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Who We Are

About Baltimore OUTloud

Baltimore OUTloud is the INDEPENDENT voice of the queer community of Baltimore, Maryland, Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania. Published as a print edition and on the web, Baltimore OUTloud is a dynamic source for all that is important to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community. Our experienced staff of writers provides comprehensive news coverage, provocative opinions, the latest in fashion, music, film, and on stage--the gamut of lesbian and gay culture.

In conjunction with our strong cadre of columnists,Baltimore OUTloud provides an open forum for members of the community and straight allies to express their views concerning published material or to offer independent commentary on issues that concern our community.

Our comprehensive coverage provides a substantive depiction of local, national and international news that impact the LGBT community. We not only describe the factual content of events and people who shape them, but we also offer in-depth analysis and commentary related to the key relevant issues. In addition, Baltimore OUTloud stays on top of the latest trends in the arts and entertainment and features key artists and personalities who help influence our culture. 

  Our staff is comprised of a mixture of men and woman, all sexual orientations, ages,ethnic origins, backgrounds and experiences. Baltimore Outloud's columnists are diverse in both who they are and what they cover. These men and women opine about such topics as the political landscape, health matters, finances, the leather community, the transgender community, relationships, college life and social justice in a thought-provoking manner. We strive for journalistic excellence!

Baltimore OUTloud is...

FoundersJim Becker, Jim Williams, Mike Chase, Lee Mooney (1959-2007), Joe Berg

Jim Becker/Jim Williams— Co-Publishers
Steve Charing— Managing Editor
Mary Taylor— Sales Director
Bill Andriette Art Director
Carol Baker— Graphic Artist
Anja Saine— Web Editor
Rodney Burger— Leather Editor
Skip Koritzer/Bruce Garrett/Justin Nixon— Photographers

Contributing Writers— Josh Aterovis, Robbie Baldwin, Michelle and Jessie Benson, Shawn Bradley, Nicole Bettis, Jeffrey Clagett, Deborah Draisin,Chuck Duncan, Eva Hersh MD, Jonathan Hernandez, Marty Hoegg, Sam Kunz, Dana LaRocca, Jerry Miles, Jay Loane, Bill Palmer David Placher, Sandy Rawls, Ben Ryland, Gregg Shapiro, Larry Walker


Web Services— The Fusio Group 800-774-0953
National Advertising Rep— Rivendell Media National 908-232-2021

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