American Bird Conservancy

The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to conserve wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.

western-bluebird-web.jpgThe ABC is the only US-based group solely dedicated to overcoming the many threats facing bird populations in the Western Hemisphere, such as urban sprawl, habitat destruction, overuse of pesticides, and the introduction of exotic species. The ABC believes that adequate resources do exist to overcome these threats, and that unifying people, organizations and resources is the key to success in its objectives. The ABC partners with such agencies as The Bird Conservation Alliance, Partners in Flight, and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, to name just a few.

The ABC is involved in projects all over the world, using a variety of media and strategies to further their cause. Their partner projects span a diverse range of topics, such as providing information on bird-friendly location and construction of wind turbines, publishing bird guides, working with farmers to promote bird-friendly agriculture, and raptor conservation projects. The ABC also administers the Conservation Counterparts Program, which helps its partner organizations to raise funds for small field projects in Latin America and the Caribbean by efficiently linking potential funders with the project coordinators. The ABC also looks out for the welfare of endangered birds in captive breeding programs. For example, they partnered with the AZA and the CDC in 2002 to help develop a West Nile virus vaccine.

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