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Dan Faubion

Dan Faubion was born in Kansas City, to Rollo L. Faubion Jr. and Rosemary Faubion. One of eight children, 5 sisters and 1 brother, 1 sister deceased. His father was a business owner that instillled in him hard work and dedication to family, community and country. His mother was more on the softer side and taught him about charity, and understanding the struggles that people have to endure. Especially people that were not born with all the natural gifts. It was especially retiscent due to the fact that his older brother was stricken with cerebral palsey. So you can imagine how busy the Faubion household was when he was younger. It gave him a great sense of understanding the other person's point of view, which has helped him in business over the course of his career.

Dan Faubion is not a career politician, but a career business man that cares about his state. He is interested in promoting Kansas as an energy state, he understands the technology of clean coal, and knows that Kansas is one the best opportunities for wind energy in the nation, he also know's that Kansas cannot harvest thier potential without the proper transmission lines. Dan Faubion also wants Kansas to become a complete sustainable nutrition center for the nation. He believes in buying from the Midwest because he understands the effect of buying local, and what it means to the people of Kansas. Dan Faubion has been a small business owner for 20 years and knows what it is  like  to see hard times and good. He is involved in the Heavy Industrial Complex, and has manufactured engineered steel products. He knows what it takes to stay in business and he understands that the small business people in Kansas will be the leaders out of this recession. He has maintained a payroll every week during good and bad times, he knows what it is like to have to borrow to keep a business running. He also knows that the small business's of the state of Kansas are the backbone of our comunities. He is absolutely dedicated to seeing Kansas thrive. He is a man that believes in hard work, family, and planning for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Dan Faubion went to Briarwood public grade school in Praiire Village,  Kansas, he also attended St. Ann's parochial grade school. He went to Rockhurst Jesuit High School for his secondary education. He graduated from Columbia Colllege in Columbia Mo. with his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He studied abroad at the University of Bradford, Bradford England for 18 months during his colllege career. He also attended Rockhurst College MBA program prior to moving to Springfield Mo. Dan was a Sales Engineer for the Paul Muelller Co. for five years, prior to owning his own business. He has a special appreciation for people who work in large corporation's as he has been on both sides of the fence.

Dan Faubion believes in educating our young people, he understands that education is the most important factor  that will keep our country strong. He has two girl's in public school in the Blue Vallley District in Overland Park, Kansas where he and his wife Lisa of 15 years reside. Dan Faubion is currently running for Lieutennant governor of the State of Kansas, along with Ken Cannon as Governor because he believes that the team of Ken and Dan will do great things for the State of Kansas. They are not career politicians,  and have a new and compelling way of looking at things that will serve the people of Kansas in a more personal and careful way. They care about the people of Kansas,  because they know the people of Kansas.