Operation: Body Count

A tribute to the classic first person shooter


It’s the year 2012. Mass chaos erupts when militant terrorists take over the United Nations towers and hold a group of ambassadors hostage on the top floor. Hundreds of hallways have been booby-trapped, all the usual accesses are barricaded, fires are breaking out and negotiations have come to an abrupt end. 

You are a member of the nation’s Elite Force, trained to take out terrorists “when the talking stops”. Waste away all enemies, from scum-sucking sewer rats to steroidpumped assassins, on your never-say-die mission to save the hostages. Now the world watches as you confront the terrorist assault and battle your way to the top --- peace by piece.

(from the back of the box)






The purpose of this website is to keep the classic Capstone game "Operation: Body Count" alive. Enjoy your visit and feel free to contact me with any suggestions.

Last update - 08/2010 (tweaked a few things)

    Body Count since 10/09/2007

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