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Amos Adamu in £500,000 bribery scandal

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A newspaper video footage has shown a Fifa executive committee member, Amos Adamu asking for £500,000 to sell his vote for the 2018 World Cup bid.

The footage, filmed by undercover Sunday Times journalists, shows Adamu wanting money to be paid to him directly for endorsing a bid.

In the video, Adamu was asked whether the money for a "private project" would have an effect on the way he voted, he replied: "Obviously, it will have an effect. Of course it will. Because certainly if you are to invest in that, that means you also want the vote."

Fifa has so far not responded to the allegations.

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Reader Comments (129)

Posted by Ade,UK on Oct 17 2010

A shameeless criminal will always give himself away..After his unwholesome greed in d Nigerian sport terrain for decades,his FIFA appointmnet was just to take care of his greed in a fatal manner. It's his time to go to jail...hurray

Posted by malomo Gbemi on Oct 17 2010

Those that the gods want to kill... Here is another golden opportunity to deal with the "principality" of Nigerian football, i hope NSC, EFCC are watching? So football is so lucrative? that is 125 million naira!

Posted by Sammyjay77 on Oct 17 2010

This is how journalism works not the Nigerian style of rumour peddling! Now the British are calling him a Nigerian no more a FIFA Official.....

Posted by Enygma on Oct 17 2010

A basket of shame!

Posted by Dey Kampe on Oct 17 2010

Can we ban FIFA? Now we know why they tolerated the NFF.

Posted by Agbari Ojugun on Oct 17 2010

Too many people are bringing shame on our country. We need a new beginning - Probably change the name of the country, the flag and all the people in it. I don tire.. Where did all these criminals come from sef?

Posted by lozzy on Oct 17 2010

Dude has always been a fraudster! He deserves whatever he gets, its a pity he would henceforth be called a Nigerian.

Posted by Kingsley morocco on Oct 17 2010

That serves him right, that's how he betrayed nija in zurich.

Posted by The Don on Oct 17 2010

This man belongs in jail.

Posted by Truck Pusher on Oct 17 2010

500k only?

Posted by truth seeker on Oct 17 2010

Lol @truck pusher. Exactly...only £500k? That is enough to disgrace himself and Nigeria? Idiot. Some people have said something sensible... Nigeria should BAN FIFA... Let us declare football illegal. Abeggggg!!!!!

Posted by E.E.E. on Oct 17 2010

I watched the vido clip of Amos Adamu asking for the bribe from people he thought were American businessmen to vote for the U.S. to host the FIFA World Cup in 2018 on Sky News a while ago. What a disgrace!

Posted by Mirror on Oct 17 2010

@ Truck Pusher, exactly what I was thinking.

Posted by Naija man US on Oct 17 2010

Amos Adamu has always been the cock behind the failure of our NFF. He is just there milking the country. After all the money he made from COJA, Junior world cup and South Africa. Now the God want to expose him because of greed. GEJ should please take note. Amos Adamu should now be fired, probed, made refund all the money he stole and sent to jail. The man is big rouge, thank God he has been exposed. Twit!!!

Posted by boy o.boy on Oct 17 2010

Hmmmmmm am not suprise that is how he stole money during the hosting of KOJA GAMES when he was in charge in 2003.Amos Adamu is a thief period,he is a disgrace to nigeria.

Posted by Robin Hood on Oct 17 2010

Its a pity.

Posted by Obiora Eze on Oct 17 2010

Adamu and Ekeji are criminals.I hope all the journalist in Nigeria will go and learn from those guys because this is what our own people couldn't do. Na brown envelope our journalist dem know.Adamu and Ekeji pays journalist in Nigeria. Shame on Adamu and the three athletes that tested positive in India.

Posted by A. Olukoju on Oct 17 2010

When will all these corrupt behaviours stop. If FIFA fails to act and remove all those involved, such transactions must be very common within FIFA. What a disgrace !!!!

Posted by uche okoro on Oct 17 2010

@ E.E.E. please post the clip on line for the world to see the shameless pig.

Posted by temitayo on Oct 17 2010

The tragedy is that adamu has risen so high up and become so enthrenched. The man reeks criminality, and with him on the scene our football will ever remain second rate

Posted by Merry-go-round on Oct 17 2010

I am not surprise. After all, he is the richest civil servant in Nigeria. God is fishing them out one by one.

Posted by Pastor Innocent Hanson on Oct 17 2010

president Goodluck Jonathan needs to declare a week of national repentance to seek Gods intervention over the many problems facing this country, Amos Adamu is just one of this sympthom called corruption.corruption is a fundalmental problem in nigeria.

Posted by Amerin olawale on Oct 17 2010

Character they say it is like a smoke,it can not be hidden. After massive looting of COJA and the likes at home,the next thing is to ply international trade,good that the thief was cut with a footage evidence.

Posted by shola kelechi on Oct 17 2010


Posted by Ajegunle on Oct 17 2010

Made in Nigeria.

Posted by Dr. Rashid Balogun on Oct 17 2010

I don't think anything is new here and only the novice in sports politics is shocked. A post with FIFA or NOC are manifestation of corruption with international zeal. Frankly, monitoring is clearly out of the Nigerian government hands. What is effective is non-legal disgrace to FIFA, IOC and others just as UK newspaper just did. A shame on these people worldwide will be enough and I think as for NOC that Ndanusa, Ogba and Co will face similar problems soon. Jonathan is legally powerless as the event cannot be linked to Nigeria per se and it will be difficult to prove the voice was trully Adamu or someone impersonating him. Furthermore, there will be issue of entrapment (been setup) and I think the most effective is the public shame.

Posted by Tayo on Oct 17 2010

See D way God dey do his work. God don catch am. I also hear say D man real name no be Amos Adamu. Federal government of Nigeria should also prosecute, strip him of his national award recognition and his landed property in naija and abroad should be confiscate.

Posted by triple echo on Oct 17 2010

What else do you expect from a dubious man with a queer combination of Christian and Moslem names?

Posted by Nnamdi on Oct 17 2010

What is he waiting for to resign? Shame!!!

Posted by wale on Oct 17 2010

Did he want the money in Naira or Dollars?.... He should have ask for more than that

Posted by heed on Oct 17 2010

@ Dr Rashid, it was him alright! You couldn't miss the rogue in a line up. Character is really like smoke. The guy and many of his cohorts in d PDP should have been in kirikiri ages ago. Am just glad they are now on d world stage. Nigerian journalists have all sold their souls. They helped entrench corruption.

Posted by straighttalk on Oct 17 2010

Now Sepp Blatter can no longer defend or protect the ilk of Amos and others who have been running our football. Honest and progressive Nigerians Footballers battling with the NFF can now raise this incident to Blatter & Co in Zurich, as the prime example why they have been at odds with Adamu, and corrupt NFF members who FIFA's executive committee have sided with all along having drank their Kool Aid and swallowed all their lies hook, line, and sinker. In the least I hope this becomes an eye opener for the honest members of FIFA Exec Committee who have been hoodwinked by Adamus' misinformation, distortions, and obfuscation of our Govt intentions all along to assist our football programs. What goes around comes around. It's the Law of Karma. That which is done in the darkness of night shall be revealed in the light of day. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Adamu has outlived his usefulness in our football arena and thus should tender his resignation from FIFA, the Confederation, and divorce himself entirely from Nigerian Football effective immediately. If he doesn't take the initiative then he should be summarily suspended or fired by FIFA, who should then allow new NFF elections to take place starting at the State NFA level and then culminating with the NFF Board elections. Thereafter, FIFA should strongly consider allowing us to pick separate FIFA and Confederation representatives. I also hope British Police investigates this incidence to see if any British Law was violated. FIFA should not make a mockery of itself, if Adamu was on video, and heard asking for money in exchange for a vote what more do you need to investigate? They should simply call him in to view the video that showed he was so busted and needed to save face by resigning. To all slick or foolish Nigerians contemplating to do the same, you will all encounter the same fate. Nothing goes "unpunished" or "unrewarded" by the Cosmic. With Lulu, Uchegbulam, Maigari, and now Adamu; when will this odious behavior cease? I guess it is akin to the Crime Syndicate, when you take out the head, another shameless character is in line waiting at the helm to take reigns. I GUARANTEE ALL THE DISINGENOUS CROOKS CURRENTLY FIGHTING TO ENTER THE NFA and the NFF, IN THE END KARMIC LAW SUPERSEDES!!!

Posted by John Degbor on Oct 17 2010

FIFA has opened an investigation into allegations that Nigeria’s Amos Adamu offered to sell his vote in the contest to host the 2018 World Cup. Reporters from the Sunday Times newspaper posed as lobbyists for a consortium of private American companies who wanted to help secure the World Cup for the United States. They approached Amos Adamu, the Nigerian president of the West African Football Union who also serves as a FIFA executive committee member. Make una read more for afrikansoccer dot com

Posted by Dr. Rashid Balogun on Oct 17 2010

HERE IS THE REPORT 16 October 2010 Last updated at 21:23 ET http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/11559801 Fifa launches investigation into vote-selling claims Fifa is investigating allegations that two officials offered to sell their World Cup votes Fifa is investigating allegations that two of its officials offered to sell their votes in the contest to host the 2018 World Cup. Reporters from The Sunday Times posed as lobbyists for a consortium of American companies who wanted to bring the tournament to the United States. They approached Amos Adamu, a Nigerian who serves as a Fifa executive committee member. He allegedly told reporters he wanted cash to build pitches in Nigeria. Mr Adamu, who is president of the West African Football Union, is said to have told the undercover journalists that he wanted $800,000 (£500,000) to build four artificial football pitches. This would be completely against Fifa's rules. The Sunday Times footage shows Mr Adamu wanting money to be paid to him directly for endorsing the US bid. In the video, he was asked whether the money for a "private project" would have an effect on the way he voted. Closely monitored He replied: "Obviously, it will have an effect. Of course it will. Because certainly if you are to invest in that, that means you also want the vote." Reynald Temarii, president of the Oceania Football Confederation, is also alleged to have asked for a payment, in his case to finance a sports academy. A statement from Fifa read: "Fifa and the Fifa Ethics Committee have closely monitored the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 Fifa World Cups and will continue to do so. "Fifa has already requested to receive all of the information and documents related to this matter, and is awaiting to receive this material. "In any case, Fifa will immediately analyse the material available and only once this analysis has concluded will Fifa be able to decide on any potential next steps. "In the meantime, Fifa is not in a position to provide any further comments on this matter." A European nation will definitely host the 2018 World Cup after the United States - the last remaining non-European bidder - pulled out of the race on Friday. Australia withdrew its candidature in June. Both will refocus their efforts on 2022. England will now battle it out with bids from Russia, Belgium/Netherlands and Spain/Portugal. A 24-strong committee will decide by secret ballot on 2 December who should host the tournaments.

Posted by ozz on Oct 17 2010

From what I read, he was lobbying for a project for the development of Nigeria football. If you were in his shoes, you will do same.

Posted by straighttalk on Oct 17 2010

@ Dr. Balogun. I concur to a limited extent. Unfortunately for Adamu, he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. There is the video evidence. He cannot deny that the image was not his. This is not the U.S. hip hop singer R. Kelly's alleged sex tape with a minor. Even if sound does not accompany the video, there are two credible press witnesses conducting an investigative report who were present. I am not familiar with British Law and the entrapment defense does not always fly or stick in some jurisdictions. If there is sound, current voice analysis technology can accurately rule in or rule out suspects with high reliability and confidence intervals. In the future computers wired to someone’s brain will reveal if they are lying. For example, when questioned about a crime scene if you were there your brain will picture the environment, and the computer brain scan will reveal that you have seen that scene before. You cannot lie unless you have such powerful mind control to block the crime scene and hold a substitute image for an appreciable length of time. Good luck. Fortunately the courts will allow this technology as evidence. The technology currently exists and has been tested by the FBI in the U.S. who was planning on using it on screening its employees. We truly need such powerful tool in Nigeria to get rid of all these past, present, and future crooks known and unknown. Welcome to Tom Cruise’s movie, “Minority Report”.

Posted by The Don on Oct 17 2010

The character a child develops at home will also manifests itself outside the home.

Posted by oluwole on Oct 17 2010

Finally,he can't help bit put is hand in the cookie jar! This shameful and corupt official finally has been able to wash is dirty linen in the public. This is the one guy behind Nigeria football problemS because of his greed and love for power.we await his puunishment

Posted by Oba of benin on Oct 17 2010

If a Pig wears a lip-stick it is still a Pig.Obviously his stealing talent will take him out of Nigeria shore and just a matter of time. This shameless fraud chief has being bad news in Nigeria for too long, today his luck runs out. Adamu my ass..

Posted by straighttalk on Oct 17 2010

@ Dr. Balogun. Point of correction. "......Fortunately the courts will NOT allow this technology as evidence.

Posted by straighttalk on Oct 17 2010

@ ozz. If he was truthful or genuine, why did he want all the cash payment directly made to him? Legitimate business transactions of such magnitude are handled through formal channels if he was truly acting in Nigeria's interest. I can't wait to hear his defense.

Posted by temi on Oct 17 2010

can someone tell where to see the footage,,perhaps,we could posted it on facebook for the world to see.

Posted by dr akande, t. s. on Oct 17 2010

oh adamu, the "mesiah" of the nigerian football, you finally give your self away. fifa over to you free of charge. "kill" him.

Posted by Doyin on Oct 17 2010

Am loving this. what will Goodluck do?

Posted by mad nigerian on Oct 17 2010

God is catching them one by one.

Posted by Chukason46 on Oct 17 2010

It's so disturbing that this guys has delibrately killed sports & football in Nigeria hence fifa is assisting in sending it to the grave. I am not suprised if Adamu is involved in such a shameful act,obviousely he should not be allowed to remain as Nigeria's rep.in any category.

Posted by Eda on Oct 17 2010

Nothing will come out of FIFA investigation(s). To paraphrase Bola Ige(the Cicero of Esa Oke) of Blessed Memory, Amos Adamu is one of the hand of the same leprous body call FIFA. Deep investigations will be able to reveal that Amos Adamu is the errant boy of Blatter in their corrupt, monopolistic empire called FIFA. So nothing concrete should be expected from the so called "FIFA investigations". I think The Sunday Times of UK and all journalists should put all the evidence gathered in the court of public opinion to analyse and judge. As the Lord God liveth, gradually and surely, all those people disturbing Nigeria from moving positively forward shall be exposed and disgraced. Judgement and punishment are coming. Nigeria shall survive and prosper. Long Live Nigerians.

Posted by Segun Agbede on Oct 17 2010

Allleluya,my fellow Nigerians!The death knell of the career of a slimy mendacious cheat,who has contributed in no small measure to the utter denigration of Nigerian football.God bless you Amos for showing your silky smooth negotiation skills to the world.More of the same please!

Posted by Adisa Alago on Oct 17 2010

To Fifa n Adamu: i see your true colour shinning, i see your true colour shinning through, so don't be afraid to let them shine.

Posted by straighttalk on Oct 17 2010

How does this incident affect current out of court settlement negotiations between NANF and NFF members including Adamu regarding the illegal election? FIFA is supposed to revisit the suspension issue on the 26th of this month. NANF needs to request clarification from FIFA regarding Adamu who was a principal FIFA player in the case. Adamu guaranteed FIFA's reinstatement following NANF's agreement to dismiss suit, if FIFA's reinstatement is predicated on votes in the Exec committee, how could Adamu be so confident and sure he could guarantee the votes needed to effect a lift? Are there other FIFA Exec members other than the current two exposed by the British press who are involved in quid pro quo malfeasance? I am beginning to wonder. Let us wait to see how FIFA handles this late incidence with Adamu and its review of the suspension lift on October 26, 2010.

Posted by Uche V. on Oct 17 2010

I am of sincere opinion that both the Court & FG should ignore the shameless/corrupt body called fifa & purge the NFF thoroughly even if it means banning us while we put our football house and administration in order to enable us be represented well in any form of sports,take a look at the current indian game filled with drugs,failures in football where we use to be very strong and more worrisome is the fact that there is no more sports from the grassroot, why should we fold our hands for fear of fifa ban and we are disgraced so shamelessly while our game goes dead when we were once the fifth best football nation in the world.

Posted by Ola M on Oct 17 2010

The whole FIFA is corrupt

Posted by Omenka on Oct 17 2010

I am pained when the only unifying factor in Nigeria (Football)now turns politics and Govt folds it's hand for fear of fifa ban allowing the game & other sports failing then we are in for a big trouble.I expect the FG that is the biggest spender in Nigerian football to have a final say and not fifa. We cannot be clamouring for rebranding and we keep some agency of Govt out of the rebranding project. FG should come out smoking in this present crisis rocking the NFF & look less (careless) about Fifa ban but put every thing where it rightfully belongs or where it should be.Nigeria is to big for a certain people to hold on to and rubbishes.

Posted by Akunde Kwagh on Oct 17 2010

Yes Nigeria ''good people great nation'' - M rs rebranding say something now now.

Posted by banky4you on Oct 17 2010

What we should all know is that for long he has been under suveilance by FIFA and only waiting to catch him red handed. I hope nign journalists has learnt something, not peddling rumours and saying its from a reliable source.

Posted by zaddoc on Oct 17 2010

The culprit needs to be punished else Nigeria would have proven itself as second to none in bribery and corruption.

Posted by Datti on Oct 17 2010

Not all Nigerian Journalists are corrupt. Anybody conversant with the views expressed by the Daily Trust particulary on Amos Adamu and the NFF, would testify to the fact that they have been very critical on the man and the organisation. Modibbo Kawu, Adamu Adamu, Mahmud Jega, Mohammed Haruna, Issa Aremu and others have been vindicated! Thank God for Daily Trust.

Posted by jke nwankwo on Oct 17 2010

The fool still think he is dealing with COJA, let them castrate the useless fool.

Posted by Fuguez on Oct 17 2010

Now lets watch the lobbying for his job

Posted by Barr. Dayo Ilori from Lagos on Oct 17 2010

Adamu should join Bode George as soon as possible!

Posted by Emmanuel on Oct 17 2010

Recently this man branded our ex football international area boys. Our God, is a good God........! He has exposed him now... Every enemy of this country will be disgraced in Jesus name.

Posted by blonks on Oct 17 2010

thats a waste of film......why don't they film a member of the FEC or Legislature? They should focus on the big fish

Posted by Silence Dogood on Oct 17 2010

'Let's talk about COJA - Won ti kowo wa ja!'

Posted by alobz on Oct 17 2010

Where do we start from? 20years as a Director of sports, sacking of sports ministers, COJA _17 Wcup that his associate at the LOC said would cost 49billion only to cut down to 12billion. Football is big business and improves economies if managed well. All I have to say is let's pray for Nigeria and say God! Thy will be done in Nigeria. Dr. Adamu should please resign if the allegations are true, and if any laws have been broken should face trial. I wonder why the US pulled out of the bid. Or is this their parting gift?

Posted by mad nigerian on Oct 17 2010

Amos will not resign.He will sit tight,allege that Obasanjo or Jonathan wants to get rid of him because he did not support them,his people will allege that the evil Western powers are after him because he won't play ball.Watch this space!

Posted by lewifex on Oct 17 2010

@ ozz Please get the full details before you comment next time.I watched the report & subsequent video on Skysport News via SS Blitz yesterday evening. I am not glorifying the vice called corruption but I wonder who gave that guy the title Dr.He answered all the question posed by an unknown reporter in the affirmative or negatives i.e Yes or No.If they has asked him for his Dom.Account nos I know he would have blurted it out.These kind of interviews are done with P.A or even Press Aides.Dr. Adamu is going down,if this is how are football can get better, let it be...gosh.The Interview was sickening

Posted by doubleecho on Oct 17 2010

Time up for Adamu

Posted by babatunde aremu on Oct 17 2010

mark my word amos adamu will not resign even if he is asked to. all of una just de make noise. sepp blatter and issa hayattu are neck deep in this scheme. this is d money we tak of in football.

Posted by Ahoy on Oct 17 2010

Adamu 419 kinpin

Posted by nomso on Oct 17 2010

We knew this criminal right from back in the days of COJA... The quest to loot is inelastic! At times like this I feel ashamed of my country. Fifa themselves are not helping issues with their rules for associations.

Posted by Bucarai on Oct 17 2010

Adamu is guilty for sure. But anyone thinking of him going to jail must be deluded or something. This lechrecious leach has sucked us dry for to long to warrant any of our peny being wasted for his jail up-keeping. May i suggestion to the British authority to freez and keep his body at Oxford research centre for studies on greed and corruption. If there is hope of finding anything scientifically about corruption and greed in the world? Adamu Amos is the best test subject.

Posted by Benjamin on Oct 17 2010

He should be jailed to deter others from following same

Posted by Uncanny on Oct 17 2010

Nigerian Football can be a force to reckon with if the pests in the Football Admission are eliminated. No mercy.

Posted by Kunle on Oct 17 2010

Amos Adamu is a Cynosure of Shame and decadence that the Nigeria Statehood metaphorically represents. Nigeria is an exporter of Corruption, Degradation and Strangulation. Sporting Activities is never in the veins and the DNA of the Hausa/North of Nigeria. therefore, Adamu is a Square Peg in a Round Hole. It is Sad that everything bad is associated with Nigeria. Harlliburton case, Bank Frauds....The list of Nigeria's Hall of Shame is INTERMINABLE. It has reached to a Point whereby a People's Resolve to be far from the MADDING CROWD called Nigeria, will no longer be seen as a Secession or Treasonable Felony because all the Stakeholders to the one Nigeria are now fed up and Disillusioned. Time to Re-brand the Polity in the real sense of that Word.

Posted by KK on Oct 17 2010

this may sound controversial but i will say it anyways; he may not lose his job in FIFA. FIFA is filled with corrupt, disgraced men and women. The whole FIFA hierachy is corrupt, probable the most corrupt organisation in the world. Sepp Blatter is worse than most African despots. that bloke from T&T is worse (Jack Warner). goggle the law case between him and the T&T squad from the 98 world cup. No wonder, members are barred from taking FIFA our its national associations to court. How a man like Amos Adamu can be rising like a comet in FIFA circles irrespective of his ineptitude at home and proven sleaze over time is a case to ponder. Ever wondered about that old clown called Issa Hayatou?who wants to die in office. FIFA protects its own.

Posted by kokoko on Oct 17 2010

Here's the poster child for corruption...

Posted by jimi king on Oct 17 2010

Adamu, you took a big bite of the apple again like in the provabial garden of eden.Well, what you see is what you get.Amos you are famous , for your conspicous consumption.(COJA et all) I was there in Abuja at your office and saw all the backhandlings and dealings with my own eyes.I wonder how you were able to get to be on the FIFA board.I hope it is not a reflection of FIFA,s low handedness/corruption by not thoroughly scrutinizing their candidates and their track records before accepting them for such a vital position. Yes I remember at the recent world cup in SA there were sooooo many controvercial calls by FIFA certified referees that the game we love so much became boring especially the Ghana vs Uruguay and the final with so many yellow cards that it seems the players were competing or begging the referee for a yellow card.I wish you the best with the FIFA investigation , I would not be surprised if they do not find you wanting. Remember recently banned Nigeria for some reason or the other and soon after unbanned Nigeria in principle a few days later.What the heck is going on what information did you provide FIFA that made them do a U turn.maybe you are a Nigerian Maradona with your big stomach. Ole

Posted by T-boy on Oct 17 2010

Atleast one reason 2 celebrate!no nation produce thieves like us!they know us already so we cant pretend 2 b pained.if na u,u no go take am?celebrate jooo..

Posted by Sangolo on Oct 17 2010

Watch how we disgrace ourselves further by not taking conclusive action on this, so the world will shake thier heads at us even more. The undercover men chose Nigerian officials because they knew we are the most corrupt country in the world, and we met thier low expectation of us. Good people, great nation, lol! He had the nerve to claim he wants to build football infrastructure in nigeria and they should pay that money into his personal account, eyeeeee!! Now will we stop complianing about how we are treated abroad as even in nigeria we treat people according to how we perseve their background

Posted by Private Project on Oct 17 2010

Private Project? Nigeria's Got Talent!!!

Posted by Deeyaro on Oct 17 2010

Very good news. Will love to see a lot of his ilk go down in this fashion. Nigerian journalists should take a cue, step up their game and expose many of these corrupt elements masquerading as public officials. There are so many juicy targets to choose from.

Posted by ogbuagu on Oct 17 2010

follow Nigeria the new dawn has come make we rejoiceoo abi wetin sef many more are coming obasanjo and his group will follow,trust me they made us to be slaves in our fathersland. Aru

Posted by LaJ on Oct 17 2010

Greed just got greedier..

Posted by Galas on Oct 17 2010

If Fifa does not expel him from the football body, then Blatter and all other members are as corrupt and greedy as Amos. Shame to the soccer body.

Posted by Idoma on Oct 17 2010


Posted by Wale on Oct 17 2010

Mr. fix it, go ahead and fix this mess.

Posted by DICKSON on Oct 17 2010

Shameless man Adum Amos,FIFA pls see reason the action taken against NFF MUST be revised immediately because FIFA stand was informed based on rotten contribution of shameless Amos who has finished NFA/NFF our court position should be upheld by FIFA, Those that benefits from FIFA position against Nigeria are all Amos links and front. We are waiting to hear from CAF as well.

Posted by anyway on Oct 17 2010

Shame shame shame to this type of Nigerians. so there are no honest Nigeria any more because of money. My father once told me that good name is better than honor without merit. It is a pity that is no more to few Nigerians.

Posted by Mocking Bird......Bullring, B'ham.. on Oct 17 2010

This will go a long way to tarnish the little reputation we got in the global scene. It's never goodnews from home. GEJ shud fire this guy and his FIFA cohorts. We need cleansing in Nigeria.

Posted by ese on Oct 17 2010

Are you surprised?

Posted by AKINSIKU OLORUNTOBA on Oct 17 2010

Truth we surely find out Adamu and his cohorts one day and i know that he will surely sleep in jail one day,he is one of the problem of Nigerai football.Posterity we judge him.

Posted by Mayowa Alfonso on Oct 17 2010

It's a shame for Nigeria claiming to be giant of africa. What giant are we claiming? Giant in corruption, terrorism, election rigging, kiddnapping etc. No wonder, we have now been enlisted in doping, courtesy of those rogues in the sport ministry. It's game over for them. Let them sign out in shame. God is working

Posted by Mayowa Alfonso on Oct 17 2010

It's a shame for Nigeria claiming to be giant of africa. What giant are we claiming? Giant in corruption, terrorism, election rigging, kiddnapping etc. No wonder, we have now been enlisted in doping, courtesy of those rogues in the sport ministry. It's game over for them. Let them sign out in shame. God is working

Posted by Uchenna Obi on Oct 17 2010

Every day for the Thief and just one day for owner of the house, i am happy it happen were Adamu can't do anything to Manipulate. a good end to bad Rubbish finally.

Posted by Smart Aboki on Oct 17 2010

That serves Fifa right,cause Blatter will not believe any Nigerian official other rhan this criminal Adamu who planted all those crooks in NFF.

Posted by ada on Oct 17 2010

chei Adamu....you are finished. why must it always be a nigerian.

Posted by hismyel on Oct 17 2010

Just some days ago, Adamu called our ex international "beer parlour Area boys" for protesting the manner at which he is running our football down. These are great individuals that raise this country flag everywhere in the world. Adamu mentioned Jay Jay Okocha and Victor Ikpeba. When Obj visited France in 1999, Jacques Chirac then France Presideny gave Obj Jay Jay Okocha PSG replica jersey at the Airport. Ikpeba was voted Africa Footballer of the Year. Adamu with his corrupt mind has soiled that name and image these great guys he called Beer parlour area boys" fought for and defend. Presideny Goodluck pls irrespective of FIFA action, pls sanction this guy by banning him from holding an public office. Please save this country of this man corrupt practuses. He did with COJA 2003 funds, BMW and the tents at the game's village not he has done it at the World stage, Truly, Adamu is the CHAMPION OF CORRUPTION.

Posted by Rebel on Oct 17 2010

@Ozz if u dont know what to say shut up!!go Watch the expose and stop being a nigerian

Posted by Autopilot on Oct 17 2010

There has been so many responses, not much to add really. The Dr has to answer to the good people of Nigeria. Let's hope that this will not be buried and forgotten and justice will prevail. FIFA, are you listening? We want our football back!

Posted by Autopilot on Oct 17 2010

There have been so many respones, that should read. Amos led me astray.....

Posted by Tobi Benson on Oct 17 2010

That remind me of d inaugural speech made by d comrade governor at the swearing inn of The executive Governor of Ekiti that a thief can only occupy a house of another person for a while,until d original owner.This how a the thieve in Nigeria sport will be disgrace and ease out of office one after the other.God will deliver us sometime soon

Posted by S k on Oct 17 2010

It's time 4 reckonning,if he is found wanting, let him go to jail like Lulu,Ogunjobi and others period.

Posted by Jizle on Oct 17 2010

Here's what will happen. FIFA will hussle to save face. they will ease out Adamu and Tamerrie or whats his felow culprit's name. But FIFA will do no more because all the guys in FIFA have collected or were about to collect thier own loot. I have always thought the way forward for Nigerian football was to accept that FIFA ban. Take it for at least 4years so we can starve this crooks out of NFF.I am so happy to see Amos Adamu in this mess...I AM SO SO HAPPY!!

Posted by S k on Oct 17 2010

It's time 4 reckonning,if he is found wanting, let him go to jail like Lulu,Ogunjobi and others period.

Posted by justin okolo on Oct 17 2010

Amos wats wrong wt ur brain?

Posted by Tobi-Benson on Oct 17 2010

Curse they say is in the house of thief,One down many more to go.FIFA put your search light of Nigeria to feel our pain d "FANS"

Posted by felix dudu on Oct 17 2010

Thank goodness for global village;those Nigeria elite official that are too big to be caught at home ,the world is catching them.

Posted by 2gbaski on Oct 17 2010

Busted!!! He got away with COJA, lets see how he gets himself out of this one this time. It's a good thing it has happened off the shore of 9ja where justice will be served appropriately. Face it hommie, you got served!

Posted by OGM on Oct 17 2010

As yorubas will say...EFIN NIWA.....

Posted by Solomon(Canada) on Oct 17 2010


Posted by Kaykay on Oct 18 2010

Ole, barawoo, we always knew but the whole world knows now !Adamu na thief , period !

Posted by Ugo on Oct 18 2010

Very good, oga.

Posted by femolat on Oct 18 2010

Why chief? Why?

Posted by femolat on Oct 18 2010

This should be on the cover & not in the news. It should be one of the top headlines!

Posted by o'three on Oct 18 2010

Amos answers his father's name and not Nigeria. Please don't call Nigerians bad people when a man has committed an offence. He must be punished

Posted by SUCCESS on Oct 18 2010

It a shame on Amos Adamu that he is involve in another scandal again this are list of is scandal in Nigeria- the past under 20 world cup scandal in Nigeria, COJA scandal, even Nations cup Scandal in Africa . and now he as moved on to the international stage he can't get away with this. FIFA will let him now that Nigeria is different from FIFA if you fraud Nigeria and get away with it you can get away with FIFA. FIFA should ensure justice prevail. ADAMU as destroy Nigeria Sport and it image on the international stage. he should resign and be sent to Jail. How i wish FIFA could also look into the NFF scam too and bring every corrupt persons to book.

Posted by Beegee on Oct 18 2010

What a shame, while a young man named Uti fought for 90 days to position Nigeria positively, a certain rogue names Adamu decided to dent the image millions of talented youths in the country are toiling hard to shape positively. GEJ must step into this, EFCC, please, act now!

Posted by jus jus on Oct 18 2010

@truck pusher and mirror. dont mind the man. the other guy was going to sell his own for over 2 million, lol. But really, dis guy is a big candidate for jail. Hope FIFA does not push it under the carpet.

Posted by TKB- lagos on Oct 18 2010

It is unfortunate that this act is inherent in us. We lack the instinct to do good; we cannot distinguish between what is good from what is bad just in the spirit of amassing wealth. It is quite unfortunate that Nigerians are just denting the image of this noble country everywhere they go.This must not be swept under the carpet as usual.Adamu must be brought to book.

Posted by Ebeiyamba Okon on Oct 18 2010

As much as Dr Amos Adamu is in thenbad books of many Nigerians i still maintain , he who offers a bribe is as guilty as he who collects. The journalists are also corrupt, they knew what they wanted. Did they investigate all the FIFA members and then only Amos Adamu fell prey or did they just go to him alone and then concluded that he is guilty. the courts must look into this seriusly. NIGERIANS ARE NOT AS TERRIBLE AS THE WESTERN WORLD MAY WANT TO PAINT US.

Posted by Manuel Emman on Oct 18 2010

Now fifa should know that nigeria has a the right to remove those crooks from office,adamu ruined our football,i was behind the ban placed on nigeria by fifa,is a shame on fifa,the same man you are covering is doing it to you now.

Posted by Manuel Emman on Oct 18 2010

Now fifa should know that nigeria has a the right to remove those crooks from office,adamu ruined our football,i was behind the ban placed on nigeria by fifa,is a shame on fifa,the same man you are covering is doing it to you now.

Posted by Mando on Oct 18 2010

This has now given rise to a new slang: Amos Adamu => Bribe. Did you receive Adamu?

Posted by Tayo Aba on Oct 18 2010

There is no reason why Adamu's scandals in COJA as well as the Under 17 World Cup cannot still be investigated. The fact that Nigeria is in the business of recycling rogues and incompetent men while allowing great minds to rot is one of the causes of much grief in our country. It is good that this particular crook has got his hands burned. Lets insist that better people will be sent to represent us in the future.

Posted by Eko for show on Oct 19 2010

I can't believe that all the money he stole during COJA is not enough. Shameless and worthless man.

Posted by Godsco Rawsco on Oct 19 2010

Amos! You belong to jail. The trial will just be mere formality, afterall, the evidence is there. So you're guilty already. Nigerian prison will suit you just fine. Imagine those hardened prison thugs taking out their frustration on you first thing every morning. I bet you, when you have spent 6 yrs in jail, you'll come out and give a testimony of repentance.

Posted by Godsco Rawsco on Oct 19 2010

Amos! You belong to jail. The trial will just be mere formality, afterall, the evidence is there. So you're guilty already. Nigerian prison will suit you just fine. Imagine those hardened prison thugs taking out their frustration on you first thing every morning. I bet you, when you have spent 6 yrs in jail, you'll come out and give a testimony of repentance.

Posted by Truth on Oct 19 2010

Adamu dinied his home ,what nest you want him to do?he is 4rm ogbomoso oyo state,he claimed northern nigeria.

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