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  • Works with any Internet enabled cell phone
  • Touch-to-Stone for NFC-RFID enabled cell phones
  • Write your own story or leave for family members to write your story of 1000+ words of text and one photo
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Learn How Digital Headstone Technology is Changing Memorials

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

With the loss of a loved one comes the reminder that a traditional headstone is void of any detail about the person that it may represent for a millennium to come. There is no genealogical information, no hint at this person’s accomplishments, profession or thoughts about the times they lived in. A standard headstone offers no information about a life lived to future great grandchildren, historians or site visitors. This stark condition is a reflection of tradition that concludes remembrance to nothing more than name and date, or with additional cost, an epitaph and engraved scallops.

Standard Headstone vs. Wireless Headstone

There is very little difference in the appearance of the two headstones, but other differences are emotionally and historically significant. A wireless or mobile-ready headstone interacts with a mobile device or cell phone providing current and future site visitors with an exciting discovery of information about the owner. It also introduces a product that can survive a remote data record for potentially thousands of years. The information that someone chooses to share with a future site visitor ranges from the simple to the elaborate including genealogical information, home town, profession, achievements and relationships. Some share quaint knowledge of recipes and fishing spots while others share philosophical lessons on living and giving and encouraging us to focus on what is important in life. It is specifically these types of stories that will turn a standard memorial into a treasured discovery of future generations and historians.

Our Product

There is no other memorial artifact that can archive a headstone or memorial record with the permanence of a RosettaStone. What this means to the families we serve is that a RosettaStone’s archived record survival is long-term and is not dependant on the survival of our business or other single custodian. The discovery of a RosettaStone on a memorial marker is the key to greater information.

Risk Free OfferOur 30 Day Hold it in Hand Offer to You

There is something special about a RosettaStone that is best appreciated if you hold it in hand and we want to provide every encouragement to make that happen. Maybe it's the solid and weighted feel of pre-historic granite or the cut of master craftsmanship, but we do know that full appreciation of the tablet comes from holding it and we look forward to crafting a personal artifact for you or your family.

Our offer:Purchase the RosettaStone tablet with symbols of your choice and take up to 30 days to hold it in hand, adding your own text and photo as you wish. If you do not agree that your personal RosettaStone clearly offers greater value in craftsmanship and technology to any similarly priced ceramic picture plaque, memorial product or if it does not meet one of your other requirements, contact us for return instructions and a full refund.Go here for complete customer assurance plan.


Order Today. Use our online Store or contact us for order assistance toll free in the U.S. M-F 10AM to 3PM (MST / GMT -7): 1-888-692-7009 or email Support 24/7. When you contact us tell us if you are interested in a product for a new or existing memorial and we will take it from there.

RFID Enabled RosettaStone *The RosettaStone granite tablet presentation layer (inscription layer) is deisgned for readability in excess of 3,200 years in outdoor extreme environments. Distant future discovery of a RosettaStone data file is predicate on the existence of an equivalent Intranet environment with similar or improved text and image search characteristics.