propaganda all over the countries face, one sardonic, self-righteous comment after the other before stopping and screaming: “LIKE ME! LIKE ME! WHY WON’T YOU LIKE ME???”

  13. Rose

    I liked it, I like Emil, I think he is good and I would like to see Kippers and The Imagneers work but not to criticise the way they do, just to have a look.

  14. Alan Smithee

    A. Personally defending your work on a forum is a bad idea. You just feed the trolls.

    B. Please don’t encourage Kipper and Imagineer to post any of their work.

    C. Cheap and Nasty is not necessarily a bad thing. Not in the world of promos anyway.

    Note. Maybe its just me but the only Pussycat Doll I recognise is Nicole Scherzinger. It has always bugged me that they call it a group but one member get 90% screen time in their videos.

  15. kipper


    just trying to have a bit of fun

    so much venom and not a smile in sight.

    embrace critisism and abuse……….so many bad film, commercials and promos get made because of all the YES MEN and WOMEN out there……….no one has the guts to say ‘i think thats looks really bad’………we all simply nod our heads afraid if we speak out we’ll never get hired again.

    and i am not bitter, i work hard choose to remain anon……..that is my right in this world of technology and internet and faceblahblahtweet

    whats really dangerous is the stiffling of views………….when seroius and acceptable critisisms get taken off the airwaves or netwaves.

    so let me rant and i’ll let others rant against me and we’ll all rant and be happy

  16. Artie

    Ranting and bickering aside – this video is rubbish. Just a handful of words that come to mind – lifeless, mundane, cheap, imitation. I thought this forum was about showcasing, as it were, the best that there is out there, if this is it, then something is definitely wrong here. Some people can direct, and sadly others can’t. Next, move on.

  17. Anon

    I’m no creative/fashion genius..but, Kimberly Wyatt is no Lady Gaga, nor is she a try and rip that look off and stick it in some 5 pound two bit piece of dung clip with a corridor and surroundings that look straight out of a out of a hell hole in grimey blighty…back to the bench.

  18. Imagineer

    I’m with Artie. Promo News should be about showcasing the best and the brightest in the music video world – it certainly did when it was in its printed state – and not just about postin’ up anything and everything that’s shot in a calendar month.

    Pop videos can be done spectacularly well, irrespective of the budget or country of origin or age of the director. This, however, remains a listless, derivative, lowest common denominator mess no matter how you look at it…

  19. Stephen smith

    The message I just wrote was unfortunately deleted by the website. I did not write it in word. I did not save it, and so the exact word for version I wrote a few minutes ago in a frenzy has been lost… but I read a little bit like this:

    In all the time I have spent working in the music promo industry, and as a result time spent formulating opinions concerning certain music videos, I have realized that one of the easiest things somebody can do is lose perspective. Losing perspective can only ever result in one thing, and that is incorrect / skewed opinion. I ways always told to think before I speak and that if I had nothing good to say then to keep quiet.

    And so, I guess what I want to write, is as much an opinion about this music video as it is an opinion about the comments and thoughts of any one that has written something in the above space. A comment on the perspectives above and where I feel they are coming from and an opinion on the industry as a whole.

    My first point, and there are several, is concerned with genre. It is concerned with the ‘labels’ attributed to certain sounds and movements (be they musical or social) and so, on this website I feel that one of the biggest divides that is present, is the one concerning indie and pop. For a start, all of the work on these pages is exactly the same. The tag is different, one will be pop, one will be indie one will be grime, one will be dance, but ultimately they all pander to the same thing. They all crave the almighty dollar. They are brain children of a few men behind a desk that push paper and watch figure son a screen creep up and up and up, and all of these acts with supposed integrity disappear… like dust, like yesterday’s news and all of the good intention that some kids once had is gone. It is replaced by ego, by a thirst for fame and wealth, by a need to be loved by anonymous mouths crying a name in a crowd.

    I’m going to chill on two genres and think about them. Indie and pop and I want to emphasise that I believe that these are both the same thing. Indie – Hot Chip, Mumford and Sons, The Kooks, The Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes etc. are no different to Pop acts such as Cheryl Cole, The Black Eyed Peas, Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis etc. They are all the same shit with a different name and no one can argue any differently. No one. Just because so and so writes their own stuff doesn’t make them greater than the next man. No way, because they still crave the fame and the money and it’s exactly the same thing in my humble opinion.

  20. Stephen smith

    And so my comment is directed to all those on this website that seem to live in some sort of “everything that is created has to be of some sort of incredible artistic expression that baffles the viewer and society”. BULLSHIT and get your head out of your arse if you think it does. You’re on the wrong website and the wrong industry for that.

    I turn my attention to those cute cunts Hot Chip. The seeming messiahs of a movement of mumbling, rolly smoking tossers that think they’re all artists. Any self respecting smoker would get on Mayfairs before chugging down that nasty shit. That glorious shoreditch scene of predominantly moronic time-wasters. Of WANNABES. My anger and disillusionment comes from the last Hot Chip video

  21. Stephen smith

    which ripped the piss out of JLS. The videos reviews were wonderous, glowing and splendid and spoke of “incredible vision, and humour and balsieness and great directing”. And yet my stomach churned at the thought that something so easy and unimaginative can be met with such glee.

    I think Frankie Boyle would say, “what a load of fucking dog shit. Hot Chip, you’re a bunch of cocky naff w@Nk3rs. You are as repugnant as the easily forgettable as the legacy-less, bland, unimaginative, gash, soul destroyingly deceptive music mother f@@@@rs – all of you have disgustingly massive f–king bank accounts just like any other pop act out there if not bigger. Why don’t you a) f–k off b) buy some new clothes that fit properly and f–k off c) some new glasses that you actually need that aren’t some butters old ones from the 80’s that my dad wore and hated wearing and f–k royally off.”

    I mean how arrogant can one act be, to even think that they are safe from honest perspective?

  22. Stephen smith

    And don’t get me wrong I’m sure he would have a few select words for JLS as do I. Most notably “fuck you too”. My argument is that both of these acts are as soul-less, money driven and egotistical as each other. Neither nor any are exempt. As soon as anything makes it big it loses itself in the spiral of the money machine and more is never enough. It’s like buying a Bently, expensive trainers or a noncey, over priced fucking racing bke that doesn’t even have breaks. I mean fuck me running, come on where the fuck is the common sense in people nowadays?????? COMMON SENSE, PLEASE.

    In the little time I spend on websites like this reading the arguments that brew between people the only thing I see is that people try to show up how much of a hypocrite the other person is. The ability that most do not have however is the capacity to look at a situation from the other end of the spectrum. I think that if people did this more often, then they would realize how easy it is to pick arguments in your own argument before you attack other peoples, and this like in so many other areas of life, I feel is very important. To stop and think before saying potentially deconstructive things out of misplaced hatred and personal unfulfilment, and everybody can admit that that aspect of life really hurts. Some people are stronger than others, granted, and so words can not beat them, but it non-sensical bullshit chat that vexes me.

  23. Stephen smith

    This is not a bad video. It is certainly not what a lot of the above comments say. I think that it is essential that people have differing opinions, I for one know that I do. It is just mis-informed and un-thought of arguments that beat me. What most people on this debate probably don’t realize is that Emil Nava was one of the UK’s busiest directors last year and for this alone should be applauded. In defence of his work, I would like to point out that his videos show ambition and are very open to wide audiences and they have a developed candy, American feel to them which I for one believe this UK industry desperately needs. So that we can compete with America, so that we can have a music video industry in the uk that can grow and promote british talent, so that young, hungry directors can come through and have a high number of peers to influence and be inspired by at the same time. Music video budgets have gone down the pan, but at least Emil’s videos show that determination and guts so lacking in such a high percentage of the directors that get show cased in this website. I can admit that some of his videos are not to my taste, but some however are superb for their genre and for this UK industry as a whole. My personal favourite is Tinchy Stryder’s “You’re Not Alone”. I feel that you would be hard pushed to find such a slick looking video in the uk urban scene. There are some exceptions of course – Dizzee, Wiley, Kid Cudi have slick vids too but Emil’s are in there and he’s competing hard and well with these guys.

  24. Stephen smith

    Sure some elements of these kinds of music videos are annoyingly soul less. Frustratingly so. But in the case of this blog, I wish to defend the director because I feel that he shows in his work an understanding of his market and the need to fulfil both his needs and that of the client, artist and viewing public. At least he is not a director wrapped up in the mind numbingly boring quest of “ones-self” and “geniusdom”. He has his own style that will develop so much and he will direct some of the UK’s biggest vids in years to come and ultimately use this aspect of the entertainment industry I would guess, to move into feature films and make some interesting work there too perhaps. HE UNDERSTANDS THE FUCKING INDUSTRY which is something that I feel a lot of you on here don’t.

    And so to conclude, keep banging the vids out mr. nava. And to the haters, keep hating, because until you can prove to be better, you should probably shut up or think before you chat nonsense.

    I’d like to think I’ve pissed somebody off with my thoughts. I’d hope that the moron’s that think they are superior to pop realize that Gondry directed Kylie, Cunningham directed Madonna…

    And to those that get stoned and go and stare at Turner in the National Gallery just to think they’re cool… get fucked.

    I’ll go to see Turner without being stoned in my dads donnay polo shirt and be a humble cunt that surprisingly has more of an idea about art than you ever will.

    Oh and by the way… I’m a hypocrite.

  25. Legless

    Yeah. You are and all of the above is ridiculous.

    You don’t know any of the people you are personally attacking.. and like Madonna and Kylie.. whether or not you like it, they write bloody good pop songs.

    Lord.. I hope for your own sanity you were drunk when writing that.

  26. Alan Smithee

    Seriously people! You are analysing this to much. Everyone knows that you make music videos to impress advertising people and other directors. Dougal Wilson’s Temper Trap’s Love Lost is a perfect example. Great video and a Persil ad just waiting to happen.

    Emil is unfortunately stuck making videos that just ends up on television and not on some hip agency persons desk.

    Rule of thumb… if the artist HAS to be in it its not going to be cool.

  27. PostCommentsNotEssays

    “Emil Nava was one of the UK’s busiest directors last year and for this alone should be applauded.”

    Just because you’re prolific and make an endless string of cac doesn’t make you any good, and it sure as hell doesn’t warrant any applaud. Some directors make ONE video a year, and that ONE video could potentially be the best one you’ve seen that year, so to say that a director should be applauded for being the busiest? Sure, but at the end of the day, endless cac videos per twelve month calendar equate to: cac.

  28. dies irae

    oh mein gott, never thought promonews could ever be such a fun read. honestly. great to see some harsh criticism on this site, i d gotten sick with david’s knight sugar-coated write-up’s

  29. Rob

    I really love the video, it does exactly what it does on the tin :D Its good looking, energetic and most of all, everyone looks like they are having fun…

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