Monday, April 21, 2008



!K7 are buzzing on the announcement that the next installment in the DJ-Kicks series comes from the hugely acclaimed, underground dubstep producer BURIAL. The South London producer is notoriously shy of press and public performances yet his last two albums on Kode 9's Hyperdub label have established him as one of the global leaders in this exploding scene on word-of-mouth alone.

The latest DJ Kicks from Four Tet, Henrik Schwarz, Booka Shade and Hot Chip have all pushed new limits in eclecticism, making linear genre-specific DJ mixes a thing of past... so who knows where Burial will take it next. We hear whisperings from the studio that he may treat his dearest dubstep, techno and even r'n'b tracks with his unique production style before mixing them with exclusive material and... well watch this space.

No he wont do any press and no he won't DJ, but all that's just a thing of the past anyway. So here's to the future - Burial DJ-Kicks is released out July 8th on !K7 Records.

Artist: Burial
Title: DJ Kicks
Format: CD / 2LP
Label: !K7
Genre: Electronic / Dubstep
Int. Release Date: 23.06.2008
U.S. Release Date: July 8th 2008

Read an in-depth interview transcript with Burial from UK magazine THE WIRE

USA PRESS CONTACT- Gamall @ Backspin Promotions 718.399.1632


John said...

Oh my god! I cannot wait for this.