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SUNtvnews: STAY TUNED! Announcement in Winnipeg tomorrow. http://ow.ly/2Eaet

Hard News. Fast. Factual. Investigative.

It’s time for us to have a Canadian news leader we can be proud of. Trusted journalists like David Akin and Brian Lilley will break news and drive the agenda. Minute by minute. Hour by hour. Fast, factual investigative news for all Canadians.

Straight Talk. Clear. Colourful. Intelligent.

Canadians are tired of the same talking heads saying the same things on the same networks. Sun News will cut through the clutter. New voices with new insights – not just an echo chamber – will be announced soon. Colourful, intelligent commentary on the issues that are important to you.

Latest News from QMI and Partners
Elderly driver causes $120,000 in damage

An elderly driver went on a 120-metre path of destruction in a Toronto parking lot Thursday afternoon, causing $120,000 in damage to eight vehicles but miraculously harming no one.

Dad ran down daughter, her boyfriend

A Toronto dad admitted Thursday he used his minivan to run down his daughter, her boyfriend and his son-in-law because he disapproved of his daughter's boyfriend.

6,600 jobs shed in September

The Canadian economy unexpectedly shed 6,600 jobs in September as part-time positions fell, government figures show.

Typo makes man think he's a millionaire

Do not pass Go. And do not collect $1 million. That's what McDonald's is saying to Ryan Doon, who thought he won the $1-million grand prize for playing the company's Monopoly game.

Anti-military video blasted

An online video from a Quebec women's group is being decried as out of touch for calling Canadian soldiers "cannon fodder."

Former defence bureaucrat decries feds' purchase of F-35 jets

The former purchasing boss for the Canadian Forces condemned the federal government for buying 65 F-35 fighter jets.

Sun TV News and the future of media in Canada

Everyone in the media industry will remember 2009 as a particularly eventful year. Through the combined effects of the economic crisis and the continuing spread of new forms of communication, revenues plunged across the board. Many companies found themselves in dire financial straits and several outlets had to shut down.

Charles Adler to Go Prime Time With SUN TV NEWS

SUN TV NEWS, a partnership between TVA Group Inc. and Sun Media Corporation, two subsidiaries of Quebecor Media Inc., is pleased to announce that outspoken, highly opinionated and engaging broadcaster Charles Adler will anchor a prime time TV show when SUN TV NEWS launches in 2011.

Tobias Fisher joins Hard News team

Quebecor Media Inc. is pleased to announce Tobias Fisher as its new National News Editor for the Ottawa Bureau of the QMI Agency. Tobias will manage the operations of the National Bureau and assist in preparing for the launch of the Sun TV News channel, set to launch January 1, 2011.

Akin, Lilley join Hard News team at Sun News

Quebecor Media Inc. and Sun Media Corporation are pleased to announce the appointment of David Akin as Sun Media National Bureau Chief in Ottawa, and Brian Lilley as a Senior Correspondent.