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I have decided that I'm basically an artist at heart, with a bent for technology. Ever since I was little, I've been painting or creating things. When I was 12 or so, I begain dabbling in the digital medium. See some of my old artworks.

So far, I've made three great hacks in my life that I'm proud of for one reason or another. The first was a game that was sorta like Frogger. It was written on a Commodore PET computer (my first contact with a computer, at Willard Jr. high school. And because that game won an award for our school, I got to shake hand with the Mayor of Berkeley (gosh, what was his name?). It basically encouraged me a great deal, and got me started down the road of creating things with a computer.

In high school, I wrote another game called Pinnacle. It was written completely in 6502 machine language, all in hexadecimals, not even using an assembler! It was kinda of a combination of The Seven Cities of Gold and Archon, plus a world map editor. Too bad I no longer have the floppy disks!

In college, UC Berkeley, I started working on the VIOLA project on my own time. Little did I know at the time, that project was to consume me for the next 4 years or so, and basically directed my professional career right after school. Viola was born out of a desire to build a generalized Adventure Games Construction Set. But it soon turned into a HyperCard-like system, and then hypertext, and then part of the World Wide Web initiative, as it was the first of a number of things in web technology. Noteably, it was one of the first publically available graphical interface web browser, and the very first with applets (3 years before the public appearence of Java).

There is a paper about Viola, and if you're interested, here are links to some screen shots of the viola:
See screen shot of the old violaWWW browser (2nd generation).
Some screen shoots of the really ooolllddd Viola program (1st generation).

Ok, so this isn't a software hack, but I hack many things with a passion, be it a painting, program, Tikki masks, or a balsa wood bridge. This little bridge withstood 63 pounds of pressure, and won the Aesthetics & Strength category award in the Intro to Civil Engineering class at Berkeley High School. My friend Sy won the Aesthetics award.

What am I doing now? I'm currently taking some time off from regular work. Catching up on A LOT of reading and traveling. Traveling recently to Taiwan, where I was born, by the way.

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